Shahrukh Summer: Choose Your Own Ending! Which Of these Alternate Endings Do You Prefer for Dear Zindagi, Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Zero?

This isn’t a “fixing” the movie post. Maybe you think they are okay as they are. But if you HAD to choose an alternative ending, which one of these would you pick?

Dear Zindagi:

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(real ending) A year later after finishing therapy with Shahrukh, Alia is at her movie premiere and meets a new man, Aditya Roy Kapoor, and sparks fly

A year later, Alia is at her movie premiere, Shahrukh shows up, they talk and sparks fly, and he agrees to go out to dinner with her. Yes, it is completely unethical and unprofessional, but he is SO SEXY

A year later, Alia is at her movie premiere, Shahrukh shows up with his new girlfriend and son, they interact like normal human people without the emotional hotbox of therapy.

A year later, Alia is at her movie premiere, Aditya Roy Kapoor shows up and they are clearly already a couple, she has moved on to a healthy relationship.

Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna:

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(real ending) Two years after ending their affair, Rani and Shahrukh meet again, and he immediately proposes.

(courtesy of Reflects on Life) Rani and Shahrukh reunite, but over the course of another montage song, we see them go on dates and not have anything to say, kiss and feel nothing. And finally say good-bye. A year later, we see them bump into each other with new partners, both of them happy and in love in real relationships.

Preity throws Shahrukh out of the house, he painfully starts over. Two years later he runs into Rani and Abhishek to discover they are happier than before, the affair inspired them to actually look at their marriage, they went to a sex therapist and adopted a baby. Shahrukh is finally able to let go of his dream of Rani and move forward into a brighter happier life on his own.

Abhishek throws Rani out of the house, she painfully starts over. Two years later she runs into Preity and Shahrukh. Preity is pregnant again and they are happier than ever, the affair inspired them to have a 6 month trial separation and go into counseling, Shahrukh found a new career, Preity learned to have a better work-life balance and dated and dumped Arjun Rampal, she and Shahrukh came together after that 6 months stronger than ever. This inspires Rani to finally let go of her dream of Shahrukh and move forward into a brighter happier life, deciding to start fostering older children and giving them the family she never had.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan:

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(real ending) After ten years, Katrina finally comes to Shahrukh and wants to be with him again, he proposes, they embrace. Anushka goes on to have a successful career as a single woman (for now).

Katrina and Shahrukh have their big fight and break up. Anushka invites Shahrukh to come to her big film premiere, he comes and hugs and congratulates her afterwards and suggests he finally get that tour of London she promised. Possibility of a romance between them is teased.

Katrina and Shahrukh have their big fight and break up. Katrina sends him a long letter explaining that she was wrong all along, her guilt over what her mother did and confusion about her own feelings made her push him away. But she understands now and is ready to be together. The letter is read in voice over as we see her arrive in Kashmir and find him, then they embrace etc.


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(real ending) Shahrukh goes in a rocket to Mars after having a last conversation with Anushka where she admits she loves him. His rocket is lost on re-entry for 15 years, Anushka keeps waiting, he finally arrives and lifts his arm out of the rocket calling out her name.

Shahrukh goes in a rocket to Mars after having a last conversation with Anushka where she admits she loves him. His mission is successful and he returns, to find Anushka and their daughter waiting for him, his daughter is now exactly his height and they can look at each other eye-to-eye. Final voice over says that the real adventure will be their life together.

Shahrukh goes in a rocket to Mars after having a last conversation with Anushka where she admits she loves him. The rocket blows up on re-entry and it is revealed that Anushka is telling this whole movie to their daughter so she will know who her father was.

13 thoughts on “Shahrukh Summer: Choose Your Own Ending! Which Of these Alternate Endings Do You Prefer for Dear Zindagi, Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Zero?

  1. Dear Zindagi: definitely the unethical and unprofessional version because hey, life is messy and complicated but if you can snatch some happiness out if it, some minor rules can be broken. And who would choose bland Aditya Roy Kapoor if SRK was a possibility? Let’s be realistic.

