Mimi Review (No Spoilers): Nice Light Loving Movie, Surprisingly Little There-There

Well, now I see why so many of you said that I shouldn’t be afraid to watch this movie. It is very pleasant, very light, doesn’t really make you super feel anything. So if you want a real tearjerker deep version of a surrogate story, don’t watch this. But if you want a pleasant timepass that is unobjectionable, this is a nice one.

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Sunday WatchAlong This Week: What Time and What Movie?

Ugh, this week has so much happening!!! Thursday I drive back into the city, and start moving my stuff out of my friends’ unit and down into the basement, and pick up a million things that are waiting for me at Home Depot and other places. Saturday morning I move my final items out, then go over to my parents. Sunday I return to my ACTUAL REAL LIFE FINAL HOME. And do a watchalong.

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Housefull 4 Review (SPOILERS): Everything Gets Better Once Rana Duggabatti Shows Up!

Yes, this silly silly movie that released weeks ago is getting the full no spoiler/spoiler review treatment from me. Whatever, I had fun with it! And you can watch it if you want once it hits streaming and then come back and read these reviews. Or if you already caught it in theaters, read this review to talk about your response to the complexities of the narrative.

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