Shahrukh Summer/Silly Sunday: Tweed and Sweaters Romance for Saif and Shahrukh, Middle-Aged Rediscovering the Spark Comedy for Boman and Shahrukh, Fun Wedding Farce for Shahrukh and Ayushmann Khurrana

I love it when you inspire me in the comments! I always come up with much better stories based on your ideas than I do on my own. Anyway, these are from the comments on the “what actor does Shahrukh have the most chemistry with?” post.

Saif and Shahrukh, Middle-Aged Shy Intellectuals Romance

Shahrukh is an rare books dealer in New York, Saif is a writing professor in London. Shahrukh is divorced for 5 years and has 3 daughters, Saif is a widower who raised his son alone. They are both out of the closet, Shahrukh as part of his divorce (his ex-wife is very supportive and remarried to a wonderful man who is one of Shahrukh’s good friends) came out to his family and friends and co-workers and so on and has a discrete rainbow flag posted in his office. Saif was different, after his wife died when his son was young he wrote a moderately successful memoir about being an Anglo-Indian gay man and his journey towards accepting himself (avoiding marriage until he couldn’t any more, learning to live with his wife, mourning her and feeling guilty, raising his son, finally coming out). Now Saif’s son and Shahrukh’s daughter are both going to college in Australia and Saif and Shahrukh have come to drop them off. At orientation, the son and daughter hit it off when it comes out that they are both children of single gay fathers. When their Dads come to pick them up, they insist on setting them up. Saif and Shahrukh both pull their kids aside for a private conversation and protest the set-up, but their kids argue that they need to get out there, they still aren’t dating, it’s been too long, etc. etc. Saif and Shahrukh end up agreeing to go have coffee together while they wait to pick up their kids from the next event.

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They are both too old for games, as soon as they get away from the kids they stop pretending it is a date and start just talking. Turns out, both of them have been dating, just not the kind of guys they want to introduce to their kids. They tried the club scene, the one night stands, the open relationships. But they commiserate about just feeling too old for this. They want to spend Saturday nights watching their favorite shows on PBS, and get up early Sunday morning for the farmer’s market. They hate making conversations with young things who don’t have a thought in their head, it’s exhausting. Sometimes just staying home with a good book is more fun than sex. It’s a great conversation, finally they have someone who understands their unique situation (middle aged gay Indian men living overseas with grown children). They exchange phone numbers and emails and agree to keep in touch. Than go back to their kids and cheerfully tell them that it didn’t work out, but it was nice to have coffee together.

A few days later, Shahrukh goes out on another bad internet date and on the way home, after hesitating for a moment, texts Saif a funny story about it. Saif writes back. Next thing you know, they are emailing or texting every day. They read the same book and talk about it every night chapter by chapter. They try out the same recipes and then take pictures of the result and send it to each other. And then, scary moment, Saif writes Shahrukh that he is going to be in New York for a conference, should they get together in person?

Shahrukh surprises him by meeting him at the airport with flowers and at first it is super awkward. They are repressed proper Indian men, they don’t know how to express affection or love or excitement. But they are stuck together, awkwardly making small talk and so on. Until finally the ice is broken when Shahrukh takes Saif back to his apartment and Saif starts looking at his Wall of Books. They talk books, they make dinner together (lots of laughter and accidentally brushing against each other as they cook), they eat at the kitchen table, then Shahrukh offers to walk Saif back to his hotel where they dropped his luggage earlier, they walk silently together through the city streets and at some point reach out and hold hands. At the entrance to his hotel, Shahrukh says “wait” and suddenly spins Saif around and kisses him, gently holding his head. They are both breathless afterwards, and Saif smiles and asks him if he wants to come up.

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The rest of the week is wonderful and perfect, they spend every minute together they can, Saif sees Shahrukh’s life, the one moment of awkwardness is when they run into Shahrukh’s daughter (pregnant with two small kids already, very warm and loving) and Shahrukh introduces Saif as his “friend”. Saif is visibly hurt, the daughter is visibly not buying it. Shahrukh and Saif have a massive fight, Saif throws Shahrukh’s insecurities in his face and Shahrukh responds by throwing back Saif’s fears at him, all the secrets they confided in each other suddenly turned into weapons. Saif goes to sleep at his hotel, alone, and turns down Shahrukh’s olive branch offer to drive him to the airport the next day.