    KANK: SRK and Rani realize they have nothing in common and there is no attraction anymore now that they’re out of their marriages. They move on to new partners and live happily in their new lives.

    JTHJ: The intervening 10 years have turned them into different people. Meeting Katrina again makes him realize he was just holding onto a dream that he doesn’t even want anymore. He moves on with Anushka who is more open and mature than Kat ever was, in spite of her younger age. She isn’t the type that runs at the first sight of trouble or who uses God to hide and not live a real life. He learns the difference between infatuation with a beautiful woman and real love with a partner that suits him mentally and emotionally too.

    Zero: He stays broken up with Anushka (never loved her) but goes on the Mars mission for himself and his daughter, to prove that he was worth it and had value and she can be proud of him. Anushka scowls and rolls around in her wheelchair.


    • I love ARK! But yes, SRK is much more tempting.

      Aww, I kind of got happy at the idea of either Rani or Shahrukh’s marriage working out after all, but you are just killing all relationships from the original film.

      So, you would go for the “surprises Anushka at the documentary screening and asks for her tour of London” option?

      You give to Anushka and you take away!!!! Why can’t she ever be happy? Anyway, would you have him die on Mars, return on schedule, or return 15 years later?


      • I could picture SRK and Preity’s relationship working out after a time out period. Couples go through infidelity all the time and many of them survive and are perfectly content and happy later on. They had a real foundation of friendship and shared dreams. And even a child that holds them together. One of his biggest grouses against her was that she didn’t give him or their son enough time. If Preity worked less and was more outwardly affectionate towards him and he got a real job instead of just sitting at home like he was earlier, things could work out.

        But Rani and Abhishek I can’t picture working ever because Rani has zero interest in even trying. It’s like talking to a wall. Most of the time I don’t think she even likes Abhishek as a person or friend even though he really is so nice. It’s not just sexual disinterest. It’s complete disinterest in all ways. SRK and Preity have a lot of emotions between them even if it comes out as anger sometimes. Rani has NO emotions towards Abhi. Completely indifferent. She didn’t want more time with Abhi. She wanted him to disappear.

        But I couldn’t resist going for the ending where SRK is single and might find his Kajol one day.

        For JTHJ, definitely shows up at her screening and things go from there. He already did love Anushka, even in the movie. Who flies around the world just to make sure she gets the job she wants? And I think there is definitely a part of him that wants to be with instead which is why he says he’ll come back to her in his next life. (Not wanting those 7 lifetimes with Kat, huh?) That line was not necessary and might even seem cruel but I think he said it because he wanted it.

        But I think he was so stuck on the idea of Katrina (not her as a person) and the fact that he had wasted 10 years over her that it would have all been for nothing if he didn’t choose her.

        For Zero, definitely return on schedule. He has a daughter!! It would be evil to make him lose out on her first 15 years. I’m okay with him rebuilding a life with Anushka after he comes back but it can’t happen if she’s the one that sends him off the mission as a chimp replacement. Let him go because he’s the one that wants to go. It’s an idea that gets into his head and he wants to show his daughter that her father also had value, not just her mother. Anushka sees the changes too and develops respect for him instead of wanting him because he’s a dwarf who can’t look down on her like regular men would.


  2. Can’t choose an alternate ending for Dear Zindagi, sorry! The real one is way too perfect. But, if I MUST, I’ll go with the last one, in which she and Aditya are a couple already.

    For ZERO, can I have an alternate plot instead of an alternate ending?


    • Yes you can have an alternate Zero plot!

      I think I wrote one where Anushka was just a civil engineer or something believable like that and Shahrukh left the wedding because he wasn’t in love, realized he was in love, and had to do something like plugging a hole in a dam to prove his love, not go to Mars.

      On Tue, Jul 9, 2019 at 12:47 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  3. Can I be honest? Of course I can. I don’t like any of these. Only Shah should have ended up with Anushka in JTHJ.


    • Well, I did give you the “real ending” option, you can just pick that for all of them except for JTHJ.

      Is it because you think the real endings are perfect, or because you think they aren’t right but these aren’t any better?

