Silly Sunday: TGIF Sexy Librarian Gang War Repost

Why even try to top this, The Greatest Story I Ever Wrote???? Better to just repost it and bask in the brilliance once again.

A small sleepy library in a little town has an area for folks to sit and read, the youthful head librarian Shahrukh enjoys sitting there with his book for hours on end. Unaware that the girls of the town come in just to watch him read.

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His twin brother, Other Librarian Shahrukh, rolls his eyes and shelves books, doing his job as best he can while his twin loafs around.

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Although even this hard working Shahrukh cannot resist temptation to peer into a forbidden text.

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At the check out desk is their older brother, a little shy, a little overly worried about paperwork, always fidgeting with his glasses and pen.

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Guarding them all is a photo of the UrLibrian Shahrukh, their father, dead in a tragic book related accident years ago.

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One day, who should enter but the black sheep of the family! The wild rebellious Librarian Shahrukh, who left the family years ago when he gave a book to a poor child without a return slip. For this sin, he was beaten out and forced to join a dangerous Librarian Gang in order to survive.

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The older brother is holding a meeting on new cataloging techniques and how to use them for the public, and does not see Rebel Shahrukh arrive.

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The lazy brother is too caught up in his book to notice anything around him.

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But the shelving brother is stunned and shocked.

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In fear and confusion, he hides behind his book

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What they do not know is that there is an Evil SuperLibrarian behind it all, Chubby Aamir, living in his luxurious library, growing rich on the efforts of the struggling Library Gangmembers like Rebel Shahrukh.

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Aamir started out as a young freshfaced Librarian. He went to the rare Shaolin Library Training School, where he learned mental and physical discipline that made him the greatest Librarian the world had ever seen.

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But he used his powers for evil, that strong body and clean mind turned bad and broken. Soon, he was only Libraring for his own profit, not the greater good.

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He encouraged his followers to do the same, seize the power!!!! Take back the libraries for themselves, by any means necessary!

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Rebel Shahrukh has had enough of this evil, he is returning home to warn his brothers that their humble library is Evil Aamir’s next target. Their only hope is to collect allies among the wandering Saints and Sages of library science. Like Salman, the librarian who chose to drop out of the regular Library world following a tragic photocopying accident.

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He appears humble and peaceful, but when he takes his glasses off.

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He reveals himself to be confident and businesslike! There is no greater power.

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Salman brings with him his young mentee, Prabhas, a boy from the streets who couldn’t handle the discipline of a regular Library School, but has his own street smart way of doing things.

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But before they can defeat Aamir, the Shahrukhs must learn to make peace with their rival library family, the Madhavans. The youngest sweet and simple Madhavan.

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The older angry Madhavan who raised his brothers with a burning hatred for the family that killed their father.

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The hotheaded middle Madhavan, always quick to declare Library War and cut off any fragile hope of Inter Library Loan Peace.

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All seemed impossible when, like a ray of hope, a vision appeared. The greatest Librarian of them all, Amitabh Librarian. He founded both libraries in this small town, and passed them down to his two adoptive sons, Shahrukh 1 and Madhavan 1. It was only after his death that a dispute over the only copy of the latest bestseller lead to the two libraries to begin their feud. His appearance now is a sign, the Madhavans will fight next to the Shahrukhs, using all their library skills to defeat the evil Aamir.

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Dressed in their most powerful Library Suits, Madhavan and Shahrukh corner Aamir in a public place while their brothers stand guard. With no other option, Aamir is forced to listen to their soft-voiced information based reasoning (a libarian’s greatest weapon) and, eventually is won over to a slow long term adjustment of his business plan to make his libraries once again free for all. HAPPY ENDING!

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Now there was a lengthy discussion on the original post, and out of that, I have new questions!

