Shahrukh Summer/Silly Sunday: Tweed and Sweaters Romance for Saif and Shahrukh, Middle-Aged Rediscovering the Spark Comedy for Boman and Shahrukh, Fun Wedding Farce for Shahrukh and Ayushmann Khurrana

I love it when you inspire me in the comments! I always come up with much better stories based on your ideas than I do on my own. Anyway, these are from the comments on the “what actor does Shahrukh have the most chemistry with?” post.

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Article 15 Review (SPOILERS): The Duty Owed By the 1% to the 70%

I already wrote a No Spoilers review, you should read that if you are planning to see this movie. But if you aren’t planning to see it, because you spend your life worrying about social issues and want to take time off when you go to the movies, you can read this review instead and know what all the fuss is about.

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Starter Kit: Rising Male Stars

I could give you an elaborate reason why I felt the need for this post, but there really isn’t one besides “my views are down thanks to Thanksgiving and I want something that will get us all talking”.  So, starter kit for male stars!

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