Shahrukh Summer: Alternative Universe Kuch Kuch Hota Hais, What Would Have Happened if….?

I can’t believe how few people have commented on yesterday’s Kuch Kuch post! Oh well, they make me happy, so I will keep going. And this one I find really fun!

Not every fictional story can provide the kind of tantalizing “but what would have happened if….?” discussions, we have to feel like we have such strong sense of the characters that we can predict what they would have done if things were different. And I guess care enough about them that we find it interesting to talk about. Hopefully I am not the only one who feels that way about Kuch Kuch!

Okay, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai “what if”s:

What if Rani never arrived at college? Would Shahrukh and Kajol have realized they were in love ever? Would Shahrukh have just fallen for someone else instead?

The thing is, meeting Rani wakes Shahrukh up to love, and his speech about it (pyaar dosti hai) is what wakes Kajol up to love. She was the necessary catalyst in their romance. So, what would have happened without her? Would Shahrukh and Kajol just have stayed friends and never switched to lovers? Would Shahrukh have fallen in love with some other pretty girl before Kajol had time to grow up? Or would they have stayed friends until Kajol finished growing up and then fallen in love?

What if Kajol never heard the “love is friendship” speech?

Kajol and Shahrukh are platonic friends, new girl Rani arrives on campus, but Shahrukh gives her the “love is friendship” speech where Kajol can’t overhear and Kajol never starts thinking of him as a romantic prospect. Would Kajol never start thinking of Shahrukh as more than a friend, would they just be platonic friends forever with Shahrukh happily married to Rani? Would Kajol still have her moment of awakening, but later? Or would Shahrukh be the one who starts to see Kajol differently as he and Kajol and Rani spend more time together? Or would it be Rani who sees Kajol and Shahrukh together as friends for months and feels like a third wheel?

What if Kajol spoke first and told Shahrukh she was in love with him before he told her he was in love with Rani?

Ooo, wouldn’t that have been juicy? Would Shahrukh have immediately reciprocated? Would he have put off his proposal to Rani and slept on it and realized he really loved Kajol? Would it have changed nothing?

What if Kajol didn’t leave college?

From what we know of Kajol’s character, I can neither see her sitting down and deciding to fight for Shahrukh, or voluntarily sticking around to have her heart broken more and more. But she had the convenient out of her family problems letting her leave in the middle of term. What if her family refused to let her come home, insisted she at least finish out the semester, forcing her to be there but avoid Shahrukh? Would Kajol being there but refusing to talk to Shahrukh make him realize how much he needed her before it was too late? Would Kajol having to watch Shahrukh and Rani be in love help her resolve her feelings and find peace so she could move on? Would depression and disinterest have lead to her maturing make-over early (what’s the point of sports wear if you don’t feel like playing)?

What if Rani didn’t die?

Would Rani have reached out to Kajol after a few years so she and Shahrukh could still be friends? Would Kajol have been able to honestly move on and happily marry Salman? Or would Shahrukh and Kajol just end up having an affair, emotional or physical?

What if Salman hadn’t shown up just in time for Kajol to say “I love you” to the wrong man?

If Kajol had confessed her love to Shahrukh after the Gazebo dance, would they have had sex? Or just kissed and exchanged “I love you”s? With that definitive statement, would Shahrukh have felt brave enough to openly fight Salman for her? Would Kajol have broken her engagement? Even if they didn’t say anything, would their behavior have been so clear that Salman would have broken off the engagement immediately himself?

There’s plenty of other “what ifs”!

What if Kajol married Salman before she met Shahrukh again?

What if Rani didn’t die AND Kajol married Salman before they met again?

What if Shahrukh and Kajol had spoken when they had their accidental phone call before he went to the camp?

What if Shahrukh had read the letters to his daughter right after Rani died, 8 years earlier than the start of the film?

27 thoughts on “Shahrukh Summer: Alternative Universe Kuch Kuch Hota Hais, What Would Have Happened if….?

  1. I am definitely going to comment on both posts – yesterday’s was brilliant. I actually rewatched KKHH after many years this weekend…it almost felt like a different film…very likely because I’m not the same person who watched it the first (5) times. I’m still in escrow/open house/seller questions land and had friends here all weekend (great idea, Rachel!) so I’ll be back!


    • Thank you!

      I spent about 50% of my time in college having deep intense teenage girl discussions about KKHH, and all of those thoughts are now barfing up into the blog, I need people to share my deep intense teenage girl discussions with me!

      On Tue, Jul 30, 2019 at 10:36 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  2. Hey other what if… what if the 8 year girl just goes out and plays with her friends and just does the normal 8 yr old stuff? Also what if Nora Ephron never makes “sleepless in seatle”…? *runs away from laptop*

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    • Evil! Evil! (just kidding)

      I will say, as someone who loves both Sleepless in Seattle and this movie, they are really not the same thing at all. One minor coincidence of a connection, and nothing else. If this is a remake of SIS, then SIS is a remake of The Courtship of Eddie’s Father. Or any other of the many many MANY movies and books that have used the plot device of “widower’s child helps him find love again”.

