Shahrukh Summer Discussion Post: New Shahrukh Ad, For Happiness

I felt kind of silly doing this post after I JUST did that post of Shahrukh in leather. But then, it’s not like my audience will run out of Shahrukh interest, right? And why put off for tomorrow joy we can feel today?

Shahrukh and Gauri have done a whole series of D’Decor ads now. They are all kind of the same thing, Shahrukh and Gauri playing themselves in their house talking about decorating. They even have a similar look, kind of soft colors and lighting and Gauri in a plunging tight jewel tone dress.

What I find really interesting is the message they share, that this cute cute couple decorates as a team. Not an equal team exactly, which is part of the cuteness. Gauri gets to have control with Shahrukh just trying to help. But he is there making decisions with her, showing how easy and fun it can be for a couple to redecorate together.

And here is the latest one! Explicitly talking about them as a couple by referencing their 22nd anniversary.

So, here’s a few things that jumped out at me. Most important, how cute is that little shoulder cuddle at the very end? So cute! And original (I think), I can’t remember seeing him do anything quite like that before.

On the other hand, the wrist grab and spin is a practiced SRK move and it is weirding me out to see him do it on his actual wife instead of his onscreen partners. I highly doubt that it is something he does routinely with Gauri (for one thing, it is so clearly blocked so their faces are visible to the camera), which means it started as a thing he did in movies with actresses, and now he is treating his wife like an actress? You see why that feels weird somehow?

And I liked the message of the previous ads that a husband and wife should work together in the home, this one adds a nice little twist to it, that Shahrukh-the-husband is actually proud of his help around the house! He wants public credit for being involved. There is another (less good) version of this ad which would show Gauri talking about how Shahrukh helped and him being embarrassed about it.

Final thing, this was one of the early creations of Dharma’s new ad films unit, directed by Punit Malhotra. And from that side of things, I am kind of….disappointed? There’s no new look or idea, it’s the same old D’Decor style for the ad and take on the Shahrukh-Gauri relationship. Just with a new production company behind it.



5 thoughts on “Shahrukh Summer Discussion Post: New Shahrukh Ad, For Happiness

  1. Punit directed this ad too. I think the whole point is just to see SRK and Gauri as they are – hey buy our products if you want your house to look like this cute couple’s house. The brand doesn’t want to do anything creative because they’re being hired for who they are, not as actors. There’s been slight changes in how Gauri is used in the series of ads. In the first one, she didn’t have a single line. In the second ad, Gauri’s voice was dubbed by someone else. And finally in this ad, she’s done the whole thing herself so either she’s getting better or she’s getting more confident.


  2. I didn’t know why at first but I also did like his filmy grab and hug move. You KNOW Gauri would laugh at him in real life if he did that. It marred an otherwise lovely ad.


  3. I did NOT not like the filmy grab. Also, why is it a 22nd anniversary when in fact they’ve been married 28 almost 29 years? Why not the real number?


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