Month of SRK: 3 Ways Shahrukh Gives Us Love

Did I already do a post similar to this this month? Whatever, I don’t care, the sun will never come out again (it’s so rainy here that it still looks like night at 3 in the afternoon), Albie Dog killed his bunny, and I can’t get anyone to see Housefull 4 with me (WHY??? It’s a reincarnation sex farce comedy!!!!! How are people not beating down my door to watch it?). I am going to lose myself in a collection of three categories of Shahrukh things that make me go “aaaaaahhhhhh”.

  1. Love ballads with those big soaring emotional romantic refrains until you almost cry with the everything of it.

“Mere Naam Tu”



“Manwa Laage”

“Tera Rastaa Chhadoon Na”

“Tujhe Dekha To”

2. When he works the eyebrows and tells you that he is feeling everything in the world at once and it is okay for you to feel everything too.

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Image result for shah rukh gif
Image result for shah rukh gif
Image result for shah rukh gif
Image result for shah rukh gif
Related image

4. When he uses twitter to tell everyone in the world how much he loves us.

And bonus, when he says sweet things about other people he loves:

Okay, I am feel moderately better. It’s still a dark day (literally), but having Shahrukh in the world makes it feel like the sun is there even if I can’t see it.

27 thoughts on “Month of SRK: 3 Ways Shahrukh Gives Us Love

  1. #2. It is all about number 2. Early in my SRK watching adventures, when I was still trying to put my finger on why he was so famous, I had an aha moment, and told my husband that SRK was famous because he could look at any actor with love in his eyes. My husband asked me what this “look of love” looked like. I tried to imitate it. My spouse asked if I was okay, “It looks like you’re trying to let a fart out slowly” he said. I can’t even look at people I love with as much love as SRK can give a camera.


    • It’s all about the eyebrows. I think unless you can make a MWMWM with your eyebrows, you shouldn’t even try.

      On Wed, Oct 30, 2019 at 3:49 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. #2, for me, too…it’s the one that comes closest to what makes the most important impact on my feelings…he is extremely good to involve me into his feelings.
    Actually #1 and #3 also works for me (although there would be another choice of tweets for me)

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  3. The thing that makes me happiest about him being in the world is number three, the way he shares himself with his fans. In contradiction to what he said in the Letterman interview about him being an employee of the myth of Shah Rukh Khan, I think it’s authentic when he tweets appreciation for all the love that he is given and his gratitude for the gifts in his life. I do think he’s the ‘employee of the myth’ when he’s outside waving at people but I think it also genuinely gives him a sense of purpose and meaning for the many reasons that we’ve discussed so much over this past week especially. I remember after 9/11 I once heard it said about James Taylor, another favorite public figure for me, that he was a comforting presence in a post 9/11 world. I feel the same way about Shah Rukh. The way that he emotes on screen, what he shares with all of us who appreciate him, and what seems to be his general positive attitude toward life and making the most of it through overcoming adversity is extremely comforting to me.

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    • I agree about the genuine love and care he seems to give out into the world. And to me, that waving to the crowds is a sign of love. As in “I don’t like doing this, but I am forcing myself because people have come all this way to see me”. That’s love too, along with the spontaneous joyful messages on his twitter.

      I found some other quotes when I was putting this together, not tweets but quotes, that were just about the importance of love for everyone, for all of humanity. That’s what I feel when I see him onscreen, and even more when I see him in person. He truly loves giving love to others, and he has a vast amount of love to give, even to you and me who will never meet him in real life, who he probably doesn’t even know exist. He just loves us in a general way as part of humanity.

      On Wed, Oct 30, 2019 at 4:31 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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      • I totally agree about the love for humanity. I think he has a really elevated perception of all of us as connected to each other and it’s part of what makes him a great actor because he can imagine the experiences of lots of different people.

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  4. Not picking any favourites because the entire post just makes me feel more at peace with things than I did before reading this post. It feels super comforting and I just love him and the fact that he loves us, in a universal way.

    He’s a truly Good (capital letter because it’s the Platonian kind of Good) man in the truest sense of the word.

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  5. Have you guys noticed that he’s tweeting a lot more lately? Even sharing random things like a movie he liked. (See his latest tweet about a Korean movie) He hasn’t done that in a looong time. Maybe he’s feeling better again?

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    • I hadn’t noticed until I started working on this post, and then I did. He had a whole flurry of tweets around the time of the Zero release, but even there most of them felt like they were written by his PR people and not him. the more recent ones have felt more personal. Maybe he is feeling better, or maybe he is cranking up for his birthday, when he will have to make lots and lots of tweets.


      • He did a #AskSRK session recently too when he really didn’t need to. He had nothing to promote and he knew people would annoy him about his next movie but he still went ahead with it. He’s one of the few who loves his fans because you know he does all this just for us. What’s the fun in it for him? It’s just extra work.


  6. You, know, Margaret, I realized something reading this post. Not only do we get the joy and fun of reading the posts and the comments and commenting ourselves, we also have an archive of great clips, great tweets etc. Instead of frantically searching the internet, we only have to come here when we need a fix. Thank you for all that you do and write but I still won’t go to Houseful 4 with you or anyone else……Also Does Shah Rukh month really have to end………

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  7. A fan on Twitter asked fellow SRKians to say, in one word, “what is Shah Rukh to you”. I thought about that for a while. The best serious answer I came up with is compelling. His life story is compelling, the way he looks moves and talks are compelling, his presence is compelling (even when only seen on video), his mind is compelling, his competence and drive are compelling in this world of man-babies. But I went with a funnier answer, which is “mid-life crisis”.

    I thought I was too cynical for celebrity heroes when I started watching his movies in 2015, at the age of 44, but he’s pretty darn close to a hero for me. Which means I really will be devastated if bad behavior comes to light. Not affairs or tax cheating or whatever, but something involving using his power to abuse vulnerable people would do me in. I’m not really worried about it though, given his track record so far.

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    • Well, if SRK ever falls, I still have my father as the end all-be all marker of what makes a good man and a good person. Which is quite the compliment to Shahrukh, isn’t it? It’s Dad, Grandpa, Poppie, and then him in terms of my male role models (and Albie Dog trailing somewhere around 50 on the list. He’s not great).

      On Wed, Oct 30, 2019 at 9:33 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  8. He gives comfort, joy and inspiration. Sometimes when I despair about the way the world is he reminds me that good exists. Despite all the positive things in my life I really need him.

    I’ve missed his tweets. The early ones felt like he was wooing us. He would quote poetry, make observations about the world, tell his followers how much he loved us. So sad that all that has come to an end.

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    • He wooed the fans during fan promotion a looot (I still chuckle when I think of his “challenges”…it was really a great exchange.
      Then he woos fans everytime he does a ‘askSRK’ (when he did that I knew, it was what Gauri had called “he will soon be up and about”).
      Personally, I did not miss him as he is always present, but I’m happy for the fans.
      He started Twitter like an excited and curious child…a bit overwhelmed (it seemed to me)…then, with the hate-tweets coming in, he tried to avoid negativity without blocking people (I can relate to that…I also dislike things like ignoration-lists) but he would still stumble about them…so maybe, those around him (and really protective about him) made sure that he won’t get to see the hate tweets. (I’m genuinely happy, that you as administrator can avoid this kind of destructive negativity here).

      There surely are things I would like he could avoid to do, but otherwise already thinking of him makes me smile. He transports an incredible positivity.


    • I wish he could still share things on a platform that didn’t allow for push back. But on the other hand, I don’t think he would be interested or inspired if there wasn’t some way for people to respond to him.

      On Thu, Oct 31, 2019 at 4:16 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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