Happy Birthday Preity! Getting it in Just Under the Wire!

This is a repost, not an original, but I think I skipped it last year so maybe it will read fresh to you! Anyway, I love Preity, let’s celebrate her!

1.1. I love you for having a very different kind of pre-fame life, child of an army officer who died in a car accident when she was 13 which also left her mother bedridden, this whole time living in hill stations, not big cities.

2. I love you for having an excellent education pre-fame, one of the best boarding schools in India followed by a college degree and then a graduate degree in criminal psychology.

3. I love you for falling into acting backwards, when a director spotted you at a party and asked you to be in his ad.

4. I love you for being already effortlessly charming in that first ad!

5. I love you for being effortlessly charming in your first movie, and yet another actress launched opposite Shahrukh.

6. I love you for the first film you started shooting being something very brave and different, a teenage girl who gets pregnant outside of marriage.

7.  I love you for immediately creating a new kind of heroine onscreen and off, modern and educated and confident and cheerful and charming and open about your romantic life, the template that everyone from Anushka to Alia is following now was started by you.

8. I love you for being the only one brave enough to testify in the mafia trials against the gang taking over the film industry.

9. I love you for taking a break when you were ready to take a break, doing a seminar at Harvard, starting a business, buying a Cricket team, marrying a nice American man, and just generally building your life the way you want outside of film.

10. I love you for this ridiculous guilty pleasure movie and this ridiculous high drama song that makes no logical sense (her true love discovers she is alive and vice versa when he sees her dancing at his engagement to another woman.  There’s more, but I don’t want to spoil the movie)

(You can read my whole post on the film here!)

11.  I love you for this ridiculous kooky charming song.

12.  I love you for this song, from the second movie in which Saif got you pregnant and then abandoned you.

13.  I love you for being sexy in a way only Anil Kapoor could make seem wholesome.

14.  I love you for giving item songs a try.

15. I love you for giving us the wonderful unbelievable joke opening of, at age 41, marrying a man literally named “Goodenough”.

16. I love you for playing an unmarried mother not once, not twice, but a total of THREE TIMES in your career.  And all in mainstream films!

17. I love you for experimenting and playing an abused woman in a film with Deepa Mehta.

18.  I love you being in Lakshya, perfectly capturing the ambitious without being cruel girlfriend.  And look great with short hair!

19.  I love you for making us believe there is a woman cynical Aamir Khan can truly fall in love with in Dil Chahta Hai.

20.  I love you for being a confident career woman who knows her husband cheating is not her fault and learns to move on and build her own life and forgive him, much more complicated than the usual “wife who doesn’t understand”.

21.  I love you for this song from my third favorite movie with you.

22.  And this one, from my second favorite film with you.

(full review of this film here)

23.  And my favorite film you were in and then sometimes just my favorite film overall depending on the day.  Here, read about how I really really love it.

24.  And finally, because you are Preity Woman!  Even though youtube keeps trying to correct the spelling to “Pretty”

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Preity! Getting it in Just Under the Wire!

  1. Can I add one more? I love you for not being afraid to star in movies with two heroines and create amazing chemistry with female costars who your age and older (e.g. Rani in Chori Chori Chupke Chupke and Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega; Mahima and Rekha in Dil Hai Tumhara – My favorite Preity movie!; Jaya in KHNK).


    • How in the WORLD is Dil Hai Tumhaare your favorite anything? To me, it is my fever dream nightmare come alive movie. You are focused on protecting yourself from the hideous glass statue in front of you, and you forget to watch your back and suddenly AAAAA! PUPPET!!!!! You turn away from the puppet, you think you are safe, and AAAA! Arjun Rampal with bad hair and acting! And so on and so forth.

      On Mon, Feb 3, 2020 at 10:32 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Ha! I apparently have a thing for fever-dream hallucinogenic movies! It’s weird and definitely not one I would recommend to anyone else who do not have a same weird fascination with these types of movies like I do. But to me, it’s in the same genre as Yadeein, which you have also aptly described as a fever dream. I love the emotion and I love the chemistry between the female characters. I love Preity’s range of emotions from pain, to anger, to love, to happiness. I love the scenes between Preity and Mahima, the cute romantic scenes with Arjun, the scene at the end when Preity goes to see Alok Nath, and the scene at the end with Rekha. It makes me sad, angry, and ultimately so happy. I would probably describe Yadeein similarly with the added bonus of a crazy crazy Hrithik!


        • I notice, when listing off the things you love, one of those things is not the terrifying blue puppet that is RIGHT BEHIND YOU RIGHT NOW.

          On Mon, Feb 3, 2020 at 11:20 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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