Happy Birthday Juhi Chawla!!!! A Dozen Reasons I Love You!!!

I feel bad only giving her a dozen, but on the other hand I am also taking time from visiting my sister to write this post, and using my sister’s stupid mac computer to do it (the mouse only has one button!  What is this MADNESS!), so that should count for something.  Oh well, next year I will give her 2 dozen reasons to make up for it.

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Jhankaar Beats: How Is This Movie Better Now Than it Was in 2003?

I last saw this movie right after it came out, and it was soooooooooooo good that I never felt the need to watch it again for another 10 years.  I remembered it so perfectly, after one viewing, because it was so clever and charming and unusual, that I didn’t really need to see it again, I could just play it over in my head.  But then I started to wonder, could it really be as good as I remembered?  And the answer is “No!  It’s even better!”

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