Silly Sunday FanFic: Classic Hollywood Noble Mother Soaper with Older Charming Newspaper Editor Romance! Rani and SRK?

I was late for work on Thursday because I just had to stay home long enough to see how this thing ended. The original is only like 70 minutes and yet SO MUCH happens!!! I feel like it needs to be remade and given the 3 hour treatment it deserves. Also, I feel like Hindi film needs more sacrificial mothers rewarded with late in life romance main characters.

You ready for an INSANE plot???

Our pregnant heroine is struggling to keep together her three tiny children in their poverty stricken home when her deadbeat drunk husband arrives. He is on the run from the law and wants to take their small son with him. She begs him not to take her son, he knocks her down, she shoots him. And then tells her son never to speak of this and hides the body. The sheriff comes by as she goes into labor with the baby WHO IS BORN CRIPPLED, and doesn’t really believe her story that her husband just disappeared. She takes her 4 children and flees to the city, changing their name. Over years of sacrifice and hard work, she turns herself into a fancy dressmaker and they achieve middle-class. Her son is now a cub reporter, her older daughter keeps house for them, her youngest is an adorable precocious boy in metal leg braces. But her younger daughter is Bad. Or at least, Going Bad. She has a secret boyfriend and lies to her mother so they can go out dancing together. The mother also has a boyfriend, or at least a boy-who-is-a-friend-and-wants-to-be-more, her son’s boss the fast talking newspaper editor. He likes her intelligence and strength and thinks she is sexy and keeps coming on to her, and she keeps saying that she is only an aging mother and can’t think of romance because she must devote her whole life to her children. And he keeps saying “that’s stupid, put the kids to bed and then you can stay up and make out with me”, essentially. She finally gives in and agrees to marry him, but when she goes to tell her children, discovers the younger daughter has snuck out. She confronts her when she returns, the younger daughter flees to her Bad Man boyfriend, who laughs in her face and says of course he is not going to marry her. Just then, the son bursts in, sent by his mother to bring his sister home. The Bad Man fights the son, he falls down the stairs and is IN A COMA!!!!! The mother forgives her daughter (because she is a Saint), and then makes a deal with God that if her son recovers, she will go back to the small town they came from and turn herself in for murdering her husband. She returns, is immediately put on trial, but the judge doesn’t buy her defense of “yes I killed him and went on the run, but it was all For My Children” because these children are not in the courtroom, how does he know she isn’t lying? Just as she is about to be convicted, her children burst in, the newspaper editor figured out what happened and where she is. Her son (now fully recovered from the coma) goes on the stand and testifies that he remembers everything, his father was threatening both of them and she shot in self-defense. Immediately exonerated, she goes home and marries the newspaper editor. Happy Ending.

Image result for a wicked woman 1934

Did you read all of that? Can you believe the original is only 72 minutes? I left the room for 2 minutes to brush my teeth and came back to find 10 years had passed and the complaining little girl had grown up to be a Bad Girl with a sleazy boyfriend.

So, remake! Obviously, we start in a small village with a young saintly mother trying to care for her many children. She flashes back to her romance with her horrible husband, he was a dacoit who charmed her away from the orphanage where she was raised, she eloped with him at 15, and now is a mother of 3 with another on the way at 22. Dacoit comes home to his small house, he is on the run from the police after a shoot out (maybe we see the shoot out too?), and he doesn’t know if he will ever be back. But he wants to take their son with him to raise in the hills as part of the dacoit gang. In desperation, she takes his gun and shoots him. Then buries him behind the house, and goes into labor.

Picturing a “cute song but unhealthy couple” thing like this

Baby is born crippled, and the local cop comes by and is suspicious and threatens her. In desperation, she sneaks out in the middle of the night with her kids and moves to Bombay, where they start fresh under a new name. We see some bits of the years passing. She makes friends and gets a job in a sewing workshop, the oldest daughter is helpful around the house, the son is determined to get a good job and support his mother some day, the baby is a baby, but the middle daughter is Bad, and goes off to play with the boys and hides when it is time for chores and stuff. But the mother is determined, keeps the kids under control, and also starts looking for a better job, ends up sewing for an exclusive store/design house, and eventually opens her own. INTERVAL

Son successfully passes the police exam and is given his first posting. The store is doing well and they have a nice apartment. The oldest daughter is sweet and nice and her mother is working on finding her a suitable boy. The middle daughter has a job, working at a hotel. She tells her mother it is because it is a good respectable job with chances for advancement, but she tells her sister that it is because she can meet neat guys. She is dating a married minor movie star who claims he will divorce his wife, and of course her mother doesn’t know. The son’s new supervisor at work likes him and takes him under his wing, the son invites him home for dinner, the supervisor falls in love with the mother right away. Because she is smart and noble and all those good things. After the kids go to bed, he straight up says that he is interested in her, as a woman. She says he must be crazy, she isn’t a woman any more, her whole life is devoted to her children. But he keeps working away at her (maybe a cute song?) and she starts to weaken.

