TGIF Cuddly Men and Poster Contest! Win a Cuddly SRK Poster From Me!

Ready to be shocked? One of my co-workers just returned to me her SRK themed Christmas present! To be fair, she is neither desi nor an SRK fan, so it was just a poster of a random stranger. But still!!!! Anyway, I don’t have anything I can do with it, so I am making it a prize for one of you to win in a Comments context. Whoever comments the most between now and the end of the month, gets a beautiful poster of the final image in this post.

Nivin Pauly!  Always a bit on the cuddly side, and just getting more so as time goes on.

Image result for nivin pauly

See?  Don’t you just want to hug up against him like a big squishy pillow?

Image result for nivin pauly body

With a bit more beard, so he looks all soft and furry and fuzzy.

Image result for nivin pauly body

While we are down south, let’s swing by Madhavan!  Not muscley present Madhavan, but nice mushy Madhavan from a few years back.

Image result for madhavan body

See how he has the pillow to protect himself?  Because he knows we just want to curl up against him like a big old pillow.

Image result for madhavan tanu weds manu

See?  Even in a police uniform, you just want to hug him.

Image result for madhavan vettai

I have to say, present day Mohanlal might be a bit much even for me.  And he is also super super old.  But wow, young Mohanlal!!!!  Soft around the edges, but with that nice steady fire in his eyes? See?

Image result for mohanlal young

Is that it?  Is that all the southerners required?  Oh wait!  PRABHAS!!!!  I know I will get in trouble if I forget him, especially after a whole month of no Prabhas on the TGIF posts.  See how he’s got that nice “Netflix and chill with a soft man-pillow” vibe to him here?

Related image

See, that’s what Anushka’s thinking here, “I could just lean down and rest my head on his nice soft tummy and take a nap.”

Related image

And his sweet little smile really goes well with the whole teddy bear vibe.

Related image

Okay, NOW can we move North????  Where it will be much harder to find examples!  Hmm.  Well, there’s Arjun Kapoor, who is all nice and snuggly now instead of that scary boney Gunday look.

See how nice he is to lean against?

Image result for arjun kapoor ki and ka

Good with or without turban

Related image

And then there’s Sanjay Dutt!  Sure, most of it is muscle, but there’s enough body fat there to make him huggable.

Image result for sanjay dutt munna bhai

While I am thinking of older generations, of course Rishi Kapoor.  See how much fun Sridevi is having touching his nice soft cheeks?

Image result for rishi kapoor chandni

Is that it?  Are there no more Hindi film heroes with nice cuddly shapes?  I guess not!

Oh wait, there is one.

Image result for shahrukh khan sweater
Don’t you want this poster?

6 thoughts on “TGIF Cuddly Men and Poster Contest! Win a Cuddly SRK Poster From Me!

  1. I fee like watching Mubarakan now 😉

    And this Prabhas photo with a beard and glasses always freaks me out. He looks like his own father on this pic.


    • I’ll felt bad about the disappointment that was Vettai, so I felt like I owed you some cuddly men.

      I kind of feel like watching Mubarakan too! I was tempted to make it this Sunday’s ReRun. Maybe next week.


      • I’ll try my best to watch it. But is Sunil Shetty’s daughter very bad? I refuse even learn her name because I hope she will disappear from movies soon.


        • Yeah, but she’s only got like 4 lines. It’s a very over-stuffed movie and (thank goodness) they lean heavily on the excellent supporting cast. Anil, Ratna Pathak, Illeana D’Cruz, they all get loads to do.

          On Fri, Apr 12, 2019 at 4:01 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Oh I want the poster; I do, I do! I just moved into a new house, gave away, donated or threw out more from the old house than I should have, and now MY WALLS ARE BARE!! But I’m probably not even in the running as I don’t, can’t, comment as much as most of your erudite subscribers. I just don’t know enuf about Indian cinema. But I’m learning. Another year and I’ll remember all the movie names (instead of saying “That one where the hero throws a bottle in the ocean and the heroine finds it and secretly makes his dreams come true.”) I’ll be up on the gossip and not mix up the players, distinguish one song from another, and maybe actually sing a few bars in Hindi. (I’m studying the language but it’s a slog.)
    Now, as to cuddly men. I’m not a fan of teddy bears and I take issue with you hanging that label on Prabhas. To me, he’s like a huge granite boulder I’d like to climb. And the only actor who can get away with cuddliness is SRK. And his is due more to a playful and emotional personality than his body. The man is lean and wiry as a whip, and occasionally, if it’s not CGI’d, even six-packed.


    • I love your comments! Keep commenting on anything you want, I’ve got fanfics going up tomorrow, and there’s always trailer posts and stuff where all you have to say is if you liked the song or not.

      Or, of course, on if Shahrukh is better skinny or cuddly 🙂


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