Shahrukh Replies to Birthday Greetings! Thanks Kamal Hassan Two Times, Me Zero

I do so much for the man, and does he acknowledge it? NO! Okay, I understand that he has to thank the people he knows for real-real, but I do have that small moment of “why not me?” buried deep inside. This is probably why he spends so long thanking all those folks in just the right way.

If you wish Shahrukh “happy birthday”, you get one of four reactions. First, nothing. This is for the fans and the little people who will appreciate a random thank you but not expect it, won’t really care, and will understand that he can’t possibly thank everyone.

Second, a personal thank you that we will not see on social media. He sees/talks to you often enough that there is no need to communicate on social media. And your relationship doesn’t need to be publicly proven.

Third, a long personal thank you on social media. This is if he is sincerely touched by your wishes because he didn’t expect them and knows it is more than social/professional duty. He wants to respond in return, also in a public forum.

And fourth, the most common, a simple thank you. Which can mean one of two things, either an acknowledgement because you are part of his larger social/professional community, you are owed a real true thank you but you know him well enough that the wishes are expected and don’t inspire a surprised happy message. Or it means the same as the second option, you are good enough friends that he doesn’t need to give a big thank you, but it happens to be easier to say it on social media than by the phone, so he just says “thanks”.

Now, let’s look at all his little thank yous! With my snarky comments just to keep this interesting.

My sister says that I shouldn’t feel like SRK ignored me in favor of Athiya because his message clearly indicates “it’s not Athiya, I’m being respectful to her Dad through her”. But I’m still hurt!

Nimrat Kaur, not one of the big names or close friends, but she’s got a growing American career, and she is a good actress who has worked with people SRK worked with. Earned a thank you. Plus, it’s a really pretty message.

Cricket people! Essentially, thanking his colleagues. I like this little joke here, acknowledging that Cricket people don’t always know his movie star stuff.

More Cricket thanks! Maybe I should join a cricket team to get a thank you?

Good actor, nice message, and he worked with SRK in Bard of Blood, earned a thank you.

This one is so sweet! This guy isn’t really the biggest deal in any industry, and his message is heartfelt but not that touching, and yet Shahrukh still thanks him personally by his character’s name! So nice to this guy he worked with one time.

One time co-star, still around in the industry, and posted a photo of himself with Shahrukh to prove past friendship. Earned a thank you, barely.

Second thank you to Kamal (this is in reverse chronological order). How does freakin’ Kamal Haasan get two thank yous and I get NONE????

This is a pleasant little “polite to a formal co-worker” kind of message.

This is also a polite little “thanks to a co-worker” kind of message. Which raises the question, is Atlee going to be a co-worker in some way? I know rumors are flying, and this is just more confirmation that they are talking about something. Oh oh!!!! SRK and Anand L Rai producing an action movie directed by Atlee and starring Katrina! That is what I want for Christmas.

This is one of those “slightly unexpected and very sweet so gets a sincere response” kind of messages. I forgot how much Boman and SRK have worked together!

And another “slightly unexpected” one! One of his earliest directors putting out a sweet message and some candid photos, which inspired a surprised and pleased response from SRK.

Cricket people. This feels like one of those parties bringing together two groups of friends, I know all the film people tweets but I have no idea who all these folks are.

Respected important person in the industry, has earned a thank you.

Now, this is a surprising one! Ayushmann tweeted and his Bala team put together the video that is a nice little SRK tribute. This message and thank you feels a bit sincere and a bit transactional? Like, Ayushmann and the Bala team really wanted to do this, but also knew if they timed it right it could give them publicity. And Shahrukh was sincerely grateful and also knew the nicest thing he could do in response was to acknowledge it and give them the publicity.

Dabboo! An old friend, earned a thank you.

This is kind of random! Which is I think why SRK acknowledged it. A news person doesn’t have to give him birthday wishes as part of his job or to help his career, it is just out of his own desire.

A surprising and sweet message from a senior in the industry, which earned a surprising and sweet response.

Professional one. On both parts. I mean, sincere also, in that they are two people who work together and know each other and all that. But also, he is the ambassador, he has to promote when he can.

Very powerful and important person, most acknowledge the wishes.

Nice boy, up and coming, earned a thank you.

Good onscreen chemistry, good for both of them to keep this connection going in the minds of people.

Co-worker, earned a thank you

Not a co-worker! A good actress who has worked with people he knows, a surprising message and worthy of a thank you.

Co-worker, nice message, earned a thank you.

DIANA PENTY?!?!?!? What has she got that I haven’t got!?!?! They’ve never even worked together! And she hasn’t worked with anyone he has worked with!!!!

Fine, I will allow Sunil Grover.

Worked together, nice message, earned a thank you.

Worked together, earned a thank you

This is sweet, they worked together but a long long long time ago. And yet SRK still remembers.

Thank you for old times’ sake. Also, have you noticed he seems to use “baby” for women the same way he uses “man” for men? Just sort of a general friendly meaningless term.

Message to a junior.

Polite message to someone he doesn’t really know but is rising in the industry.

I really like this message! Personally, I would have given it more than just a “thank u”. But then, it’s not like SRK and Rahul know each other that well outside of work.

Same with this one! It’s a really sweet message. Come on SRK! Use up some of that time you spent replying to Diana Penty to give Vishal a nicer message.

And his first Kamal thank you! I wonder if he sincerely forgot he already thanked him, or just decided the first thank you wasn’t enough.

