Pick a Plot! Three Same-Sex Family Story American Classics You Should All Watch, and Consider the Remakes

Silly post, but I’m running late this morning and I just wanted to throw up something silly. Mostly this is a recommendation post for three really great American family films that happen to revolve around homosexuality. One of my earliest memories is my mother and the video store clerk bonding over how ridiculous it is that The Birdcage is rated “R” since it is one of the most loving and warm family films to ever come out of Hollywood. Along with The Birdcage, you should also watch Kissing Jessica Stein and In and Out because they are all wonderful and loving and warm family movies. And then we can all recast them for India.

The Birdcage

Originally a French film La Cage Aux Folles. But while the original was a funny farce, the American remake turns it into a really deep loving movie about family. Robin Williams is a club owner and Nathan Lane is his headlining act. They are also long time partners who together raised Robin Williams’ son from a mistaken one night stand. Their son announces he is engaged, the girl is pregnant (so they really REALLY have to get married) and her family is conservative. Nathan Lane and Robin Williams go through some internal agony but finally decide they are willing to lie about themselves in order to make their son happy. In a comic set piece, Nathan Lane in drag pretends to be Robin Williams’ very conservative and charming wife as they try to get through a horrible dinner party with the girl’s family. But in the end the truth comes out and their son does the decent thing and stands up for his fathers (such a nice tear inducing moment of family love) and says he isn’t going into this marriage unless his parents are accepted. And it ends with a Wedding.

Perfect Indian movie, right? Engagement first meeting pressure, parents sacrificing everything for their son and being rewarded by him giving up everything for them, ends with a wedding? Plus, 4 great roles for older actors (nervously falling apart father, father in drag, conservative blowhard father, enduring but patience running thin conservative mother)

Kissing Jessica Stein

Our heroine is just out of a bad boring relationship and looking for something different. She sees a personals ad that really intrigues her and answers it, only to discover it was placed by a woman who is also interested in trying a same sex relationship. They start out getting to know each other and taking the physical part slowly, but finally sleep together and in love. Only, and this is the twist, it doesn’t last. After they have both come out to all their friends and family, even moved in together, they start fighting because our heroine is just not that interested in the physical part of it. They finally break up as she realizes that it was more about the friendship and trying something new than the physical part for her. And it ends with the girlfriend in a new happy relationship with another woman, and the heroine thinking about maybe starting something with her old interesting male friend from her job.

Interesting, right? The idea of a relationship being about who you fall in love with more than what gender they are, and the idea of this relationship ending but still being a good thing (our heroine got confidence and out of her rut, her girlfriend realized she was a lesbian), and ending on the kind of open question of if the heroine is going to get together with the nice guy or not.

In and Out

In his Oscar’s acceptance speech, the hottest new actor in the industry credits his gay high school teacher with inspiring his performance. But his high school teacher isn’t gay. Or maybe he is gay and has never admitted it to himself, that’s the question of the film. He’s engaged but is making his fiancee “wait until marriage”. And when a gay entertainment reporter arrives in town and starts flirting with him, he finds himself confused and tempted. Meanwhile his parents are pressuring him about the big wedding they planned, his fiancee is having a nervous breakdown because she lost a ton of weight and yet he still isn’t attracted to her, and the movie star is a mystery and no one knows why he said that. But it works out, in a series of dramatic revelations (SPOILERS if you want to stop here, the other two films were pretty predictable based on the set up but this one isn’t). Our hero admits during the wedding ceremony that, thanks to all of this, he has realized he IS gay and shares a super hot kiss with the reporter. The movie star rushes into town and reveals that he has had a crush on the fiancee since high school, he said that to try to break up the engagement. And the hero’s mother decides to throw her dream wedding for herself and renew her vows. The movie ends with 3 happy couples (hero’s parents, hero and reporter, and movie star and fiancee).

Maybe this is my favorite option? It’s got all those great twist endings, and the movie star plot. Plus, also ends with a wedding!

Yeah, don’t really have anything more to say, just was thinking about how good those 3 movies are. Have any of you watched them? If so, which would you pick to remake? Or heck, which would you pick just based on my descriptions?


10 thoughts on “Pick a Plot! Three Same-Sex Family Story American Classics You Should All Watch, and Consider the Remakes

  1. Great choices for Indian remakes. Have you also seen Imagine Me and You? It is one of my favorite romantic comedies and it so very filmi. Light and fun and with OTT emotions and a last-minute chase scene where the heroine realizes she is in love and runs out to stop her love from leaving the country. It could work so well as an Indian movie.


    • Imagine Me and You looks so cute! And the wedding meeting is so very filmi. Who would you cast in it? It looks more kind of young innocent romance-y, while Kissing Jessica Stein is supposed to be two woman who are a little past the regular romance age and thus ready to try going outside the box. Maybe Sara and Jhanvi for this one and Sonam and Swara for the other?

      On Tue, Sep 17, 2019 at 9:35 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I love it! I would cast Sara as Luce (cofindent, sexy, bohemian) and Jhanvi as Rachel (confused, naiive, just coming to terms with her sexuality). They would be perfect!

        Kissing Jessica Stein with Sonam and Swara would be great. I could also see it with Taapsee and Bhumi with Taapsee as Jessica and Bhumi as Helen.


        • I would have gone Bhumi as Jessica and Taapsee as Helen, but I am intrigued at the idea of Bhumi playing against type as a bit of a rebel.

          No matter what, Kirron Kher has to be Jessica’s overbearing mother who doesn’t understand what is happening. And who plays the interesting work friend? Abhay Deol maybe?

          On Tue, Sep 17, 2019 at 10:21 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Kirron Kher and Abhay Deol would be perfect in those roles. Abhay needs to be more movies. If you end up watching Imagine Me & You, you will have to let me know what you think. It is a wonderfully light feel good romance that I can watch anytime I feel down.


          • Oh, I love Kissing Jessica Stein. To me it’s a great movie about deep female friendship and flexible female sexuality. I like your suggestions, but I imagined Radhike as Helen, probably because the two actresses resemble each other. Jessica needs to have a neurotic edge, which I would love to see Bhumi do. Another important role is Kirron Kher’s mother, who in the original humorously complained about all of Jessica’s lovers. In the Indian version we could overhear her saying “She’s not Bengali!” and “But where did she go to school? “


          • Also, “what caste is she?”

            I love your point about female friendship. I forgot that the film makes a point of showing at the end that Jessica and Helen are still close friends, the friendship survived the relationship.

            On Sun, Sep 22, 2019 at 10:50 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I’ve been saying for months that Sidharth Malhotra and Varun Dhawan should do a romance together. Not necessarily any of these plots, but just in general.


    • Maybe reverse the genders of “Imagine Me and You” mentioned in another comment? Young innocent groom meets carefree florist while planning the wedding, sparks fly, but can he turn his back on his fiancee and all of society to go after true love?

      On Wed, Sep 18, 2019 at 5:37 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Also, isn’t Student of the Year already a Sid and Varun romance? at least, it is the way I watch it.

      On Wed, Sep 18, 2019 at 5:37 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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