Silly Sunday: Dear Zindagi and War, Choose Your Sexy Own Adventure

I am feeling very very silly this Sunday, partly inspired by my post from yesterday about the hottest old men of the 2010s. Be silly with me!

Dear Zindagi, Three Sexy Options

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Option 1: One Night Only Rule

After a lengthy successful therapy treatment, you tell your therapist Shahrukh that you are in love with him. He explains that it is against therapy rules for you to be together. Months later, you bump into each other out of town randomly. You proposition him again, explain that you can’t seem to move on, and he admits that with some patients he has a “one night only” rule. You have one night of amazing sex and closeness and love, and then kiss good-bye in the morning, feeling cleansed and whole and like a new woman.

Option 2: No Therapy, Just Sex

At the end of your first therapy session, Shahrukh says he doesn’t think it is a good fit and he can’t treat you but he will recommend someone else. It’s strange, and you could swear you felt something electric when you shook hands good-bye, but you try to forget and start therapy with someone else. After months of therapy with the other person, you talk about how you are worried you will never find love, and eventually talk about how the only time you can remember feeling that “spark” was with the therapist who referred you. Finally, your therapist hands you a letter from Shahrukh. He is a friend of this therapist and told her when he made the referral that it was because he felt something powerful for you. She couldn’t break the confidence, but she encouraged Shahrukh to write you a letter. He expresses his feelings, and asks if you feel the same way to meet him on a Scenic Beach. You meet, the salt air blows on you, you embrace and kiss passionately.

Option 3: Therapy, Sex, Dramatic Love Triangle

You go through therapy with Shahrukh and fall in love with him, he turns you down but you feel like you can see him be tormented over it. Weeks later you randomly meet in a hotel bar, you talk like friends, get a little drunk, and end up kissing. It turns into passionate amazing sex. The next morning you wake up and he is gone, having left behind a letter explaining that he was attracted to you from the first moment you met, your sessions were a torment for him of wanting what he couldn’t have, last night was a moment of weakness for which he can never atone, he will never see you again and you should forget him. You move on, feeling cleansed and whole and better, and meet another man who is super rich, super charming, super handsome, and slightly younger than you. You give in to his passionate wooing and agree to marry him. A year after you last saw Shahrukh, he walks back into your life as the artist helping to design your future husband’s new luxury hotel. You are deliciously torn between the unaware rich fiance and Shahrukh who keeps giving you tormented but unworthy longing looks.

Which do you choose????

War-Hrithik or Hrithik-Tiger

Image result for hrithik tiger war"

Option 1: Hrithik, craggy experienced army man, meets you at a wedding while on leave. He dances and dances and dances with you, and after many days of dancing, he takes you to bed. And then bids you good-bye with no hard feelings the next day since his life doesn’t have space for anything real, you go home and forget about him as well.

Option 2: Hrithik and Tiger, lovely couple, meet you on vacation and become your new favorite couple friends. They take you out dancing, they babysit your kids, and they pay for you to join them on their amazing international vacations between missions.

Option 3: Hrithik and Tiger, lovely couple, meet you on vacation. You become friends and travel around with them. They take turns dancing with you at nightclubs. After a few days, they explain that they want to try something, would you be interested in joining them for an occasional threesome? You agree and have a night with the two of them in their hotel. It’s amazing, and it becomes an occasional thing every few months, they will swing into town and take you out for dinner and dancing, and then bring you back to a luxury hotel room for a few hours of fun times.

Which do you choose????

8 thoughts on “Silly Sunday: Dear Zindagi and War, Choose Your Sexy Own Adventure

  1. Um, can’t breathe right now after reading the 3 DZ options 😬. I’m caught between 2 and 3…I kinda love the idea in 2 of him not saying how he feels but having instantly fallen in love (paheli nazar mein pyaar) lets you come to him if you feel it too. Seems very ‘Shah Rukh-y’ of a story letting the woman lead. But #3 would be so so interesting with that love triangle and extremely filmi. Happy Silly Sunday indeed!

    Will have to revisit the war choices after this Friday!


    • 3 is so filmi! And you get to enjoy all that unspoken love stuff, Jug seems like he would be very good at tormented ex-lover.

      On Sun, Jan 12, 2020 at 12:42 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Well, option 1 lets you have Hrithik’s total focus. And Option 2 means more free dinners and vacations. But yeah, option 3 kind of combines all of that.

      On Sun, Jan 12, 2020 at 1:06 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Alisa, a girl can dream, can’t she? That’s the fun of silly Sunday! Forbidden love is the most fun (for fantasy!) If it’s just a story I am definitely gonna sex up Dr Jug!


  2. Sex with a therapist after building that sort of relationship skeeves me out, so I’m going with Option 2.

    As for War, option 3. Duh.


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