Silly Sunday: Choose Your Own Ending Love Triangle, Which Hero Should She Pick?

Happy Sunday! This is a silly silly post, and a lazy post. I’m not writing the ending for these, you get to!

Mistaken Identity Confusion Love Triangle Between Old Playboy and Young Boy Next Door

I saw the best Shirley Temple movie last weekend. One of her teenage roles, a very silly happy kind of plot in a silly happy world. A Kiss for Corliss 1949

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Our heroine is the slightly spoiled daughter of a successful respect divorce attorney in her town. She is dating the boy next door and fascinated by her father’s latest case, trying to get a big settlement from a wealthy playboy who married and divorced a showgirl. Her boyfriend is seen with another girl at a sleazy nightclub, so she decides to make him jealous by writing fake entries in her diary about a torrid affair with the wealthy playboy and then leaving the diary where he will read it. It works, they are reunited. And she asks him to take her to the same sleazy nightclub. He doesn’t want to because her father will be furious with him, but she convinces him. And then they end up locked in the storage room of the nightclub all night. Her father will be furious, they will never be allowed to see each other again, what to do?

Our heroine comes up with a ridiculous plan, she will come home and pretend to have amnesia. At first it works, her parents don’t blame her or her boyfriend for anything and she just has to keep faking for a few days and then “recover”. Only in the course of trying to get her memory to come back, they find and read her diary and believe the entries about the playboy are actually real. Her father is furious and confronts the playboy, who is angry with him for winning the divorce case and decides to mess with him and pretend it is all true. Our heroine can’t explain because she has to pretend to have amnesia. It keeps getting more and more complicated with the “engagement” being announced, everyone sending presents, the playboy enjoying teasing the father by flirting with the daughter, the daughter using the whole thing to fight with her boyfriend.

Okay, this is an easy remake. Put it in a midsized city like Lucknow, make our heroine a recent college grad working at a small job and living at home and dating the boy next door, keep the father as a divorce attorney (perfect role for Boman Irani, being dramatic and milking the sympathy in court, and then sarcastic and practical while negotiating for a big settlement). Keep the immature jealousy, the diary trick, and have a cute song with them fighting and then a cute happy song after they make up. Put in a club song when he finally agrees to take her to the club, and have it end with them falling in to the storage room and getting locked in. Keep the amnesia plan, and the parents finding the fake diary and INTERVAL

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Not the first time fake amnesia has been used for a romance.

But it’s the second half where I am torn. Obviously keep the playboy having fun with the family, and flirting a little with the daughter. But do I want to end it like the original where after all the confusion and so on, the daughter ends up back with her sweet nice age appropriate boyfriend? Or do I want to make it more of a coming of age thing where there is a surprise romance with the older playboy? I could kind of see it either way, a nice story of a boy and girl who just fit together but both had to grow up a little. Or a story of a girl who was dating the boy next door because it was easy and a playboy who didn’t realize a smart average middle-class girl was the perfect match for him.

What do you want? Should we have Anushka as a middle-class girl feeling frustrated and trapped with her protective father and boyfriend she is outgrowing, who starts dreaming out the playboy Shahrukh because he feels smart and different, and when he starts a fake romance with her they end up honestly enjoying each other, sneaking out of a fancy work party to eat street food together and walk and talk? Go through the fake engagement ceremonies and start to really fall in love but not be willing to be the first one to say it? Have Shahrukh propose in the worst possible way by saying something like “maybe it would be easier to just get married than to explain”? And then have him surprise her with a real romantic proposal based on the fantasy she wrote in her diary and then end up together?

Or, should we have Sara and Sushant as two nice kids planning a future together someday when they have enough money saved and get their promotions at work and stuff? They fight and make up and have little routines like him bringing her coffee every morning. But when Abhishek shows up as the playboy running a scam, it stretches their relationship to the breaking point for the first time. Sara, angry, decides to go through with the fake engagement to Abhishek. But it ends up being Abhishek who talks sense in to her, tells her that his first (of three) marriages was the real one, he had what she has now with Sushant, but he walked out in anger and lost it. Sara and Sushant get back together and Sara invites Abishek, and his first with Aish, to the wedding and they are reunited too.

7 thoughts on “Silly Sunday: Choose Your Own Ending Love Triangle, Which Hero Should She Pick?

  1. The middle-aged playboy, the pretty young thing and the confused dad sounds a bit like the Gary Cooper/Audrey Hepburn/Maurice Chevalier movie, Love in the Afternoon. Although I loved Gary Cooper, this movie made me a bit queazy – he was 56 and Audrey Hepburn was 28. She looked younger than 28 while Gary looked even older. He did not hold his age well. (Unlike Shahrukh, who just gets hotter.)


    • That makes me feel better! I’ve never seen Love in the Afternoon and I keep meaning to, but it sounds like I didn’t miss anything.

      On Sun, Aug 11, 2019 at 10:07 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I don’t usually mind an age difference in a movie. But Love in the Afternoon ….very unpleasant. (It didn’t help that Gary Cooper was cast as a Casanova. Even though he evidently WAS quite ladies man, he always seemed like too much of a straight arrow for this part.) (It also didn’t help that Audrey Hepburn acted like a smitten 16 year old.)
        The movie’s soundtrack, though, is wonderful – especially the iconic Fascination.waltz


  2. Loved the Sara+Sushant+Abhishek story. I’m gonna sleep pretending that happened and we live in a world where it can. Thank you.


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