Box Office Report: Badla Does Blockbuster!

I took a little box office vacation the past several weeks, but obviously I had to come back to see how SRK’s new movie did!!!! (data from bollywoodhungama here) This is a pretty light post, because I am planning and writing a more in depth discussion of SRK and Red Chillies to go up separately.

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Badla Review (SPOILERS): All About the Mahabharata (do not read this review if you can possibly see the movie, really you will regret it, save yourself)

Yaaaay, a good movie! I love when I can review a good movie instead of complaining about a bad one. This isn’t, like “brilliant perfect best ever” movie. But it is very well-made and generally solid. If you like kind of mystery thriller movies. Oh, and AVOID SPOILERS. Don’t read this review if you have any chance of watching this movie, read this review instead.

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