Good Newwz (zzzzzzzzzzzzzz) Trailer! I’m Not Thrilled

Well, this is a disappointment! Not based on the poster, it’s perfectly in line with what I expected from that, but based on the initially casting and topic announcement I had higher hopes. Oh well, all of life is just a series of disappointments (it’s overcast today and I haven’t had my coffee yet).

Here is where they lose me. If it is a sperm mix up, then why is it IVF? Why not simple artificial insemination? The simplest answer is that artificial insemination would both feel too much like the men are actually having sex with the wrong woman, and it would mean that the fertility problems are with the men only, not the women. And that is a blechy answer! If it is going to be an IVF mix up, than make it a full mix up, the wrong embryo (both mother and father) is put into the wrong woman. Plus, then you have the far more interesting (to me) idea of it being only about the pregnancy, the couples theoretically planning to swap babies post birth but wanting to stay close to “their” child during the pregnancy and thus living together. And the whole hostage situation kind of thing that means they have to compromise and work together.

But no, instead we get this. The wrong sperm is used to fertilize the wrong egg (not a great message about IVF by the way, how many people watching this movie are going to be scared away from the process, or judgmental of those who go through it? Or inspired to keep their own fertility struggles even more secret?), and then the couples have to decide what to do about the babies. But not in a serious considered way, just FUNNY. Ha-ha, Akshay’s going to be raising a cuckoo in the nest.

Oh, and the other thing that bothers me but maybe I am thinking too much about it, the mix up is because the two men have the same last name, right? Which means their wives aren’t carrying their children, but they are carrying a child of the correct caste and religion and ethnic group, and for both the characters and the audience that part of it (raising a child who is biologically Muslim, oh my!) isn’t a concern. Is that part of why the mix-up is based on last names do you think? Or am I overthinking it?

Now, the good things! Akshay doesn’t look terrible, they let him have a touch of grey. Kareena looks as fabulous as she has been looking, is it possible that Kapoor women are the reverse of Kapoor men? Just get more and more attractive with age? Diljit is doing the kind of comedy he does in Punjabi films for the first time in Hindi, which is interesting and I do like his Punjabi comedies. Kiara….well, she’s there. She’s working steadily, it’s good to have a job. Even if it is terribly undignified.

And it’s nice that Akshay’s character seems to be ready to accept Kareena’s child as his own child, even if Diljit has a different way of seeing it. And it’s nice that IVF is treated as a more or less every day thing (or is it nice? I mean, it’s expensive, right? I hope the film acknowledges at some point the privilege of these characters in even having the option). And there are some moments of sadness and seriousness in the trailer. If this turns out to be every wacky moment of the film and the rest of it is truly dealing with both the emotions of infertility and the emotions of accepting a baby that maybe isn’t your dream baby, then I will be very very happy.

And I will also be happy if Diljit and Kiara get at least one moment of screentime which isn’t about wacky Punjabi stereotypes.

12 thoughts on “Good Newwz (zzzzzzzzzzzzzz) Trailer! I’m Not Thrilled

  1. The stereotyping is just WOW so bad. It doesn’t help that Aamir’s Forrest Gump poster released and he’s a simpleton Sikh. Just a lot of bad images of men in turbans out there.

    I was fascinated that the trailer explains IVF as if they can’t assume the audience knows what it is.

    Akshay still looks good when he’s looking his age and not acting opposite a 21 year old.


    • Do you think it is too much to hope that we get some discussion of how Akshay and Kareena really really want this baby because they are old and it is their last chance (in terms of living to see the child to adulthood along with everything else) versus the young couple? Probably, right? Akshay and Kareena are cool and rich, Diljit and Kiara are immature and stupid, that’s all that age means.

      On Mon, Nov 18, 2019 at 10:11 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Oh I’m sure there will be a discussion of age, it’s obvious because Akshay is gray and they don’t have any children yet. Wasn’t there a giant stink when SRK and Gauri had AbRam and it wasn’t the surrogate but the age issue?

        I wonder why Diljit and Kiara need IVF, I hope it’s a reasonable explanation but with this film probably not.