After Saif leaves, they are both miserable. Shahrukh gets called over to talk to his ex-wife and her husband, his too best friends. The daughter talked to them and they want to know what is happening. Shahrukh tells them the whole story and they encourage him to just go for love, forget the long distance issue and all the other practical reasons to push Saif away. Meanwhile, Saif in London goes to talk to his sister and gets similar advice. After a sad thinking song, Saif impulsively decides to just go for it, packs up his suitcase and runs down the stairs for the airport. Only to find Shahrukh getting out of a cab on the sidewalk in front, he also decided to just go for it. They embrace.

Happy Ending Song! 3 years later, it is the graduation of their kids in Australia. The two of them sit next to each other and both applaud and cheer on each kid as they get their diploma. As the music plays in the background, we see the kids come out and hug each of their fathers, clearly a kind of stepfather relationship is in place. And at the graduation party, Saif proudly shows off the engagement ring Shahrukh gave him.

Boman and Shahrukh as Fathers of the Groom

Boman and Shahrukh have been together for decades and raised a son together. But now they are always bickering, Shahrukh is a fancy sexy event planner and Boman is an accountant. They are equally successful in their fields, but Boman feels boring and left behind, Shahrukh is always out at night working at events, Boman is left home alone waiting for him, their son is grown up and moved out. Essentially it’s empty nest issues, after years of their relationship revolving around co-parenting, now they need to figure out how to be a couple on their own. They have a big fight because Boman (the accountant) noticed a big charge on Shahrukh’s credit card and wants to know what he is hiding, Shahrukh argues that it is his money, Boman is hurt because he thought at this point it was “their” money. To make up, Boman arranges a romantic dinner at home and surprises Shahrukh, Shahrukh cancels his work for the evening to make his assistant cover it instead, but just as they are sitting down the phone rings and it is their son. Shahrukh tries to get Boman to ignore it and stay with him, but Boman can’t, Shahrukh rolls his eyes. And it turns out, their son is engaged! It was an important phone call after all!

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Boman and Shahrukh’s relationship issues and bickering suddenly take a back seat as they move into Wedding Mode. The girl’s parents are old hippies and are talking about a nice wedding on a beach or in a forest, Boman and Shahrukh are horrified and immediately take control. The bride and groom are left behind as Boman and Shahrukh start planing The Perfect Wedding, and bickering between themselves along the way. Tension increases when the bride’s uncle arrives and it turns out to be Shahrukh’s ex, a super sexy hippie type that he had a wild fling with in Goa 30 years ago (Arjun Rampal). Boman is insecure and jealous, Shahrukh is unaware. The bride is increasingly stressed, she is a nice young woman who let Boman and Shahrukh take over her wedding because she wants them to like her but now is sad and overeating and not even sure she wants to get married. And then in a surprise twist, after Boman being jealous and insecure all along, the hot young caterer (Sidharth) suddenly kisses him in the kitchen and confesses to being passionately in love with him. Shahrukh sees and is furious, especially after Boman has been giving him such a hard time for harmless flirting. Everyone is miserable, and then Shahrukh ends up running into the bride, also having a sad midnight walk, and they talk honestly. The next morning, Shahrukh announces they are changing everything about the wedding. He and Boman don’t really talk, but silently exchange glances that say “we are putting aside this fight until after the wedding”. Shahrukh uses his event planning magic to turn the wedding into something the bride and groom will love, still a big event with all their family and friends around them, but no big dance troupe performance, no fancy strange food, none of that. And he finds a source for sand so they can make their own beach on the roof terrace of the hotel and she can be married on the beach just like her parents.

