Movies to Make You Cry on Mother’s Day!!!!

The best movie, I really truly think, is the one I will be reviewing on Sunday, Pari. It gets at the pain and sacrifice and terror of motherhood in a really visceral way. But these are all good too, if you want to sob and sob about the misery of being a mother.

Prepare to watch these, and then sob in sympathetic pain at the difficulties of sacrificing everything for your children. Actually, just in case, I am going to rate this at 1 to 5 knives to the heart.

Mom (Knives to the heart count: 4. Movie itself gets 3, plus Sridevi’s dead so that adds another)

Sridevi’s last role. She plays a mother, as described in the title. But not a boring mother who supports nags her children to avoid danger, but one who rushes into danger in order to protect her children from it. She takes the pain, physical and emotional, and carries it for them. And is scarily cold about what she has to do for them.

Kannathil Mutthamittal (Knives to the heart count: 4. Any other list, this one would be 5, but compared to what is coming it could still be worse)

There are two mothers in this movie, Simran and Nandita Das. They are seemingly very different, one of them present and practical and delicate, the other harsh and distant. But they are both very strong and very brave in their own way, and willing to do whatever is best for their daughter.

Thira (Knives to the heart count: 2. This is almost cheerful, in the end!)

Shobhana isn’t technically a mother in this movie, she doesn’t have any children of her own, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t a mother in a real way. She plays a woman who rescues children from trafficking, and keeps them safe afterwards.

Ente Ummante Peru (Knives to the heart count: 2. Another one that ends with just a faint tear in the eye)

Such a nice movie! Our hero is looking for the perfect mother, but instead he finds the mother who is perfect for him. Despite her complaining and lying and using him, she is still exactly what he needs.

Bombay (Knives to the heart count: 5. Oh yeah, this one is a killer. Watch at your own risk)

No I haven’t reviewed Bombay yet, because I don’t want to cry a million tears. Manisha Koirala is an amazing mother in this movie, making you feel the complete loss of a mother without her children, and giving us the catharsis we need at the end when they are reunited.

Lajja (Knives to the heart count: 3. Mostly because Ajay is AWESOME, and so is Anil, and they make everything better)

There are 3 mothers in this movie, Manisha again who leaves everything behind for the sake of her unborn child, Madhuri who tries to stand up for her unborn child, and Rekha who does everything she can for her grown son. All of them suffer and survive, but being a mother is HARD.

Neerja (Knives to the heart count: 5+. Oh yeah, it’s already sad, and then you learn it’s based on a true story? And see the real life mother doing the blessing for the first day of filming?)

How many action movies are about the deep bond between a mother and daughter? Well, I guess a lot of the ones on this list. But this one is still special. A real life heroine whose story is told through the pain of her mother.

Talaash (Knives to the heart count: 3. It’s pretty sad for a while there, but it ends triumphantly in it’s own way)

Rani is a different kind of mother here. One who was broken by her child and slowly manages to put herself back together stronger than ever, eventually able to “mother” her husband when he needs her.

Guppy (Knives to the heart count: 5. Wait for the end. You will cry so hard, you will be dehydrated)

Oh, this one will KILL YOU!!!! Revathi plays a childish sweet weak mother in a wheelchair, but she still tries her best to show her love for her son, to make him feel safe and loved as best she can.

Jhankaar Beats (Knives to the heart count: 1. Almost none really, but there is a little moment when Juhi gets so heart by her husband that she stops yelling at him and then everyone gets upset. So that’s one knife)

And we end with a happy one! Juhi is heavily pregnant and chasing after her 5 year old daughter for most of this film. She is funny and flirty and sometimes angry, but she is also the rock for not just her husband and their daughter, but all his friends as well.

17 thoughts on “Movies to Make You Cry on Mother’s Day!!!!

  1. For me Kannathil Mutthamittal is more a movie about how the mothers shouldn’t be. First one abandoned her newborn daughter, and I can understand her, but still in my opinion the child needed her more than her husband. The other mother risked her life, life of her daughter and husband and the future of her sons for a caprice of the daughter.


