Upcoming Movie Reviews! Premam, Chaahat, Ra.One, and Jab Harry Met Sejal (a new one!)

That Premam review is just for funsies, to try to get more people to watch it now that it is on Prime. But the other three are the last of our Shahrukh celebrations (so sad!).

Premam (Malayalam Prime)

One of the first big sleeper crossover hits from Kerala to the rest of India, and kind of Shahrukh themed since it is the sort of role he would do well in and it is about the topic he has spent most of his career on (the phases of love). Anyway, it’s good! You should watch it if you haven’t already!

Chaahat (Hindi Netflix)

Fun little SRK movie that I haven’t reviewed yet, so this should be fun for all of us. One of his two collaborations with Mahesh Bhatt, the only time he co-starred with Pooja Bhatt, and the only time he co-starred with Ramya Krishnan (the Queen Mother from Bahubali!).

Jab Harry Met Sejal (Hindi Netflix)

I’m gonna see if I can figure out another way to review this movie as a special Shahrukh birthday present to you all! Brace yourself, after hundreds of thousands of words, I am going to, somehow, dig out a brand new idea if it kills me.

Ra.One (Hindi Netflix)

The official Sunday ReRun for the week, a great fun kind of movie, big and silly and cheerful and celebratory for the day after Shahrukh’s birthday.

4 thoughts on “Upcoming Movie Reviews! Premam, Chaahat, Ra.One, and Jab Harry Met Sejal (a new one!)

  1. Fun week for me :). I will definitely watch Premam. Chahat has a special place in my heart with all its wild 90s craziness and villainous villains. JHMS: maybe the most extensively written about and commented film on here? Curious to see what new you can come up with. Ra.one, though, sigh. Not on Netflix, though it looks like I might be able to get it now from Google. Last time I tried to watch with my kids I struck out.


  2. Another JHMS post???? I mean I’m always up for a JHMS discussion!
    My sister watched parts of Chaahat and I think she wanted me to watch it?? She kept on going on about wishing that present!srk was in it. Ramya Krishnan seemed crazy in the best way possible so I definitely want to watch it for her!
    I have watched a depressingly low number of Malayalam films (I keep on meaning to revisit that industry but it just hasn’t happened yet!) but Premam was one of them! And I have been wanting to go back and revisit it for a while.


    • Oh yaaaay! You can watch Chaahat, and I can watch Chaahat (I’ve only seen it once, years ago, this is partly to force myself to rewatch it).


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