Shahrukh Birthday Talk Space: Share Fan and Star Wishes, Photos Inside and Outside Mannat, and Everything Else!

It is now well past midnight in India. Meaning the SRK Birthday celebrations have officially begun, and I cannot possibly keep up with all the news coming out. But if you have insomnia, or really good social media skills, or are just obsessive about trolling for stories, you can post them all here!

It’s raining in Bombay, but as usual thousands gathered on the street in front of Mannat. Shahrukh came out around midnight to wave to them, and asked them to be a little quiet and not wake the neighbors (so sweet!). Also as usual, once midnight ticked over, various celebrities started wishing him on twitter, and fans started sending in messages and fan art presents. Over the course of the day we will learn how he is celebrating, what else he is doing for the fans, and so on and so forth.

Share all your favorite bits of the wonderful November 2nd celebrations here!

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48 thoughts on “Shahrukh Birthday Talk Space: Share Fan and Star Wishes, Photos Inside and Outside Mannat, and Everything Else!

  1. I tweeted him my birthday wishes then spent some time going through tweets this morning – would have been around 3-4am in India. So nice to see the dozens and dozens of good wishes sent to him. Someone pointed out that the top 12 hashtags trending in India were SRK- birthday related. With so much negativity towards him in recent years, from both media and social media we have to grab and enjoy these opportunities of goodwill and happiness.

    It made me so nostalgic to see the footage of him waving at midnight. I was there a few years ago, both at the midnight viewing and again later in the day. The midnight one was a little quieter, fewer people, slightly less hysteria, but it felt more comfortable and personal. At one point in the afternoon viewing I was sure we were going to be crushed to death by the crowd. It’s quite scary for someone not used to such masses.

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  2. There are some viedeos out on YouTube. I’ll post this one because it concentrates on ShahRukh greeting the crowd. There is a long one (over 20 min), but one should only watch the last 3 min to get an impression of the unanimous cheering when ShahRukh climbs the steps…and before the fact that traffic is still on until just this moment where the crowd is allowed on the street…it gives a very strong feeling…


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