News Round-Up: Imraan Has a New “Job”, Disha Patani is Folded into ANOTHER Priyanka Story, Kangana’s Manikarnika Sounds Like a Disaster

I have 20 minutes before the kids get here, so I am going to write a news report post real quick, and then dig a croquet set out of the attic so they can hit each other with mallets.  Or possibly actually play croquet, but that seems unlikely.

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News Round-Up: Everyone Has Jobs, Amitabh to Anupam to Imraan!

Happy Monday!  So much news to catch up on!  For instance, Amitabh went to the hospital, which is always an exciting experience for the international news media.  Poor Amitabh, can you imagine if every time you went in for a routine procedure, your picture was headlines everywhere in the world?  So stressful!

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News Round-Up Part 1: SO MANY Upcoming Movies!!!!! Milan Talkies and Ali Fazel, Housefull 4 and Abhishek Update, Aiyaary and the Censor Board, Manikarnika and Kangana, YRF and Karan Malhotra

So many news items about upcoming movies!  Mostly how they are being released early, or released late, or starting filming.  Just a lot of date talk, really.  Which isn’t very interesting on the surface, but is super super interesting when you dig in and think about what those dates mean.  And this is just part one, I am breaking it into two parts so we can more easily keep comments focused.  Part two here

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