Trailers! Saaho Song and Mission Mangal Teaser

Well, we have a song that openly imitates every other club song ever, and a trailer that openly imitates every space movie ever. Hurrah for Indian ingeniuity (I’m grumpy this morning).

Saaho song! At least Prabhas looks less like a marionette whose arms are being controlled by a puppeteer with no sense of rhythm than he has in the past. Shraddha looks great and dances well. But the overall song is just kind of dull. And I honestly can’t tell if it is supposed to be set in the future or in the present, it just looks like standard “nightclub number”.

And then we have Mission Mangal, which looks to be a mish-mosh of Hidden Figures and every other American space movie ever. And like Hidden Figures, we will have lots and lots of actresses doing the heavy lifting, and then the one Savior Male figure at the center of it. Lovely.

And also a bit strange, I believe the idea with Hidden Figures was that they need lots of manpower/brainpower to crunch the numbers and so they hired women of color to do the essentially “menial tasks” version of math. They were smart women who made a big contribution, but the reason there were so many women of color was because it was not expected to be a big contribution. In today’s world, where we have computers to do that number crunching, I wonder what the justification will be for so many women to be part of this project? Instead of male scientists as would be statistically more common in an Indian workplace?

Anyway, Nithya Menon! Vidya Balan! Taapsee Pannu! Sonakshi Sinha! Kirti Kulhari! I love all these women and am thrilled they will be in a movie. There, I found something nice to say about an Akshay Kumar soft-patriotism film.

17 thoughts on “Trailers! Saaho Song and Mission Mangal Teaser

  1. Sacred games 2 trailer also released today.
    Pankaj tripathi looking great as godman

    Also kalki and ranveer shoreyyyyy.
    Can’t wait for 15th august.


  2. There was a few pictures of the scientists released after Mangalyaan launched and it had almost all women. I don’t know what the reason is for the high female representation but maybe that field is less discriminative and women were able to make inroads? It would be an interesting thing to explore in the movie.

    Anyway, with these space type movies coming out, I’m so glad SRK didn’t do SJSA.


    • Yes, I want to see that explored as well! If there is a reason for it, that is more interesting to me than the actual mission. Also, I can’t help but notice that none of the mail scientists look like Akshay Kumar. Although the guy with the little mustache in the back of the second photo is cute.


      • Neither do the women look like what you would expect. There is this stereotype in India that modern women look, dress, and act a certain way. These women are all older, probably married with kids, and dressed to the nines in traditional saris (one even has flowers in her hair!) while launching a Mars satellite. That’s pretty cool.


        • Yeah, and I am glad they kept that with the actress casting, at least a little. Vidya is older, Nithya is heavier, and so on. And they are all wearing saris.


    • With Akshay in it, always expect cheap deshbhakti. Why is he taking over a movie about female scientists anyway? He annoys me so much. He took over a movie about women’s hygiene in Toilet and did it again in Padman. Women can’t even lead women’s stories because Akshay always shows up.

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      • He’s like Bloody Mary! Say “Women in India” too many times, and he will appear and take over your life.

        Ooo oo! Horror movie idea! Akshay is the walking Ghost of the Patriarchy, he appears where ever women start to build something for themselves in order to take credit for it. And then they would have to defeat him somehow, but I’m not sure how.


    • Yeah, that’s kind of how I feel. This is just the teaser though, if it turns out to be about women in science and stuff like that, then I would be more interested.

      On Tue, Jul 9, 2019 at 11:20 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Well, in one hilarious development, the Entertainment Journalists Guild has decided to boycott Kangana and not give her any media coverage. They demand a letter from Ekta and Balaji Films condemning Kangana’s behavior and want to discuss how the journos can support the movie in return for her support against Kangana.


    • That is hilarious! And I wonder how real it is? I can’t seem to find anything on this group beyond this letter, which has slightly questionable word choices that make me wonder if it was actually written by a writer. If they are one of those made up associations jumping in for publicity, I will be very disappointed.


      • I was also searching exactly that and I’m starting to think this is an invented guild that they just made up right now.

        But this is exactly why Indian media can’t be relied upon at all. All the big TV stations and media agencies are reporting the news but nobody does the research to check what this guild actually is. Shouldn’t you note in the articles when it was formed or how long it’s been in operation? What journalism schools do these people go to? Copy and paste is not journalism.


        • The really fun thing is, if it was an actual Guild with power, presumably the people reporting this story would be members. Or at least know of it. Did no one stop to think “hey, I should ask around the office and see if anyone here has heard of these guys before I report them as an actual thing”.


          • They genuinely don’t care.

            It really makes me wonder how true anything we get about the Indian movie industry is. (I’m not even going to mention the real hard news about politics and all that. Especially because I’m not from there so I wouldn’t even know where to start.)

            But think about it. I think what we get are straight copy and paste of press releases sent out by actors/directors/whoever. Nobody is doing any research of any kind. Nowadays I don’t even trust print interviews because how would we know what’s printed is accurate and not manipulated? Cut out a few lines and you can twist anything in any which way especially if it makes it juicier and gets you more readers.


          • I trust print interviews now far more than I do in the past. Before twitter and social media, the press could print anything they wanted and claim an actor said it, now at least the actors have a way of calling them to account and saying “no I didn’t.”

            However, I don’t trust excerpted interviews at all, the fun quotes tend to be repeated and repeated and the context lost as people get more and more excited about them


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