Three Important Discussion Questions: Hair, Tiger, and Birthday Presents

I was up way too late last night watching Student of the Year 2 with my friend Dina. So now I am stumbling through the morning, but I have 3 vital questions you all can discuss while I try to wake up.

It came up while watching the movie that I have never used a hair dryer. Which shocked my friend because she was raised with a strong belief that if you go to bed with wet hair you will DIE. So, just curious, were you all raised with the same belief? Or, like me, in a Bohemian household where your hair got to air dry without fear of pneumonia?

Image result for sonali bendre wet hair
Or were you raised in a household where wet hair was considered overly sexual?

In the middle of rewatching Student of the Year 2 I suddenly noticed something important that I had previously missed. Does Tiger have an enormous bubble butt? Or does he just walk like a dancer so it ends up sticking out? What do you think?

Final question! My Grandpa’s turning 98 on Wednesday. What do you get a 98 year old for their birthday?

18 thoughts on “Three Important Discussion Questions: Hair, Tiger, and Birthday Presents

  1. We had only one rule in my family: don’t wash your hair before going out. Sure we are talking about cold seasons in Poland, when temperature outside is very low. In summer there are no restrictions. So I grew up using hair dryers very rarely and I hate that now, here in Sicily I must use it almost half of the year (from November to May at least) because houses are cold and it’s unpleasant to stay with your hair wet. (+ my husband, as everybody here, believes that you will die if you don’t dry your hair)


    • So far I have heard the “you will die with wet hair” believe from Italians and Indians. Maybe it is something about the letter “I”?

      I still don’t dry my hair even in winter. Which is kind of fun, because my braid freezes into weird shapes.

      On Tue, Sep 10, 2019 at 9:19 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. 1)It was fine to go to bed with wet hair but not okay to leave the house with wet hair. Now, even the security guard in the 20 story office building knows, that if my hair is blow-dried, it means I have an important meeting. If not, it is generally wet.

    2)Tiger sooo has a bubble butt. I bet he works on making it perfectly bubbly too. Now I have “Baby got Back” stuck in my head. Also, I finally watched SOTY 2 and enjoyed it. My only gripe with the movie is how much older than EVERYONE Tiger looks, even Aditya Seal. I think if they had just removed Tiger’s stubble and leaned him out a little, it would have looked so much better. This was especially apparent when the entire kabaddi team was training shirtless. Even though Aditya is older than Tiger, he looked younger and I think it’s just they made him clean shaven and his body was muscular but not like Tiger’s men’s bodybuilding competition-esq, overly muscular, overly dehydrated body.

    3)You could make a personalized photobook. It could be a chronological one from his childhood to now or just a book of how you see him with all your favorite photos of him. You can even put captions in there with your thoughts. I have used Snapfish in the past, but I am sure there are many others.


    • 1) See, I knew I wasn’t the only one who never blow dried! It just takes so loooooooooooong. And the hair is going to dry eventually anyway.

      2) I have come around to appreciating the insane illogic of Tiger’s looks in SOTY. It kind of says right at the start “this is nto a serious realistic film, leave your mind behind”.

      3) Good idea! I’ll have to see what photos I have in digital files for him. Or, I could just do a flipbook of photos of his new great grandson.


  3. Finally, a question I feel qualified to weigh in on. His arse is not very big if you really look at it, but much like Gene Kelly’s, dancing has made it perfectly shaped, especially when it is flexed in dance.

    I think his figure would benefit from being a bit more filled out, imagine how great his arse would look.


  4. Growing up I was never allowed to leave the house with wet hair in the cooler months because of fear of death I suppose. (I live in northeastern US.) I blow dry my hair for different reasons, though. I have very fine hair and without some product and a blow dry it just looks limp and lifeless, no matter the cut/style. In summer, on hot humid days I don’t bother because any shape I might get inside my bathroom will fall flat and then frizz outside. So I just let the weather make it messy. It’s a burden, yes it is!


    • I don’t remember “don’t leave the house with wet hair”, but now that I think about it we always washed our hair at night, and then it would be dry by morning anyway. So it wasn’t an issue. Swimming I guess, but that was a summer thing anyway.

      I am so grateful that I don’t have to do anything with my hair! The time saving alone, being able to just role out of bed and go is wonderful.

      On Tue, Sep 10, 2019 at 4:32 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • And the time saving for you is significant. You have such long hair I can’t imagine how long it would take to blow dry. Mine is barely shoulder-length. 5-7 minutes and done.


  5. Don’t know about Tiger or birthdays, but I have a strong opinion on blow drying. Like everyone else in Japan I take a bath at night rather than a shower in the morning, and I dry my hair naturally. When it was longer that entailed going to bed with wet hair. I have got into it about this with three separate hair stylists, all of whom told me it’s bad for my hair to not blast it with hot air until it’s crispy (paraphrasing)! This is apparently a belief in Japan—natural drying damages the hair. A Japanese woman can blow dry her hair at night and it will still look blown dry in the morning, but I, a Caucasian with fine hair, can’t.


    • How interesting! I don’t think I’ve heard “bad for the hair” before. I’ve heard “you will wake up with weird bits sticking out because it dried funny”, but that’s a different argument.

      On Tue, Sep 10, 2019 at 10:59 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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