For a Netflix series, would you prefer:

  1. This exact story
  2. Librarian Shahrukh and/or Madhavan wearing glasses and talking to the camera about their favorite books
  3. Shahrukh and/or Madhavan sitting around at home and reading books aloud to the camera for 45 minutes

4 thoughts on “Silly Sunday: TGIF Sexy Librarian Gang War Repost

  1. Not about librarians or feuds or anything, but it’s Sunday morning and I’m on the deck watching Buddy root around the flower beds I planted yesterday, hoping he doesn’t lift his leg and then thinking, why bother. So he pees; so what? He’s a dog and that’s what they do. And anyway, it’s Sunday and you don’t have to do, go, anything, anywhere. You can bother Margaret all day if you want to.

    Bother: This is, as you know, my first and only blog. And frankly, it’s so much fun reading and writing and learning, and making new friends, that I don’t take the time to figure out how to navigate DCIB. But I know I’m missing a lot of good stuff. For instance, how do I upload pictures and links? Find old comments and replies? Find specific items you posted? Why does DCIB appear on my regular AND professional emails? Why do I sometimes get prompted to a “like” or to a comment on one of my comments, and sometimes not? Why can’t I read but not post on my phone? How can I save certain posts to my research folder?

    Maybe you can put out a separate primer for people like me altho from what I see the others can do, I fear I’m the only stumbler. Maybe a blog primer already exists. Lead me to it!

    Thank you!


    • Pictures and links:

      You can’t upload a photo file, but you can share a link to the photo. To do that, find the photo online. Right click on it and select the option “Open Image in New Tab”. Once the photo opens in a new tab all by itself, click on the url in the browser bar, highlight everything in the bar and copy it. Go back to DCIB, start a comment, hit “enter” to go down a line and past the url of the photo all by itself. Then go down another line so there is space on either side before you start commenting. It should look something like this from your side of things:

      This is the photo that I am posting:

      That was the photo

      If you load the photo like that, the image itself should appear when people view the final comment. It doesn’t work 100% of the time depending on the restrictions added by the person who originally uploaded the photo to the internet, but it works most of the time. You load links the same way, just copy the url in the browser bar, and past it into your comments, with a line above and below.

      There’s no way I know of to find old comments and replies, but you can find old posts by using the “search” box in the upper right. The key when searching for old posts is to be very unspecific. If you are looking for a review of Hum Aapke Hain Koun, type in just “Hain Koun” in the search box. That will bring up the review for sure, while typing in “Hum Aapke Hain Koun Madhuri Dixit” may not if I didn’t happen to use Madhuri’s full name in the review. You will have to dig through more results this way, but definitely find what you want. Part of the reason I encourage people to always put general comments on the Monday, Wednesday, or Saturday posts is so it is easier to find those conversations later.

      Part of this is also on me, I am very far behind in updating my review and Hindi Film 101 indexes, which would make the site a lot easier to navigate.

      DCIB appears in both emails because you must have signed up to get notifications through both emails at some point. I can remove one from the notification list on my side if you want. I’m not sure about why the comments look different and you can’t post on your phone, those are probably settings specific to your phone or other device you are using.

      There is no way to download my articles off line. If you want to save one, you will need to either save the link, or highlight and copy all the text of the post and paste it in a word document. It won’t look quite right, because it is moving from the internet to a word document.

      (by the way, this is what I do for my job-job, I’m a customer support person for a tiny software company)


  2. My daughter and I watched DDLJ with one of her friends the other day. She had seen My Name is Khan and kept referring to SRK as “that guy from My Name is Khan.” I schooled her on being disrespectful of one of the world’s greatest icons. 😉 (Actually, I did tell her that referring to him like that is a sure-fire way to come off as an arrogant American who doesn’t pay attention to the greater world.)
    Anyhow, she made an interesting comment that stuck in my head. Not realizing that the musical numbers are frequently dream sequences, she observed that Hindi films seem very “fan fiction” like. Ya know what? That’s such a *perfect* description of those dreamy, falling in-love depictions! That’s one of the things that makes Indian cinema so awesome; they go there with/for us! They embrace totally the fantasy fulfilling storyline, even if it’s not *really* taking place. It’s an acknowledgement of what we’re all thinking, hoping, yearning for. I love that she made that comment, because it clicked a piece of the Why Do I Love Indian Films So Much puzzle into place for me.
    So satisfying!

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