Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I See a Foot Doctor

Happy Saturday! I’m gonna have a guy look at my foot, and then get a facial. So, head to toe kind of day!

I have a bunion, because I am secretly an 80 year old woman, and now that I paid for freaky expensive insurance this year, I get to have foot surgery! First step, see a doctor this morning and explain to him that I have to have surgery in 2020 because I’m not paying for expensive insurance again next year. And also, have him look at my foot and go “oooo, a bunion!”

I’m probably not going to put on anklets and stuff, but I did get a pedicure last weekend so I would look good for the doctor

And then as a reward, a facial! But in the meantime, y’all can chat. Some stuff to talk about, I’m not seeing Chhapaak (misogynistic violence? Downer!) but you can give your opinions if you saw it.

Image result for chhapaak poster"

Also, Anonymous (our SRK correspondent) alerted me that Shahrukh was announced to take part in some kind of Jeff Bezos Prime thing going on in India (story here: What do we think about that? Especially with the cosy relationship between Shahrukh and Netflix?

Image result for shahrukh netflix"

Hrithik is now 46, as of yesterday. Three questions: Is he now too old to be sexy? If not, is he now sexier or less sexy than when he was young? If more sexy, at what age is your guess for the peak followed by decline?

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13 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I See a Foot Doctor

  1. Two trailers to talk about:

    Malang trailer:

    I don’t love it as I loved the posters. A story about killers who do drugs is not my cup of tea. But I would watch it in cinema for ARK.

    Jaanu (telugu 96)

    I love everything 96 related so I loved the trailer, and will watch the movie for sure, but yes, Sharwanand looks a little too young for this story and I wonder how Samantha’s acting will be.


    • Forget ARK, it’s got old sexy Anil!!!!! Who would have thought I would be saying that ten years ago?

      On Sat, Jan 11, 2020 at 8:12 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Saw Chhaapak with my mom today. Emotionally it hits you hard, but by script it is flawed. It shows the struggles, the triumphs and there was constant sniffing of tears and a gasp of fear at the end from the audience we were with (95% Desi). It builds on the dread of knowing what’s coming, yet it still makes you look at the screen. Vikrant and Deepika are beyond adorable, they were apart from the overall showing of how the system works for survivors, my favourite part of the movie. But yeah, even if you’re not going to show up, just buying tickets to this movie and not Tanhaji is a good call if you would like to see it later, but just not now. It’s not for everybody, but it is still a good movie on the character and emotional front.


      • Same here. I can barely watch the trailer. The scarred face is too overwhelming for me even on TV. I would not be able to bear it on the big screen. More power to these women and to DP for making this movie for this is a hard pass for me.


  3. Hrithik questions:

    1. Is he now too old to be sexy? Do we really need to answer this question after War?
    2. If not, is he now sexier or less sexy than when he was young? Waaaaaaay sexier
    3. If more sexy, at what age is your guess for the peak followed by decline? Considering Anil is hotter than ever in his 60s, I think Hrithik has a lot of sexy years ahead of him.

    I’m surprised you didn’t do a reaction to the Jawaani Jaaneman trailer, it looks really good!


    • Just watched it, and it does look good! I’ll have to put up a post.

      I was feeling very worried about Hrithik’s sexiness, based on his father’s sexy decline. But then, his father was starting from a much weaker position to begin with.

      On Sat, Jan 11, 2020 at 11:56 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. SRK and Bezos, I think three possibilities:

    1. Ramp up to announcing a deal, moving from Netflix to Prime.
    2. No deal, but SRK is in some kind of talks with Netflix where he wants them to worry about losing him.
    3. Nothing to do with his catalog and streaming rights, he’s appearing as a favor or for pay as one of the most famous people who could do an interview in India. Or he’s just curious to interview Bezos un public.

    Obviously, I hope it’s either 2 or 3.

    Doesn’t seem like it will be all that interesting, unless there’s news of some kind. He gets overly deferential in these situations.


    • You had much better ideas and more clearly started than I did. From your list, I would lean towards #3, it’s the kind of thing he’s done lots of times before either from personal interest or because his agent can negotiate astronomical fees for this kind of “public interview” thing.

      On Sat, Jan 11, 2020 at 2:02 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Do they get paid for interviews? I had no idea that was a thing. But in this case, I doubt it because if he’s being paid by Prime, it would definitely count as promotion. Would his Netflix contract allow promoting a rival service? Still sounds strange to me.

        I know when he hosts awards show, sometimes he steps away when certain brand sponsors names need to be taken because it violates his own contracts.

        Amazon announced a show with Akshay a few months ago. Jennifer Salke was present with him then. Why didn’t they just get him to do the chat and promote their own actor through Bezos? The SRK thing is just weird because he’s so publicly affiliated with Netflix.


          • Makes sense. I guess that’s one way to get Indians to watch a Bezos interview. Maybe he wants to reach a wider audience and not just the usual financial news channel viewers.

            The Netflix conflict of interest is still bizarre to me. I wouldn’t have thought twice about it if this kind of chat was at a conclave or a side thing but it’s specifically for the Prime event.


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