      But yeah, that “let me put this enormous thing on an 8 year old girl” part of it always seemed strange to me. Why not just write the letter to her mother-in-law? Or her father? Or really ANYONE besides her daughter?

      On Tue, Jul 30, 2019 at 11:49 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. I really dislike this movie. In my alternate version, everybody talks to everybody, everybody stays at school, Shah Rukh marries Rani, who either dies or doesn’t die. Either way, no one places responsibility for her father’s happiness onto a little girl. Kajol is sad for a while but as she grows realizes that love absolutely isn’t friendship. Love is love. She realizes she was confusing her feelings for shallow Shah Rukh and sighs a sigh of relief that she dodged that bullet. She meets Salman and his slow, tender love gradually wins her over. They marry, and live happily ever after. At some point they become friends with Shah Rukh or Shah Rukh/Rani if she’s still alive, so that little Anjali can grow up around healthy relationship models and other cute kids.


    • Oh dear, this is going to be a hard week for you. I have suddenly let loose all my KKHH content at once.

      On Tue, Jul 30, 2019 at 11:54 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • I hear where you’re coming from…but when we get to her walking down the stairs and sobbing the whole way, Shahrukh’s beautiful tears (no one cries better with the little head shake that hits the zenith in K3G) I’m feeling that emotion of what in Hindi is called ‘viraha’, loosely meaning ‘the pain of love in separation’ and it floors me. There no one on the planet who hasn’t felt that. I’ve been married 25 years but I can access that feeling like it’s happening in this moment. It’s so primal and cuts so deep that all I want is for them to be together. I like my happy endings! Real life is hard enough.


      • I hear you. In most Shah Rukh movies his purity of expression and connection to the other actors overwhelms any quibbles about plot, characterization, etc., for me. This movie, DDLJ, and English Babu Desi Mem are the exceptions that just don’t work for me. If I had seen this or DDLJ first in college, I might feel more like Margaret about them.

        I’m very glad if others enjoy KKHH and would never try to burst anyone’s bubble. Movie preferences are very personal. 🙂

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  4. What if Rani had written a p.s at the bottom of her letter that reads “Proceed only if Anjali is still single!!” Anjali Jr would not have gone to the summer camp, Anjali Sr and Rahul would not have met and Anjali and Aman will be together though I think it will take Anjali some time before she can finally fully accept Aman and loves him truly.


    • I don’t think Anjali and Aman should get married. For both their sakes! Kajol feels forced into it and reluctant, and Salman is constantly trying sooooooooooooooo hard because he knows she doesn’t really love him. That’s a set up for a terrible marriage, Kajol will just pull away more and more and Salman will try harder and harder, and we will end up with Rani and Abhishek in KANK.

      But I like your “what if”. Anupam and Farida Jalal, the adults, know that Kajol is engaged too. What if they refused to help Little Anjali and tried to convince her to let it go? What if Little Anjali went off to camp alone without her grandmother and then tricked Shahrukh to come? What if Farida found out what was happening and rushed after them and yelled at her son for romancing an almost-married woman? What if we ended up with Shahrukh being tormented and torn between the love he found with Kajol and the pressure from his mother to forget her? What if he decides not to talk this out with Kajol because it would seem to imply that as an engaged woman she might be unfaithful and Kajol is confused because Shahrukh is suddenly pulling back? And Little Anjali keeps throwing them together? Basically, what if we got something like the second half of Mujshe Dosti Karoge?

      On Wed, Jul 31, 2019 at 1:45 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • The list of what ifs goes on and on!

        I like that you mention Mujshe Dosti Karoge and KANK.

        Maybe there should be a crossover between an alternative ending for KKHH + Mujshe Dosti Karoge + KANK each = New Bollwood Film! This would be so much fun and creative instead of Bollywood remaking all the old films.

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        • Heck, some genius editor could just cut them all together and make a new movie in which Rani cheats on Shahrukh with Hrithik.

          On Wed, Jul 31, 2019 at 9:14 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Oh I love that! I’ve been wanting to see Rani-Hrithk pairing again after Mujhse Dosti Karoge.


  5. What if ….. Anjali and Tina fell in love? I don’t know if you’ve come across this queer reading of KKHH –

    I’ve always wondered how things would have turned out if Tina hadn’t died, Karan definitely took the easiest route. He likes to avoid messy situations by killing characters it seems, like ADHM (still angry!). Because it would have gotten messy I think, when they would have had to confront that Rahul still loved Anjali. They might have parted amicably or bitterly, or decided to stay together for little Anjali, neither fully happy. This is going by the movie’s logic of course, where there is only one true love. In reality, it’s totally possible they could have learned to love each other and become ‘best friends’. I love Tina and feel sad for her, girl got a raw deal!


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