Aw, sweet! An old old co-star.

Madhuri, not actually the closest friend, but someone who is worth of the respect of a thank you.

Sweet! Totally a message that he both appreciated, and also wanted to use to highlight the women’s hockey team.

Nice message to a collaberator.

Could have said more here, but I guess he figured Farhan knows him well enough to forgive brevity.

Aw, Sonu! Such a nice man.

This feels like one of the “you know me well enough that I don’t have to say a lot” messages.

Synergy! Networking! All that good stuff.

Juhi, another close friend one. And we are getting to the first few messages he replied to.

Sweet thanks for an old friend. Preity isn’t much of a power in the industry (like Madhuri or Juhi or even Raveena still are), but she is an old friend, so she gets a thank you.

Anil Kapoor gave a surprisingly sweet message, and Shahrukh responded in kind. I love their growing bromance!

Who IS this????

Now, this is someone definitely important enough to deserve a sincere lengthy thank you!

Sweet! And also one of those “old friend who has ups and downs so I want to make sure to be extra grateful” sound of it.

Aw, sweet!

Huh. Ajay is first? I guess because it is so unexpected, a fellow big name (so no obligation) but one he isn’t that close to (so no expectations).

And finally the one that came over 12 hours before the others, not part of his “obligation” cranking through of messages, but a sincere immediate response to Salman. This is more of that “close friend who I interact with beyond social media” feeling, except that Salman did his thing on social, so Shahrukh is responding the same way. Like, I would guess they have about 9 other interactions like this, just usually more jokey texts and stuff, but this time it happened to hit social and Shahrukh responded without even needing to stop and think.

Okay, new plan! Before next November 2nd, I either become a Cricket player, or a musician who occasionally works in India, or just poison Diana Penty or Athiya Shetty, because I feel like I MUST have been next on the list right after that.

13 thoughts on “Shahrukh Replies to Birthday Greetings! Thanks Kamal Hassan Two Times, Me Zero

  1. Well, there was quite a disaster on twitter today. Most fans know that SRK doesn’t actually tweet or reply to everything himself. (He has said so in interviews too.) Most can also tell when it’s SRK’s voice or Pooja (or someone else in his team). It seemed like he personally thanked Kajol and Anushka and then Pooja took over and the replies were so bad that fans started cussing at her and told her to get lost. First she replied to ten people with the same reply “thank you baby” which sounded so weird to half the names. Then, the replies to heartfelt posts like Rishi Kapoor and Ayushman Khurana sounded rude – just “thank u.”

    People were so mad about the the “thank you baby” thing that the phrase actually started trending in India.

    And then something shocking happened. Some replies were deleted and new replies were given to the same people (Rishi, Ayushman and at least a few others). It was really funny in case of people like Ayushman because they had already replied back to the original (and now deleted) reply from SRK. Most people think Pooja screwed up and SRK took back his phone and did the replies himself after he came back.

    So now it looks funny because his real friends like Juhi and Preity got useless brusque replies and people like Athiya got much better and real sounding ones.


  2. I got exhausted just reading through those (in fact I didn’t even finish), so I can imagine actually responding to all the messages would be even worse. It seems like work. It is his birthday, and he has to work harder to respond to the praise and keep his name (and all this thankers names) in the press. He loves it, he loves being a star, but if I were SRK, my birthday present to myself would be to shut down the twitter account.


    • I agree! Just a general “thanks for all the messages, love to you all” and then I’d go for a walk on the beach.

      On Sun, Nov 3, 2019 at 4:48 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Yeah, why doesn’t he just make a general tweet to thank everyone including his friends and coworkers and just be done with it? This is actually insulting now if you leave out people and you definitely will because he gets thousands of wishes from industry-related people. Not only that, it causes so much scrutiny. The reason people were getting angry was that if a senior actor like Rishi types out a long heartfelt wish, you can’t just type “thank u” and get away it. It doesn’t look appropriate.

        To make matters worse a long string of repetitive “thank u baby” to various women one after another. Makes him look like a weird uncle.


  3. And oh, DJ Snake is one of the three big DJs in the world along with Marshmello and Diplo. He’s also a music producer and produced Lady Gaga’s Born this Way album. He has hugely popular songs like Taki Taki (currently has 1.6 BILLION views on youtube).

    He also has a clothing line called Pardon My French. I’ve seen seen SRK wear it sometimes. He visited SRK at Mannat last year sometime. The pics he posted are from SRK’s house. I think they’ve known each for a while now.

    In fact, Gauri just posted a pic where SRK is wearing a Pardon My French hoodie

    View this post on Instagram

    Squeezing memories into one frame…

    A post shared by Gauri Khan (@gaurikhan) on


  4. I wonder if he even asked for giving replies to the tweets… it seems more like an action he had no controll over and then got aware and took controll, royally upset…and then, just stopped, completely annoyed…well, a birthday to remember…and again a ‘downer’.


  5. I guess Karan didn’t need a tweet reply. Karan probably was in the next room, playing with Abram and listening to Gauri. Karan probably picked up the cake on his way there.
    He definitely belongs to the category of “I talk to you in person and I don’t need to tell you on social media”
    Love their friendship!


    • I love their friendship too! And I am sure the Karan tweet was more about saying to the world “hey, we are friends” than actually passing on birthday greeting, which of course he will be giving in person.

      On Wed, Apr 22, 2020 at 11:15 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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