    • you and Kannathil Mutthamittal! I was putting that on the list thinking “Angie is NOT going to agree with this”


      • Ha ha I have become too predictable, but there are only few movies that make me angry like Kannathil..

        And you know what is interesting – I was surprised to see Guppy on this list. I love Guppy, but haven’t watched it for months and I forgot about the mother. So when I saw the movie mentioned here I was like: hey it’s not about mother, it’s about sad, sad story of a father, and about a boy and about a grandpa. Only after reading what you wrote I rememebred the mother, and that she was a big part of the story. How I could forget about her?


        • For me, Guppy is almost entirely about the mother-son relationship. Everything else feels like it is just around to provide contrast to that. And the ending is one of the saddest most devastating editing choices EVER.

          On Wed, May 8, 2019 at 2:33 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. A mother-day every month and I’ve even time for 12 movies 🙂

    Boothnath, KaranArjun and KalHoNaaHo would be on my personal list, too …


  3. Good list! To Claudia’s suggestions I’ll also add Yes Boss! Because Reema is the cutest mom and a wonderful mom in law to Juhi.

    My favorite Mother’s Day movies are Terms of Endearment, Steel Magnolias (the 80s version), and The Babadook. Two tearjerkers with hilarious moments, and one terrifying movie with a heart. Ooh ooh, and Postcards from the Edge is also pretty good. Note–Shirley MacLaine is the common denominator in all but The Babadook. And she could have rocked that role as well.

    Shirley in Terms of Endearment:

    Shirley in Steel Magnolias:

    Shirley in Postcards from the Edge:


    • Obviously, I want to see Dimple and Twinkle in Postcards from the Edge and maybe Terms of Endearment. But is it worth it to even think about remaking Steel Magnolias in India? I could recast maybe everybody else, but Sally Field is such a unique talent.


      • I was thinking that a version of Steel Magnolias which is closer to the stage play would work well as a Hindi “art” film. Almost all of the action takes place in the beauty shop. In Rajasthan, in 2001, my fellow grad students and I who were doing field work spent a day at a beauty salon because we missed women so much. We never saw women out in public, much less to share space and chat with.


        • Oh, that is brilliant! But I’m still stuck on Sally Field. Madhuri=Dolly Parton, yes or no?

          On Wed, May 8, 2019 at 1:16 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Madhuri could work as Dolly, yes! Shefali Shah can play the Sally Field role. Dimple as Shirley MacLaine and Juhi as Olympia Dukakis. Oh, and maybe Daryl Hannah’s character could be played by Yashaswini Dayama. I’d love to see her do a bigger role where she gets an arc all her own. Julia Roberts’ role, eh, I don’t care that much. Someone who can do pretty, spoiled, and selfish, while remaining somewhat likeable.


  4. I will highly recommend the Malayalam movie Achuvinte Amma(Achu’s Mom) with Urvashi and Meera Jasmine as the mother-daughter.It is the typical Satyan Anthikadu movie with lot of situational humour and fun in the first half,conflict in second and a bitter sweet ending(not a tragedy).Urvashi is the queen of fun,silly,exasperating,every day moms to whom we want to run,hug and hide inside when life strikes.The knife count on this would be around 3.


    • I just looked and I think the only Satyan Anthikadu movie I have seen is Gandhinagar? But Njan Prakashan just came to Netflix, is it worth watching do you know?


      • Gandhi Nagar had the unemployed,good for nothing hero rt? 30 years later Satyan Anthikadu is still not over him & going by the big success of Njan Prakashan in Kerala and overseas,I assume neither has the Malayali audience.I watched it with low expectations but ended up liking it.It is a nice little old school Malayalam movie with no problematic messages.


        • Thanks! Maybe I’ll check it out, just because it is easy and on Netflix.

          On Fri, May 10, 2019 at 12:56 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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