Albie Dog (Mr. Barkeridge) Update! He Was Good, But Then He Was Bad

Ignore this post if you don’t like dog photos. But if you do like dog photos, I am here for you, with many photos of Albus Baxter Barkeridge, esq.

It was slow at the office yesterday, so I had lots of opportunities to take dog photos. Plus, Albie Dog wore himself out running back and forth and back and forth in the office so he was fairly still and ready to model for me.

Here is his noble right profile.

Here he is looking at me after I said his name over and over to get his attention. Very “yes, I’m listening, what is it?”

And then he curled up and went back to relaxing and watching dust motes.

This is him going on alert when he hears my co-worker laugh in the other room. “What’s happening? Is something wrong? Are they all having fun without me?”

This is him shaking out his little ears while I try to take a close up shot.

And then today we are short-staffed and working very hard and not paying attention to doggie, so he dragged his big pretty pink bed out to the center of the office and destroyed it while we weren’t looking.

So now he has no bed. I tried to explain logical consequences to him, that when he secretly tears up his bed he will now have no bed. Did not work. He just kept running around looking for his bed, and then gave up and went to sleep on the floor in the middle of all his toys. He may be a bit spoiled. Although, now he has no bed. So that’ll toughen him up!


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