De De Pyaar De Review (SPOILERS): Love is Messy

Well, this was an interesting movie! Really did not go in the direction I thought it would. More time spent on stories I thought would be quick, and less time spent on stories I thought would be long. If you want to be as surprised as I was you can read the “no spoilers” review. If you want to know what to expect in advance, for real, not just what the trailer says, you can read this. And of course if you’ve already seen the movie and want to join the conversation, you can read this.

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De De Pyaar De Review (No Spoilers): It’s All About the Woman

Luv Ranjan is such a FASCINATING artist!!!! I can’t think of anyone else who brings together such different sensibilities within one artist. And, in this case, within one movie! He didn’t direct, but he produced and wrote the script, and it is pretty clearly more of a Luv Ranjan movie than anything else. Really interesting, a film that is both a fun light sexy situational comedy, and also a drama about being a woman and being a man and being a family.

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News Round-Up: De De Pyaar De and #MeToo, Priyanka and Ms. Marvel

Use your HEADS people!!!!!! Oh my gosh, twitter and rumors and stuff are flying about things that ONE SECOND of logical intelligent thought would show you are not real things. And also, I should maybe not read the news before having my coffee, because it just makes me too grumpy.

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