Shahrukh Birthday Countdown, Ra.One! His Big Fun Dumb Superhero Movie!

Oh boy, a fun one! I love this movie, I don’t care if you judge me.

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Shahrukh Summer: Shahrukh in Husband Roles, Which Would You Marry, Divorce, or Leave at the Alter?

This is a variation on a previous post, but in that case I was leaving it open to all Shahrukh roles. Now I am limiting it to just the ones where he actually played a husband so we have a clear comparison. And also to help alert you all to this post from late last night where I discussed Shahrukh as a husband on film.

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Happy 19 Days to Shahrukh’s Birthday! 19 Best Costumes

I know I already did a silly one yesterday, but I’ve got another looooooooong series of fanfics coming tomorrow, and I am worn out!  So another easy silly one today. Outfits!  Although I am going to try to actually rank them, so that will give you something fun to argue about in the comments.

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Happy Engineer’s Day (in India)!!!! What a Wonderful Holiday!!!

When we were little little girls, our grandmother brainwashed all 5 of us to believe to the depths of our souls “engineers make the best husbands” (guess what my grandfather, father, and brother-in-law all do?).  And so I can’t ignore this holiday!

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Hindi Film 101 One-Off: Box Office, What it All Means or Doesn’t Mean

I was going to do a box office report for Raabta earlier this week, and it turned into this very very long post about what box office is and why I look at it the way I do and so on and so forth.  And I thought “heck, I should just turn this into a 101 one-off so people can easily refer back to it later!” (don’t worry, I will come back to my Nehru-Gandhi family history and finish it in a bit)

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Happy A Flying Jatt Weekend! A Review of Indian Superheroes!

This is partly inspired by a review that accessbollywood just posted of all the new heroes launched in the past few years and how Tiger Shroff compares now that his 3rd film is releasing.  I mean, it’s a totally different topic, but I am stealing her idea of using this new release as an excuse to look back at previous similar films.

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Ra.One Sequel? Maybe? Or maybe not

So, according to this (thank you Melanie for pointing it out!), Shahrukh just “confirmed” a sequel to Ra.One.  I don’t exactly get a confirmation from the quote they use, I get more of a “yes, I am still interested!” from it.  Which is still exciting, because I am also interested in a sequel!  I loved Ra.One, every big stupid bit of it.

The article goes on to point out the dismal box office profits for Ra.One, to indicate that if this sequel does not happen, it may be for monetary reasons.  However, I disagree, I think if it does go through, it is for monetary reasons.

The thing everyone forgets about Ra.One is that the profits weren’t in the box office, they were in everything else.  And that Shahrukh owned all the rights, and claimed all the profits.  Ra.One was the first Indian film to get a deal with McDonalds happy meals, it had action figures, it had comics, it had a video game, the sale of the TV rights alone practically covered all the production costs.

In this, the season of Star Wars, we must all remember that the money is in the merchandising.