        • The AbRam thing had a lot going on, a large part of it being Islamophobia. There is a consistent stereotype in India of Muslims having “too many” children. And also, “too many” wives. The idea of a third child through surrogate comes close to both those things. And there was the newness of surrogacy as a concept in India. And there was the ugliness of the accusations of gender determination (which is illegal in India because if gender is determined to be female, the fetus is likely to be aborted), which also plays into a whole “Muslims hate girls, just want more Muslim men to take over the world” stereotypes. And just in general, everyone feels like they have a right to judge Shahrukh’s life choices in a way that they can’t judge other celebrities. Just a whole mess of gross, and the age thing is I think the smallest part of it. If he had been the same age and it was their first child, or if it was their third child and they were Hindu, or if if if, it wouldn’t have been such a thing.

          If this film gives Diljit and Kiara a reasonable explanation for IVF, that could be really heartbreaking, a young couple who thought it would be easy and tried and tried and so on, but with this film, probably not.

          On Mon, Nov 18, 2019 at 10:16 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • I grew up watching srk movies, from my personal experience let me tell you something,srk is a very familiar face for Indian audience because he used to visit us daily in our TV set selling one thing or other, compared to him Salman,aamir come far behind in the ad race.My point is I just cannot notice how well he acts n most of his movies is because I’m constantly reminded it’s srk, not a problem with aamir or Salman movies.I noticed the same with few of South Indian actors I’m too familiar with.Does anyone agree with that,I thoroughly enjoyed ddlj and kkhh, but post these two films I could hardly see him as a character instead of srk(maybe dilse too, but I was keenly watching Mani and Santosh Sivan work,I would rate Manisha higher in that movie)

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  2. I actually liked the trailer and it’s probably the only Akshay Kumar movie id consider seeing from this year’s releases of his.. Because he is just so much better when he’s not peddling nationalistic messages for a living. Plus it’s Dharma so I feel like all that stereotyping and comic feel is just to interest audiences and the actual movie will have a healthy mix


  3. Gosh,it would be so much simpler if it was an embryo mixup instead of the sperm mix-up. As somone who under went multiple rounds of IVF before having my babies,this is just unimaginable. The whole process is so expensive and traumatic and something like this or watching something like this when I was undergoing treatment would have made me go into depression, thinking about the life long implications. I mean it’s just so insensitive. And I can’t believe Karan Johar who himself had babies through IVF & surrogacy would approve this.


    • I hadn’t thought about Karan going through the process before. With him, it might not have been IVF, right? It could have just been artificial insemination, or it could have been IVF (the two men I know that had a baby by surrogate just did artificial insemination). Perhaps that is part of it? I mean, it’s kind of a leap, but for Karan the sperm mix-up would have been the only nightmare possible since it was always going to be an egg donor and/or surrogate.

      I can’t see how they have a happy ending for this movie. Besides the obvious happy ending of the babies being born and everyone realizing that it doesn’t really matter how they got here, they love them now. But even that is kind of a cheat, if the ending is going to be “all babies are lovable”, than why couldn’t they have reached that point 9 months earlier and never had conflict? An embryo mix-up has more possibilities, with the idea of one couple wanting to abort and the other talking them out of it, then planning to switch the babies after birth, then the tied together during the pregnancy as they worry about the other couple eating healthy and taking vitamins and stuff, and finally the real sincere conflict at the end of whether they will want to trade babies or if they have bonded during the pregnancy. With a sperm mix-up, what are you gonna do? There’s no solution. Beyond “all babies make you love them” which has no dramatic conflict.

      On Tue, Nov 19, 2019 at 9:52 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. I thought this would be fun but to me it just looks like they’re trying too hard to be funny.

    I know I haven’t seen SOTY2 yet but is it just me or has it been a while since we’ve gotten a fun Dharma rom-com. Looking at the lineup, Dostana 2 is supposed to be the next one and I don’t have much excitement for it.


    • Maybe Dharma is rebranding itself? I think their biggest hit last year was Simmba, which definitely isn’t a rom-com. And SOTY2 fits more in with Good Newwzzzzzzzzzzz in terms of being a funny multistarrer versus a romance.

      On Tue, Nov 19, 2019 at 12:15 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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