The next morning, while the wedding crowd is having a breakfast spread on the lawn, Shahrukh asks if he can have everyone’s attention. He gives a lovely speech about love and companionship and how happy he is to see his son married. And then he moves into talking about how marriage means love and commitment and being together through thick and thin and finally gets down on his knees and asks Boman to marry him. Boman is all crying and touched, and as they embrace, Shahrukh whispers that this was the charge on his credit card. So we know that Shahrukh bought the ring way back before all of this when they were first bickering, and he has been wanting to propose all along.

Shahrukh Sexy Wedding Farce With Ayushmann Khurrana

Shahrukh is a middle-aged player and happy with that. He lives in Bombay and is king of the club scene (as we see in an opening song). One night he goes out to the club and zeroes in the hottest guy there. Only on his way over to the hot guy, he bumps into some other guy and spills his drink. He buys that guy a drink to make up. The guy (Ayushmann Khurrana) teases him about wanting the hot guy and not him, Shahrukh tries to be cool, but can’t help breaking face when Ayushmann points out that the hot guy is now making out with someone else and Shahrukh missed his window. Shahrukh is now intrigued enough to decide to make Ayushmann his conquest for the evening. They keep talking, Ayushmann is confident in himself and aware that his boring office type isn’t the kind that would normally get Shahrukh but still enjoying the flirtation. Shahrukh suggests they go get a hotel room, Ayushmann is fine with that. Only then they get outside to discover some film is shooting near the club, the streets are blocked, they have to walk. They start walking and keep talking, they pass a school and Shahrukh finds himself reminiscing about his college days, Ayushmann shares his own stories, and Shahrukh surprises himself by suggesting that instead of going to a hotel they go back to his place.

At his apartment, they keep talking, Ayushmann teases Shahrukh about his reading glasses and makes him put them on and tells him they look sexy. Shahrukh teases Ayushmann back about his “good boy” haircut and clothes. They finally kiss on the couch and then move into the bedroom and make love. The next morning, Ayushmann wakes up Shahrukh with breakfast and coffee and they decide to spend the day together. It’s wonderful. Just as Shahrukh is getting up his courage to give Ayushmann his phone number (the one thing he told him he never does with bar hookups), Ayushmann gets a call and abruptly says “I have to go” and leaves.

Image result for ayushmann khurrana and shahrukh khan

Shahrukh can’t forget him. He goes to the clubs but he isn’t interested in anyone, keeps seeing Ayushmann. He goes to his apartment and pictures him there too. He talks to his old friend Pankaj Tripathi about it, says he is going insane, doesn’t know what is wrong with him, and Pankaj suggests maybe it is love. Shahrukh refuses to accept that idea and decides to distract himself by going to his niece’s wedding. His sister is nagging him to come, she is a widow and running the whole thing by herself, very big and impressive and she wants Shahrukh there to represent the family. His niece is sweet but kind of empty headed, very childish, excited about jewelry and clothes but maybe not so much her groom. Shahrukh cynically roles his eyes at the whole thing and then! He meets the groom! It is AYUSHMANN!!!!

Shahrukh pulls him aside right away and first confronts him as an uncle, how can he do this to his niece? Ayushmann doesn’t care, says he is a good man with a good job, he will be a good appropriate husband to her, Ayushmann just wants to make his parents happy. Shahrukh declares he can’t possibly be faithful, Ayushmann says he definitely can, and the game is on.

Shahrukh stats manipulating everything. He knows his old friend Pankaj is in love with his sister Juhi, but Juhi is holding firm in her status as a “proper widow”. He starts throwing Pankaj and Juhi together, trying to get their romance going so she will be distracted from watching her daughter. He also learns that one of the wedding planners fell in love with the bride at first sight and starts encouraging him to romance her, that she will come around. And at the same time, Shahrukh takes every opportunity to be alone with Ayushmann, to romance him and seduce him and make him laugh.

