Wednesday Malayalam: Ente Ummante Peru, A Story About Mothers and Sons

Such a nice little movie! Not the best ever, but one of the best recent Malayalam films that is currently readily available streaming. And Tovino looks cute.

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Movies to Make You Cry on Mother’s Day!!!!

The best movie, I really truly think, is the one I will be reviewing on Sunday, Pari. It gets at the pain and sacrifice and terror of motherhood in a really visceral way. But these are all good too, if you want to sob and sob about the misery of being a mother.

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Ente Ummante Peru Review (No Spoilers): Tovino is a Sweet Muscular Gummy Bear

This was a random impulse. No new Hindi film was playing this week, I was planning to see the NTR film but then a big snowstorm came up so I wanted to get home earlier and this film was playing at 5:15. Anyway, so glad I saw it!

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