Sunday ReRun Announcement: Celebrate Shahrukh Day By Watching Dhanak!!!!!!!

I am very excited about this! I may rewatch this film myself, because it is so beautiful and such a nice little tribute to what SRK is. If you haven’t seen it before, you MUST. Even if you are not a Shahrukh fan, just because it is a beautiful beautiful film.

Dhanak (Hindi, Netflix)

A lovely story of two little children who go on a pilgrimage to meet Shahrukh, and all the people who help them along the way. It’s sweet and touching and ultimately hopeful. You will finish it and be left smiling, because you have to smile. Really, just a lovely lovely film. No songs, less than two hours, but with that same loving warmth we all think of as “Indian film”. I promise, if you watch it you will come back to my review on Sunday and say “thank you Margaret for making me watch this film”.

Image result for dhanak poster

5 thoughts on “Sunday ReRun Announcement: Celebrate Shahrukh Day By Watching Dhanak!!!!!!!

  1. Not sure where to put this so here it goes.

    There was pouring rain in Mumbai but a huge crowd was still there at midnight shouting so SRK came out and waved. He’s a fan picture – it’s better than the blurry pics the paparazzi took.

    Arjun was outside with him and took videos that you can see on his instagram stories. (Arjun works for RCE now and lives at Mannat with SRK and Gauri)

    Here’s Karan’s birthday wish

    Another sweet one from Ayushman who has always been a big fan

    There are probably hundreds more from other celebrities but it would be too much to post here.


    • Thank you! Here is a link back to the DCIB guide, where I ask that comments like this should always go on the Wednesday, Monday, or Saturday posts, never on random posts like this one.

      Because Shahrukh’s birthday is special, I will put up a placeholder post in a moment for people to share these kinds of links, you can repost your comment there.


    • The translation for Ayushman’s tweet:

      I’m playing your fan in the film Bala. I’d insisted on this. So the producer and director incorporated it in the script. Thank you for allowing me to dream. Thank you for allowing me to trust in love. Your diehard fan and SRKian.

      (The jabra word is from the song in Fan)


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