New Bharat Song! And Bonus Aamir and a Little Girl

Happy May Day! Two laboring videos put up in honor of it, Salman and Kat’s interesting working love story, and Aamir making a tiny little girl dig dishes. Worst Babysitter EVER!

“Chashni”, Bharat’s New Kind of Love Song

I continue to really love Kat and Salman together in everything we see. I love how respectful he is of her. This isn’t a big aggressive show-off romance, this is gentle and slow and sweet.

We don’t really get more detail on the plot beyond what we already know, Kat is his supervisor at a middle east worksite, Salman is a lowly worker but he falls in love with her. But we get more detail into the kind of person Kat is playing, she is their supervisor, but she also makes sure they can celebrate their holidays and joins in with them. And we get more detail into what kind of person Salman is, because it is that which makes him love Kat. There’s no “ooo, she’s so sexy” moment, instead there’s an “ooo, she is making an effort to eat jalabis and join in with our humble celebrations” moment. And even his fantasy of her, is walking around sand dunes in a big skirt singing to each other, no sexy-sex dreams.

Also, I really like the song!!!! I don’t think of Vishal-Shekhar as artists who are known for soft love songs, but they really knocked it out of the part with this one.

Aamir and a Hardworking Little Girl

This is hilarious, it looks like Aamir is forcing a random fancy dressed little girl to dig ditches. I know in “reality”, it is a Paani foundation event and I am sure the little girl is enjoying digging ditches and Aamir is indulging her by pretending she is doing all the work. But it still makes me smile, and picture this little girl thinking “oh boy! I’ll have fun with a movie star! My friend visited Salman and got to be in his movie, my other friend visited Shahrukh and got lots of toys and candy, what will Aamir give me?” And then it’s Aamir, so he says “Today, we are going to have fun digging ditches which will help solve the water crisis in India! There is nothing more fun than that”.

6 thoughts on “New Bharat Song! And Bonus Aamir and a Little Girl

    • Yes, “softness” is it exactly. Both the feel of the interactions between the characters, and the sound of the music, are nice and soft.

      On Wed, May 1, 2019 at 12:44 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • To be fair, the little girl also seems fairly serious. She really wants to dig the best ditch she possibly can!

      It’s gonna be a good few weeks, SOTY2 and De De Pyaar De and Bharat all together. We just have to get through the duldrums of Ramandan/Avengers/IPL when nothing is coming out.

      On Thu, May 2, 2019 at 9:58 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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