TGIF: Happy Hot Cocoa Day! Let’s Match Hot Drinks to All the Stars!

I already reposted the ice cream one, moving right on to hot drinks! It’s TGIF, it’s time to have fun.

So!  Here’s the idea!  For every celebrity, there is a perfect kind of hot drink that matches exactly their personality.  I’ll start with the easiest one.

Shahrukh: Espresso.  Strong, bitter, addictive.

Image result for shahrukh khan
Image result for espresso

Sidharth Malhotra: Sweet, but a little empty.  Low fat latte.

Image result for =sidharth malhotra
Image result for low fat latte

Prabhas.  Strong, rough, has a bit of a kick to him.  Irish coffee (coffee with Irish whiskey).

Image result for prabhas
Image result for irish coffee

Nivin Pauly.  Sweet, maybe a little too much fat, and one of my favorites.  Whole milk caramel latte.

Related image
Image result for mocha latte

Vidya Balan.  Rich, strong, sustaining.  Bulletproof coffee, the new style with butter in it that gives you loads of calories to start the day.

Image result for vidya balan
Image result for bulletproof coffee

Sai Pallavi.  True southern, filter coffee.  Strong and sweet.

Image result for sai pallavi
Image result for filter coffee

Aamir Khan. Small, strong, popular in Europe.  Turkish Coffee.

Image result for aamir khan
Image result for turkish coffee

Amitabh.  Powerful, classic, evergreen popular.  Black coffee.

Image result for amitabh bachchan
Image result for black coffee

Varun Dhawan. Beloved of young women, a little weak and a little unthreatening but all the more palatable for it.  Milk hot chocolate.

Related image
Image result for hot chocolate

Madhavan.  The stronger version, the one that you crave more and mover as you get older.  Pure dark hot chocolate.

Image result for madhavan
Image result for dark hot chocolate

Salman.  Cheap and basic and popular.  Coffee with cream and sugar.

Image result for salman khan
Image result for coffee with cream

Madhuri.  Classically Indian, spicy and hot.  Chai.

Image result for madhuri dixit
Image result for chai

Anil Kapoor.  Light and sweet and soothing and something you come to appreciate as you age.  Hot tea with honey.

Image result for anil kapoor
Image result for hot tea with honey

So, Which of these do you think is most perfect?

I’m still stuck on Shahrukh and espresso.  Just so right!

Image result for shahrukh coffee

Which of these do you disagree with?

I’m not thrilled with Anil and hot tea with honey.  It’s fine, but I feel I could do better.  Anil is a bit stronger than tea with honey.

Image result for anil kapoor tea

And is there any drink/person that I missed?

Tea with cream!  I love it and I couldn’t think of who it is most like.

Image result for tea with cream

5 thoughts on “TGIF: Happy Hot Cocoa Day! Let’s Match Hot Drinks to All the Stars!

  1. Shahrukh espresso is a right on combo to me. I’d link Anil with an Anericano…stronger than plain coffee, but made smoother with hot water added. And a cube of raw sugar.


    • Maybe old Anil, young Anil was more like really bitter weak coffee from a convenience story.

      On Sun, Dec 15, 2019 at 4:18 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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