Trailers! The Rise of the Sexy Older Folks, Sexy Anil Assassin and Sexy Party Woman Tabu

Thank you Angie and Alisa/BollywoodNewbie for alerting me to the arrival of two really good trailers! I make no promises for the quality of the eventual movies, there’s many a slip twixt cup and lip, but the trailers look good!


Mohit Suri, known for two swoony ridiculous romances, both remakes (Aashiqui 2 and A Star is Born, and Ek Villain and I Saw the Devil/A Walk to Remember). The first poster made this look like another swoony romance.

Image result for malang poster"

And the first song is the same kind of swoony romance, classic Arijit Singh sound, couple who is young and madly in love without thinking, and is artistically “dangerous” without really being dangerous (motorcycles, tattoos, and so on).

But now the trailer! And instead of being swoony and romantic, it’s, like, black comedy violence thing? Which is a surprise, and not necessarily a good one. But on the good side, we also learn it isn’t just hot Aditya Roy Kapur, but also hot Kunal Khemu and Hot Hot HOT Anil Kapoor!

I’m gonna guess that ARK is a troubled young man who stops killing when he falls in love with Disha, but then Disha dies, so he kills extra much interspersed with romantic flashbacks.

Who cares, it’s got Kunal Khemu shirtless with tattoos everywhere, and 60-something Anil Kapoor easily beating up the younger men because he is Just. That. Good. I’m in!

Jawani Jaanemann

Most important, SAME DIRECTOR AS NOTEBOOK!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! Bring on more interesting visuals and clear character dynamics and general love for a well told story!

Same writer for dialogues as YJHD and Karwaan and various other movies of varying quality but all good dialogues. And at least one of the songs is by Tanishk Bagchi. And Saif is producing, and he is an AWESOME producer in terms of letting people follow their hearts and make their own strange film visions.

And then there’s this trailer, and the trailer looks really really good! Funny, original, everything.

So, looks like Saif is an aging playboy who, for once, the film calls out as too old for this and kind of silly. Without making him totally comic, he dresses a little too young but this isn’t like some kind of “comedy uncle” thing where he is immediately ridiculous.

And then Alaya Furniturewalla shows up and introduces herself as maybe his daughter, they take a paternity test and realize he really is her father, and just as they start to build a connection, her mother Tabu shows up and she and Saif start sniping at each other. Best bit, Tabu dresses and acts like Saif does! Too cool and slightly younger and sexier than most people their age, but it’s not funny with her either. While still being acknowledged as slightly odd.

Remember my droning on and on about good and bad trailers? This is a good trailer because it feels immediately different, it’s funny, and there are also almost subconscious teases of things we don’t know and are DYING to find out. Like, what did Tabu know about her daughter’s parentage and what is the real reason she didn’t tell Saif? Will Saif and Tabu get together or stay as grumpy co-parents? And, most of all, why is it that Saif’s daughter tracked him down NOW? There has to be a reason.

My guess? She is sick and needs an organ transplant. The start of the journey is Saif getting to know her and then getting the paternity test, and then stepping up and offering for the transplant. But once it is on the schedule, fierce protective mother of a sick daughter Tabu shows up with all her thorny walls in place. My hope is that Saif and Tabu never actually have a romance, and instead find a way to appreciate each other as co-parents and that’s it.

Alternative would be something lame like she is getting married or just is fighting with Tabu and ran away from home. Still something that sets her up as ready/needing a connection to a father figure, and a reason for Saif to step up, but falling a little bit more into the “a girl just needs her father” trope.

I will allow the possibility of a Saif-Tabu romance, but the only way I see it happening based on what we see is if there is a whole storyline of them spending time together with Alaya and bonding as too super cool older folks.

Anyway, what do you think? About either of them?

19 thoughts on “Trailers! The Rise of the Sexy Older Folks, Sexy Anil Assassin and Sexy Party Woman Tabu

  1. Cannot wait to watch Jaawani Jaaneman. Also, Alaya is pregnant. Saif says it in the trailer. I am assuming thatโ€™s why she is trying to find and connect with her father.


    • Thank you! Missed that. And now I feel silly for missing it, but also proud that I came close to that idea just guessing, some reason she would want another parent, a thing that inspires Saif to step up, and a built in thing to create conflict with Tabu.


      • Oh oh! You will be in DC the weekend it is released. Should we plan for a Saturday matinee show, if everyone else is also interested in watching it?


        • Ooo, that sounds so good! I’ll be arriving Friday afternoon, so Friday night would work too. Anyway, something to think about once the time is closer and showtimes are out.

          On Sat, Jan 11, 2020 at 8:12 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Oh also, at the end of the Malang trailer, Disha reveals that she enjoys killing. So, it looks like she is a killer too. But she could still be dead since ARK looks young with longer hair in the scenes with Disha compared to the other scenes in the movie.


          • I have a fear that it is a remake of Nenu Naa Raksaki, the weird Telugu movie where she films suicides and he kills people to feel alive.

            On Sat, Jan 11, 2020 at 8:34 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. That Saif-Tabu movie looks so cute. I can’t remember the last time I saw a Saif film but I want to see this.
    Love that Tabu is just killing it and getting all these cool roles, whether in De De Pyar De or Andhadhun or this one. All the actresses nearing their 40s should look at Tabu as an example. It can be done!


  3. It cracks me up that your first Malang reaction was forget ARK, it has sexy old Anil! Because that was definitely not my reaction based on how ARK looks in the trailer. I mean, Anil’s role looks juicy and cool, love the bad guy turn. Overall, style looks great, villains look great, not super excited for a revenge plot. Hopefully it will end up being more twisty, but not Saaho WTF twisty.

    More excited about Jawaani Jaaneman. Yay, Tabu! I was interested in the beginning because of Saif’s and the daughter set up, but the minute Tabu walked in I was sold. This is the first movie in almost a year I’d be interested enough to think about seeing in the theater.


    • Noooooo! Don’t even mention the danger of a Saaho style twist for Malang! Please please let it be something that makes logical and emotional sense instead of just “throw everything at the wall and see what sticks”.

      Seems like it is universal, all of DCIB is excited for Jawani Jaaneman! The last time I remember us all being so pumped was ELKDTAL, which definitely did not disappoint.

      On Sun, Jan 12, 2020 at 6:18 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Yeah, there is a scene in Malang trailer when Aditya’s shirt is ripped and he looks so sexy and angry and I don’t know how one can think about Anil or Kunal after that. ๐Ÿ˜‹


  4. Also so excited for Jawaani Jaaneman. Not surprising, since Saif has replaced Hrithik as my all time favorite Hindi film actor long ago. There’s no one like him in the industry today and he just steadily makes interesting choices and though he’s not technically the best actor he’s always interesting and his interviews are the best (he’s honest to a fault, intellectual, stupidly politically incorrect, and always fascinating).

    I think you all are right that Tabu and Saif getting together may not be the best situation but them being fun co-parents could be cool. Looks to me like Kubra Sait plays a love interest for Saif in the film (or at least a good friend).


    • I was happy at the idea of Saif and Tabu as sniping co-parents, but add in Saif finally waking up and realizing he loves someone else? Perfection!

      On Mon, Jan 13, 2020 at 8:45 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. Not sure if I’m actually going to seek any of these out, but if I did, of the two it would be Jawaani Janemaan. I love anything that’s self-aware and purposefully designed to pick apart at problems within itself. You know what I’m saying?

    I also already kind of love Alaya from just the trailer. But I do also kind of love the Malang title track that came out a few days ago, which also gives that dangerous sexy vibe you were saying.


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