FanVid Post! Because I am Traveling!

Well, this is just me being lazy! I’m traveling (driving for 6 hours, then walking around and visiting places with my Mom), so I threw this together and scheduled it in advance.

Do you feel the need for a 6 minute video telling a new tragic SRKajol plus Saif love story? I certainly do! Check out this one.

Less tragic, more Adele and Asoka in a sexy combo

More sexy combo “What a Man” indeed!

Love watching him swing his hips

Oh yeah, SRKajol!

More shots of Shahrukh being cool with awesome background music.

Pardes! More romantic than the movie itself!

For all those Shashi lovers out there!

It’s true all of 2000s Hindi film really does feel like a high school drama

Why does ABBA always make everything happy?

And Taylor Swift and some of her hidden feminist messages!

Speaking of feminist, I’m gonna round this out with some of my favorite female empowerment songs, the “Hail Holy Queen” multifandom

And of course, “Rumour Has It” featuring Rekha-Jaya-Amitabh (and a little bit Shashi)

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