2010s Award: Hottest Old Man of the Decade, Shahrukh or Hrithik or Anil?

You know who’s hot? Men who act their age. You know what’s NOT hot? Men who dye their hair and wear cool clothes and jump around like they are half their age. But, in the 2010s, who were the HOTTEST old men?

Anil Kapoor in Dil Dhadakne Do

Image result for anil kapoor dil dhadakne do"

Shahrukh Khan in Dear Zindagi

Image result for shahrukh khan dear zindagi"

Aamir Khan in Dangal

Image result for aamir khan dangal"

Hrithik Roshan in War

Image result for hrithik roshan war"

Salman Khan in Bharat

Image result for salman khan bharat"

Ajay Devgan in De De Pyaar De

Image result for ajay devgan de de pyar de"

I’m gonna make this a little tricky! Out of all of these:

You can have sex with One.

You can punch Two.

You have to marry all the rest.

For me, my one Sex choice, is gonna be Hrithik. No way I am passing that up, but no way I am marrying him either.

For my two punches, I guess Anil and Ajay. I don’t want to marry a cheater, and I don’t need that whole London party life style with Ajay.

And then that leaves Shahrukh, Aamir, and Salman as my husbands!

Or you can take the simple route and just say who has the greatest differential between Young Sexiness and Old Sexiness. Obviously Anil, young Anil was almost neutral sexy but Old Anil is on FIRE!

25 thoughts on “2010s Award: Hottest Old Man of the Decade, Shahrukh or Hrithik or Anil?

  1. This is my post, baby!

    Agree, if I get exactly once chance to sex someone who I don’t want to spend time with, Hrithik would be great.

    I’d punch Aamir and Ajay. Aamir is just too weird for me (and full of himself…too much of an ‘artist’ to be part of the community) and Ajay, well, I just think he’s probably a jerk. I’ve never seen him and thought otherwise.

    Anil, Salman and Shah Rukh as husbands so I can switch off days with them like on Sisterwives. Except they are sister-husbands. With an emphasis on Shah Rukh of course.


    • I knew there would be someone who cared about this!

      The nice thing with sexing Hrithik is that both of us can do it without conflict. Although I suppose with the brother-husbands theory, we can just arrange days with our husbands so they don’t conflict.


  2. Just occurred to me that we are replying based on the characters and not the actor. I’ll stick with it. Just to add, sex with your super-hot therapist? The most super hot idea ever but I couldn’t do it only once so still marry. He’d be amazing to talk to.


    • What I love is that your reply based on actor related to Aamir/Ajay also works for the characters! That was some good casting in those movies.

      Maybe if your super-hot therapist had some kind of “one time only and then it’s not unethical” rule? Or, if he was so passionately in love/attracted to you that he couldn’t resist, but then was over-whelmed by guilt and disappeared from your life until he reappeared years later when you had some other super hot dude in love with you and you were tormented with romantic agony between the nice super rich handsome man who is in love with you, and the Forbidden man who gave you the greatest night of your life?


    • You know, you could marry Hrithik and have sex with him all the time. Put a ring on it! How painful could it be to make dinner conversation and buy groceries with him along with the sex?

      And you are just leaving silver fox Anil sitting out there without marriage or sex?

      By the way, swing by tomorrow, I just wrote a very silly sexy Hrithik fanfic.

      On Sat, Jan 11, 2020 at 8:20 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. I never thought Anil was sexy when he was younger and I don’t think he’s sexy when older either. He’s very well preserved and dresses well but sexy nahhh.

    I guess Hrithik was always sexy but he was too feminine for my taste when he was younger. Maybe it’s because the characters he played were so weird and annoying. Now he’s sexy but unlike everyone else, I don’t like the War kind of sexy. It’s too in-your-face and come on, you can see his toupee moving in scenes. His hair looks soooo fake in War. For me, his sexy peak is Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. His character was less of a himbo than his usual ones.

    Aamir – Definitely prefer the younger version who doesn’t lecture you in every movie. He was mostly cute though. It was really hard to find a sexy moment for him but I think his peak would be Lagaan. He looked good there. Now I don’t find him attractive because he’s always in some loony get-up after another. His LSC look is giving me nightmares.

    Salman – This one hurts. Salman was so sexy when he was young. He’s so aggressively unsexy now. I don’t know why but he seems so much older than everyone on the list. He can barely move and it seems like he’s going through some physical pain or something. He’d make a great uncle – the goofy old uncle who spoils the kids. Cute old man whose body is breaking down. Not sexy though.

    SRK – sexy then and sexy now except when he loses too much weight. He gets really frail and ill-looking sometimes nowadays. Someone needs to force him to eat. When he’s bulked up, he looks really good.


    • I have to protest, if we are looking for less of a himbo characters for Hrithik, obviously the answer is Jodha-Akbar! Super sexy Hrithik.


      • Oh I forgot Jodha Akbar but for some reason, it doesn’t stand out for me. I remember Ash more from it. She was so unbelievably beautiful that Hrithik didn’t stand out as much. I was looking more at her than him.
        In ZNMD, nobody is competing with him. I mean Farhan and Abhay Deol just make Hrithik look even better. Kat is in such a small role.


        • Plus Hrithik’s character, like the person, is so much stronger than all the other characters in ZNMD. J-A has a really strong character for Hrithik, but for the other characters too.


  4. And ooh, I forgot Ajay. I’ve had a change of heart with him. I thought he was so so so ugly when he was younger. Unbearably ugly. But age has been kind and now I think he can look sexy sometimes depending on the role. Btw, a beard is like make-up for men. Almost all men end up looking better when they cover their face in some stubble. It’s helped Ajay a lot.


  5. Of all the men, Ajay has aged the BEST. I have a non-scientific theory that people with darker skin age better than lighter skin folks, and I think I can use Ajay as my sole proof.


  6. Blasphemy I know, but I have not yet seen War or Bharat (or Dangal for that matter).

    But… honestly I’ve never loved Salman Khan at any age, so he goes on the punch list on general principles. Anil Kapoor, while he has aged wonderfully, made far too many fat jokes about his wife in Dil Dhadakne Do that I would probably have punched his character even if he hadn’t cheated and I didn’t have to make a decision for this list.

    I second Margaret on not being able to keep up with Ajay Devgn’s party lifestyle from DDPD but he looks just delightful so he gets sex.

    That means I’m taking a gamble on Hrithik from War and Amir from Dangal, but if I get to marry Shah Rukh AND have sex with him all the time? I will happily take my chances.


    • Unless you like short full figured balding men, you probably aren’t missing anything with Aamir in Dangal. Hrithik in War might be a tough miss on the “sex” side of things, but Ajay in DDPD seems like an equally good bet, so I think you are fine.

      On Tue, Jan 21, 2020 at 11:01 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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