Like this, but with the genders reversed, she is the one with the happy kid focused household, he is the outsider who is intrigued and in love

Until one night they kiss and she agrees to marry him, only to find her daughter isn’t answering her phone, she isn’t at work as she thought, and then she puts it together that the photo of her daughter at a movie premiere wasn’t just a “job perk”, but she really was dating the movie star. Son gets angry and goes to movie star’s house, gets into a fight defending his sister’s honor, is throne down the stairs. Everything she worked for is falling apart! Her son is in a coma, her daughter’s engagement is canceled from the shame, her other daughter is fired from her job, the scandal is being reported everywhere. In misery, she goes to temple and makes a deal, all of this must be punishment for her original sin, she will go back to the village and face the consequences. But her children must never know, she can’t damage their reputations again. Instead, she claims it is one last getaway trip before remarrying, and then fakes her own death.

She returns to the village and goes on trial, meanwhile back home her family mourns her death. The fiance returns to the older daughter, explaining that he loves her and couldn’t stand to think of her alone without her mother, he forced his parents to accept and the engagement is back on. The middle daughter steps up and takes over her mother’s salon and makes it successful. The son is driven by his new feeling of responsibility as head of the family to succeed in his rehab and return to work. But even with all these good things, they still miss their mother. At the Sangeet, they dedicate a special song to her, it’s very touching, and afterward the cop supervisor pulls them aside and confirms that they want their mother back, no matter what. And then reveals that he recognized her from a police flyer ages ago, she is on trial for the murder of their father, they can pretend she is still dead and have their lives as they are now, the way she wanted, or they can disobey her wishes and destroy everything and go chasing after her. Cut back to the trial, judge is about to sentence her, just then her children burst in! New testimony to exonerate her! They decided that all they want is their mother, even if it takes away everything else in their lives. Of course, it doesn’t, happy ending montage shows that the fiance’s parents think the loyalty they showed means the older daughter will be an even better wife, the shop is more popular than ever thanks to her notoriety and the younger daughter runs it perfectly, the son is commended for providing vital evidence in a case, and the baby of the family gets just what he wants when the cop finally marries his mother and he gets a new father.

Okay, now, casting!

Youthful but older mother: Rani? Anushka Shetty? Nayanthara?

Evil Dacoit Father: Abhishek? Prabhas? Who else looks good rough and bearded?

Older Cop Suitor: Shahrukh? Aamir? Ajith

12 thoughts on “Silly Sunday FanFic: Classic Hollywood Noble Mother Soaper with Older Charming Newspaper Editor Romance! Rani and SRK?

  1. What is the name of the original movie, and how old it is? It’s crazy they managed to put this plot in a little more than 1 hour.
    And don’t you think your version resembles Hamari Adhuri Kahani? Beautiful, good woman with a bad husband, works for her son, and finds the love 😉


    • A Wicked Woman, 1934, starring nobody you have ever heard of.

      It does resemble Humari Adhuri Kahani! And it is criminal that there aren’t more soaper plots like that one, the good strong woman surviving all kinds of adversity and being rewarded with an understanding good new love interest.

      On Sun, Jun 9, 2019 at 8:31 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Before you answered I noticed that black and white photo’s name is A wicked woman, and I google it. There is a movie with this title on youtube and I gave it a look. Only after some minutes of skipping I realized it can’t be the same movie because there are no kids and the heroine was absolutely gorgeous. The youtube A Wicked Woman is a b-grade noir film from 1953. Don’t know the plot, but yes, the protagonist is /was beautiful.


        • There are three actors, I knew from other movies: Jean Parker from Little Women, Charles Bickford (i.e.Of Mice and Men) and Robert Taylor (a lot).


          • Oh! I think Robert Taylor plays the Bad Man the daughter is dating! No wonder she was led astray.

            On Sun, Jun 9, 2019 at 4:28 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Original movie is totally Hollywood, 1934, A Wicked Woman. But Karisma might be a good option for the remake! Karisma and one of her old hero’s reunited? Shahrukh or Akshay or Ajay or someone?

