Box Office Report: Badla Does Blockbuster!

I took a little box office vacation the past several weeks, but obviously I had to come back to see how SRK’s new movie did!!!! (data from bollywoodhungama here) This is a pretty light post, because I am planning and writing a more in depth discussion of SRK and Red Chillies to go up separately.

I was watching Badla thinking “I bet this does very very well overseas”. And low and behold, it did! International quality filming (good lighting, editing, camera work, like that), an international cast (most of the minor characters were played by British-Indian actors), and a twisted storyline that would work in any language. The screen count isn’t over the top in any market, so it won’t break any obvious records, but it’s a nice solid release and a very solid per-screen average. From what I am seeing, I think it did significantly better overseas than at home (once you adjust for the non-star film on a non-holiday weekend without songs curve).

Image result for badla poster

In America, 94 screens (about the same any A level film that doesn’t have a big name), $5,000 per screen (very very high per screen. Definite major profit for the theaters). In Canada, 15 screens and $6,500 per screen. Adjusting for the smaller population of Canada and higher ticket prices, that’s about the same as America. Not a large number of screens but respectable, and very high per screen. In the UK, 34 screens and $2,274 per screen. That’s the lowest per screen, a UK equivalent of a US $5,000 would be more like $3,000 per screen. But it’s also the highest screen count (a US equivalant of a UK 34 screens would be more like 120). Makes sense to bet high in the UK, with the British actors and a British studio co-producing. Australia, 33 screens and $4,200 per screen. That’s the lowest per screen (an Australian $4,200 is like an American $3,000) and also one of the lower screen counts. But, it’s Australia. They don’t like think-y movies down there, Total Dhamaal is still on 46 screens. So the distributors didn’t bother sending as many prints there and the per screen justifies their doubts.

In other news, Gully Boy in week 4 is still going kind of strong, $1,600 per screen in the US on 94 screens (same number as Badla opening week), $2,250 per screen on 12 screens in Canada. And here’s something exciting, Kumbalangi Nights is making $1,100 per screen on 6 screens in week 4! That doesn’t sound exciting, but it really really is for a Malayalam film.

Image result for kumbalangi nights

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    • Isn’t it? I was really pleased to see how well Kumbalangi Nights was doing.

      On Tue, Mar 12, 2019 at 9:08 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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