Arjun Patiala Review (SPOILERS): This is the Movie Rohit Shetty Wishes He Could Make

I love this movie so much! It’s clever on like 5 different levels simultaneously, and also somehow extremely goodhearted. I love goodhearted cleverness, when you can see through the illusion of things and still love them.

Whole plot in one paragraph:

A scriptwriter is meeting with producer Pankaj Tripathi and narrating the script for his new cop film. In the movie, Diljit Dosanjh is a Judo champion who dreams of being a cop like his hero Ronit Roy. His first posting is in a small town under Ronit’s command. He arrives and meets his constable, Varun Sharma. He starts cleaning up the town and learns that Ronit’s dream is a “crime free district”. He meets and falls in love with spunky reporter Kriti Sanon who is touched by his bravery and shares her research, explaining all the gangsters in the area. Diljit and Varun devise a plan to have the criminals take each other out, with up and coming vicious criminal Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub as the final player. Kriti suspects what they are doing and is angry with Diljit because her parents died in violent village infighting and she hates violence. Then, Diljit is taken in by Ronit Roy to meet Seema Pahwa, the local MLA and richest person in town. Turns out, she is the final big boss and Ronit Roy is under her control. Diljit agrees to follow their orders and kills Varun Sharma. Kriti is furious with him and threatens him. Only to learn in the finale fight scene in the morgue that Varun and Diljit just faked his death, and Ronit was faking working with Seema Pahwa. After much humorous running around, Seema and Mohammed are finally captured, and Diljit and Kriti are reunited.

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Removing the really clever scriptwriting frame story, you are still left with this original idea of a cop setting the gangsters against each other one by one, learning there was another gangster boss he didn’t even know about that was using him, betraying his friend, and then the reveal that the betrayal was fake. All of that is great and cool and interesting and more original than any of the big budget Rohit Shetty cop movies have been in ages.

Even the romance is good! Kriti is her own person, she gives Diljit her research but warns him that she has been researching this for months and she is only giving it to him because she wants the crime to end. She isn’t a shallow girl in love with a cop and doing what he asks, and she also isn’t a heartless reporter, she is a decent person. She even gets the one truly touching monologue of the film, describing how her village was filled with violence as we see a simple line drawing of a little girl walking through violent scenes. Diljit loves her for all of that, and jumps right from first meeting to proposal without pause.

Oh, and can I mention how cleverly the framing device is used to not just comment on the story but give us clues? For example, right at the beginning the scriptwriter declares the film has 5 villains. When Kriti runs through her list of known gangsters, the screen counts up to 4. If we have been paying attention, we know there is a hidden villain not yet listed. On the other hand, when it is revealed that Ronit and Seema are working together, if we have been paying attention we would know that now brings us to 6, which means one of them isn’t really a villain.

There are so many moments of clever surreal humor I have to watch the film twice to even catch them all! When Diljit is attracted to a woman, he imagines a microphone in his hand and starts singing to her. But when he sees Kriti, he reaches for the microphone and finds it hasn’t appeared, which makes him realize this time it is serious. At one point Varun says he understands how Diljit feels, he has been in love so many times himself he lost count, and the screen shifts to a quick flash through all his loves as it counts down including a quick image of the station cow Victoria. Later when Varun is dying, he has a sudden vision of Victoria (his most recent love). During a confrontation with Diljit, Kriti gives her big dramatic speech and then Diljit just stars at her until she prompts him “your line”. And of course the very ending, when the maid and secretary are cleaning up after the narration and the secretary asks the maid if she thinks the film will run and she says “probably not”.

I could sit here and list off 20 more fun clever things in the film, but why waste your time? Go watch it! And if you have already seen it and come back to read this review, then go watch it again and find what I missed!

6 thoughts on “Arjun Patiala Review (SPOILERS): This is the Movie Rohit Shetty Wishes He Could Make

  1. I hope this come to Providence cinema as your review confirmed my thought that this was well worth watching. Diljit has good comic timing and I have enjoyed him since the jatt movies. I think Kriti is getting better and better with each of her movies, better roles and better performances.


    • Yes, I just arranged to see it tomorrow with a friend and her main reason for agreeing was because she feels like Diljit has never let her down. His taste in scripts seems very similar to my taste in scripts.

      On Sun, Jul 28, 2019 at 12:46 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Hey, I finally saw this and I enjoyed it but not as much as I was expecting to. I thought the script was really clever and I thought the movie was fun and wacky but I felt like something was missing at the same time. I enjoyed Diljit and Varun Sharma but my favorite part of the movie was the romance with Kriti Sanon! I just loved her character and she was so good in the role as well. I couldn’t imagine anyone else in the movie. I enjoyed the movie but I think this is one of those movies that gets better on the second watch once you stop focusing on the plot and start focusing on the details.

    I loved how they were singing along to that song from Criminal when they had the first bad guy shot dead. I recognized the song right away but I remembered the Telugu version so I was confused for a second until I remembered that it was from Criminal which was a bi-lingual movie.


    • Definitely a movie that is more about the little jokes than the plot! Such a dumb plot. But then it was just there to hold up a series of jokes.

      And yes Kriti! I have to admit, I am excited to see her in Housefull 4 because I think she can hold her own in comedy even in that very male series.

      On Thu, Oct 3, 2019 at 9:43 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • She’s the only reason why I would want to watch Housefull 4. I definitely think she can hold her own!

        You know what we need? I think we need a Housefull/Golmaal type dumb comedy ensemble series with the younger actors. I think it would be really fun to see something with actors like Varun, Sushant, and maybe Kartik Aryan or Rajkummar Rao?


        • Good point! It seems like comedy is something that over the hill actors turn to in desperation, instead of something that up and coming actors do for fun at the top of their careers.

          Although the Luv Ranjan films come close.

          On Thu, Oct 3, 2019 at 10:00 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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