      On Sun, Jun 9, 2019 at 11:03 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Don’t recognize the movie or the actors from the black and white still. Occasionally, you neglect to name the kick-off film which sends me scrambling, frustrated, to the TCM line up. But as to the Indian remake: Shefali Shah as the mom, Vijay Sethupathi as the bad guy (he does those so well) and Shah Rukh as the suitor. Or, if that’s too small a role for the great one, then somebody ripped (for us shallow gals) like Sonu Sood or John Abraham as the cop

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love John Abraham as the older cop! Let our middle-aged suffering widow get a really hot devoted nice guy to reward her for all she went through.

      On Sun, Jun 9, 2019 at 12:13 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Wow, a lot of drama!

    Oh yes, I would like Rani and ShahRukh, but I would do some changes after the son fell into the coma.
    I would leave out the deal with God/a god and equally the feigning of the death putting her kids in so much sorrow. I would like that Rani still sees it as a kind of karmic punishment and states that it is all her fault in front of ShahRukh. He doesn’t understand and insists that she has nothing to do with it and should take the matter to court. No, she answers, she herself has to go to court and then tells what had happened twenty years ago.
    As a police officer he knows that she would face murder charges even though her husband had been a dacoit. She should not go back. However, when she insists, he offers to accompany her and to get her a lawyer. He also encourages her to let the daughters in on what had happened so that they can immediately talk to the brother and urge him to get out of the coma because he is needed to testify. Of course the daughters try to keep their mother from surrendering to the police arguing that it wouldn’t help anybody; in the contrary, it would harm the future of them as her kids. Finally, they understand her motivation. She then goes with ShahRukh in a temple and tells God/ the god what she is doing and begs him to help her children get a good life. ShahRukh gives the promise to stay at her side although she had refused to marry him before she hadn’t settled the issue. He had wanted to marry her before to give the children the needed social support of a father but that isn’t what Rani wants.
    ShahRukh keeps her company, after having ensured that a collegue at the police would look after the kids and the son and bring them to the police/court in UP as soon as possible.
    The police in UP takes her in. She doesn’t get bail but ShahRukh can get a lawyer who is a friend of one of the judges so the hearing is sheduled within a month.
    As ShahRukh is a police officer, the UP police trusts him and he gets a lot of opportunities to either visit Rani or to get a leave for some hours with her.
    The hearing doesn’t turn out in Rani’s favour as the judge suspects that Rani invented the story about the son and didn’t kill her husband in self-defense. A trial is shedulded. ShahRukh can’t stay any longer because of his work in Mumbai but the lawyer will look after her.
    ShahRukh visits the son who still is in coma and talks to him about everything that happened and also that he would love to marry his mother but she won’t agree if she isn’t declared free to go. He encourages the daughter to not go into depression but be strong for their mother and do everything possible to have a good life.
    Two days before the trial, ShahRukh goes a last time talking to the ‘sleeping’ son (but we can’t hear what he says). Then he joins Rani in UP. The first day of the trial is for the prosecution, the second one for the defense. Then it will be the verdict.
    ShahRukh is in constant touch with the daughters and on the second day of the trial he gets the message that the son had come out of the coma but can’t be transported. Instead of delaying the trial, the judge decides that he, the prosecutor, the lawyer and a secretary will fly to Mumbai to get the testimony personally. ShahRukh stays with Rani.
    Two days later, the judge gives the verdict. Rani is only given a suspended sentence for having escaped after having killed her husband and can leave to live a free life.
    During the credits one sees a double wedding (Rani – ShahRukh, daughter – fiancé and the son in a wheelchair, but standing up during a speech he is doing (where the audience gets to know what ShahRukhsaid to him at his last visit).


    • I love the son staying in the coma!!!! Very melodramatic, very appropriate. For optimum drama, I do think the kids have to be kept in the dark. Oh! What if she thinks the kids don’t know, but the evil middle daughter listened in and learned the truth. And now she is redeeming herself by keeping the secret and taking care of the crippled youngest child and insisting that the oldest daughter plan her wedding just as their mother would have wanted and generally being noble. I also think our Noble heroine wouldn’t weaken and confide in Shahrukh, but if he found out some other way and insisted on helping her, she would reluctantly let him. Love the idea of jailhouse drama with him visiting her and their hands touching between the bars and all of that. And then the audience being all stressed about whether the son will wake up or not until the last minute. And the reveal of what touching thing Shahrukh told him to make him wake up.

      But, I think the son should testify by Skype. So he is talking, and his mother is sobbing, but he can’t see her because she is outside the range of the Skype camera.

      On Sun, Jun 9, 2019 at 1:52 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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