With all three couples and their secrets, the whole thing turns into a farce. Juhi and Pankaj hiding in bedrooms, the bride and the caterer behind bushes, and Ayushmann and Shahrukh playing footsie under the table. In the end, the bride elopes with the caterer on the wedding day (after she had sex with him the night before and to her surprise discovered that sex>diamonds). Juhi is heartbroken and distraught and Pankaj dramatically suggests that they use the wedding for themselves, will she marry him? Juhi is thrilled, Shahrukh gives her away, but where is Ayushmann? Shahrukh learns the groom and all his family left the hotel in a snit after the bride disappeared. He returns to his room, heartbroken, to find Ayushmann waiting on his bed with rose petals. He finally realized Shahrukh was right, he has to follow his heart. HAPPY ENDING


9 thoughts on “Shahrukh Summer/Silly Sunday: Tweed and Sweaters Romance for Saif and Shahrukh, Middle-Aged Rediscovering the Spark Comedy for Boman and Shahrukh, Fun Wedding Farce for Shahrukh and Ayushmann Khurrana

    • Thank you for commenting!

      Yeah, SRK and Saif is the most straight romance (ha!) option. First meeting, love song, dramatic airport scene, and all that. The other two are fun but more farce than romance.


      • But I do like all three of them – as we had discussed earlier, the Frasier type farce is fun. As I’m writing this it occurs to me that (well, not for the first time) that until Shahrukh makes the turn to roles where he is an adult man with adult children, nothing like this is possible even in a heteronormative story. I suspect that decision is going to be one of the most important in his career, but that he has the strength of character and the acting chops to make that transition fairly gracefully. The question will be how the Indian audience specifically will react to that. I think NRIs and non Desis will welcome it. I’m around his age and I have a young child, so I do understand the struggle of feeling young enough to keep up with a little one versus embracing, not just accepting that your life changes in your 50s. The great news about it is the additional wisdom the additional perspective and if you can combine that with still having a lot of energy, life can be really good, even better than before. I actually think Shahrukh could affect his audience in a positive way by sending out that message.


        • Eagerly agree with you, Rachel, especially with the last part 🙂
          I also like all three plots but equally would prefer the ShahRukh-Saif one…it has the most potential for a light and not so light movie…and KalHoNaaHo already showed the perfect on-the-same-level interplay they could display in such a story.
          However, actually, I somehow would like all the three movies to be made…


        • I think of it as an instinctive discomfort with seeing someone in the “householder” phase going through character changes. They are supposed to be the stable rock that society rests on, they aren’t supposed to shift and alter. So the aging actors either have to bend over backward to explain why their character isn’t yet a “householder” (Chennai Express, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi), or there is that tinge of discomfort with watching someone who is supposed to be stable and settled still changing.

          Although, now that I think about it, that kind of discomfort is true across cultures, isn’t it? As someone at the tail end of the young adult side of things, I still think of folks 40-60 as “adults” who are supposed to be stable and settled and unchanging. Once you get past 60, you are an adorable old person who can go on quixotic quests, and younger than 35 you are still growing and changing. But that middle period, you aren’t supposed to change at all.

          On Sun, Sep 1, 2019 at 12:17 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Maybe because of my age I don’t think of 40-60 as unchanging or stable, but I do think as soon as Shahrukh becomes the dad of a child older than a teen, he sets himself on a different path than the one he’s been on in roles so far. Are we ready to accept him as ‘aging’ or as ‘ Dad’ or are we clinging to the hope that he’s forever young and only Amitabh can be the dad in a story? Will Shahrukh wait until he’s 60 or 65? Amitabh was 59 when he was the 50 year old dad in K3G. But the movie identified him as 50 with a Bday party and an adult son.


          • Good timing for this discussion, since I listed Adi as one of my Directors and Mohabbatein is the movie that handled the transition for Amitabh. It’s a weird illogical film, but it did successfully reintroduce Amitabh to audience as something completely new.

            On Mon, Sep 2, 2019 at 10:00 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  1. I don’t understand the age categorization. Growing isn’t tied to age. It would be terrifying if that were the case.

    With that said, I really enjoyed your Saif / SRK fiction, I like the characterizations and thus I have to go with that one. I really love seeing them perform together, so that and the characterization makes it a clear winner.


    • Another vote for Saif-SRK! If I ever get the chance to pitch any of these stories, I will go for that one over Boman or Ayushmann.

      On Mon, Sep 2, 2019 at 11:53 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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