TGIF Cuddly Men and Poster Contest! Win a Cuddly SRK Poster From Me!

Ready to be shocked? One of my co-workers just returned to me her SRK themed Christmas present! To be fair, she is neither desi nor an SRK fan, so it was just a poster of a random stranger. But still!!!! Anyway, I don’t have anything I can do with it, so I am making it a prize for one of you to win in a Comments context. Whoever comments the most between now and the end of the month, gets a beautiful poster of the final image in this post.

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Second Annual Christmas Giveaway Contest Announcement!!!!!!

Happy beginning of the Christmas season!  After Shahrukh’s birthday, that’s the official start of the next holiday time, right?  Anyway, it is for me!  And since it is now the Christmas season, it is time for the annual DCIB Christmas Giveaway Contest!  I am VERY EXCITED!!!!!

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