      On Tue, Jul 9, 2019 at 2:12 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. DZ
    A mishmash of 1 + 3. At the premiere, first she meet srk + new gf + son, feels minor disappointment, but also it frees her up from the fantasy, then she meets ARK, sparks start, all on the same night. Maybe it’s not realistic, but it is very rom-com-esque! Unlike KANK, I like some fan service at the end here because the movie was basically already over before the premiere scene. If alia were 10-15 years older, then def SRK > ARK , but with her youth, ARK pairs so much better :).

    my ending, of course! Only make it a little less sad. Date 1 is all about the reminiscing about the past time together. Date 2 is all about catching up on the past four years. Date 3 is where it starts to peter out, where they realize that they have nothing left to talk about. Date 4 is where they realize they were running on fumes, but express gratitude to each other for what they meant in each other’s lives.

    As for the two marriages, I could be more invested in SRK/Preity if we had been shown a little more backstory on their love chemistry. Best friends can turn into lovers, but this feels more like best friends that turned into roommates. But on a meta level, I hate how most movies end with the guy ending up with a HEA but a woman ending up single but with self actualization as her consolation prize. Even abhishek is engaged while preity is only tepidly seeing someone. Uggh :(. So on principle, I don’t want srk to end up with someone while rani ends up alone.

    ending #3 is perfect. I don’t want srk / anushka together in every film they are in because the irl age gap is uggh. Maybe this movie would be better with Kat’s recently improved zero/bharat acting chops.

    Ending #2 or 3 for the Netflix re-edit, since this version is more clearly her story. #3 is gutsier but #2 is more feel-good and satisfying… the poor kid has been through enough, and she deserves her happy ending!
    In fact, #2 might work best if the starting and ending narrator is the kid instead of anushka, I.e. It’s the kid telling the viewer her origins story. In further fact, the whole movie as is might work best if the kid is the narrator, because kids are more likely to tell tales with hyperbole, magical realism, fantasy, etc. It’s easier to buy the wild ride because a child is by nature an unreliable narrator, it’s all about their imagination, hopes, fears, dreams, and coping mechanisms. Think “Life of Pi”.

    For the original theatrical release movie, it is Zero’s story, so the only thing I would change *with the ending* is that he’s lost in space for 1-3 years (max 5 yrs) instead of 15 years. Because the subtext then becomes a sense of hope/possibility for all 3 to get their happy ending together, whereas 15 years means that ship has kinda sailed, esp for the kid.


    • I like your DZ twist! Makes sense, she needed time to work on herself, now is the right time to let go of the Shahrukh fantasy and start thinking about someone more practical. Although I like that you (along with the rest of us) have made your peace with ignoring the whole therapist-patient thing, so long as the age gap isn’t too ridiculous. If Taapsee or Deepika or somone had played it, nooooo problem.

      On Tue, Jul 9, 2019 at 10:22 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. Dear Zindagi…no ShahRukh at the end…I’m fine with the original ending…Jug was what he had to be – a helping hand and a very important person in her life.

    KANK…I want them to live together and experience the ups and downs (as Preity said to Rani) even though it make not last for long…or maybe it will? Give them a real chance. I got the feeling that their love is much more than physical attraction. After a certain time even the relation between Preity and Dev could become friendly again and his son would spend time with Dev and Rani.

    JTHJ…As it wasn’t more than Katrina’s beauty that made Samar love Meera. I saw Anushka as a kind of catalyst…and maybe, it is important to give Meera a second chance as he got one, too. So, O like the ending – either the original or the one with the letter.

    Zero… definitely the five year gap with his daughter at his height. Gorgeous idea to let tell the daughter with a guiding voice over. I think, he realized that he loved Anushka because of living in Katrina’s world. I found Aanand Rai’s way to span narrative and logic arcs fascinating.
    He did a masterclass in a Mumbai cinema where he talked about Zero…unfortunately I don’t find much info about what he said.


    • Yeah, I really like the daughter telling the story too! It would make it all work so much better, knowing it was through a child’s eyes.


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