Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me Leap Week?

Happy Monday! I had such a happy sunny weekend, and now I am trying to get back into work mindset.

This is where you get to ask me ANYTHING! What I did on my sunny weekend, what movies I’m watching next weekend, an outline of how a particular actor is or is not related to anyone else in the film industry. Just keep swinging back here all week as you think of things.

Now, question for you! I’m gonna give you an easy one, and then a hard one. First, the easy! Leap Day is this Saturday, what is an exciting personal Indian film related challenge that you would like to set for yourself for Saturday? Watch your first movie from a new language group? Finally watch that film you’ve been putting off? Figure out how to use

I’ll tell you mine! I’m flying to NY/NJ and meeting up with some of you! Oh, and also, trying very hard to watch every single Ramesh Sippy movie even if none of you read the reviews. Still worth it for adding to my deeper knowledge of Hindi film!

Now, the hard question! Inspired by my watching Shaan, you can only pick one, who is the better husband? Shashi Kapoor, or Sunil Dutt?

Image result for shashi kapoor sunil dutt

Shashi is certainly the handsomer man, but I feel like his whole “my wife is dead and I have checked out of parenting and everything else in life” puts him behind Sunil’s “my wife is dead but my son is a drug addict and I will never ever give up on him” awesomeness.

26 thoughts on “Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me Leap Week?

  1. And also, sunil fell for & married an older woman who was far more famous than him, plus she was just coming off a 10 year openly acknowledged love affair with a married man. And he didn’t even blink.

    They both make good husbands and family men, but sunil is the better single-dad and more badass as a human being overall.


  2. Must we choose? Can’t we just say that they were both good at something most men in their profession fail at?

    But, if I must, I gotta stand up for my boy here. I’ve read a few interviews of his kids. The way Kunal, Karan and Sanjana speak about him makes me think he didn’t check out of fatherhood the way we think. They always sound very proud, protective and loving. Kunal, for example, had talked about how much fun they had shooting Ajooba, how the set was one big party. That was in 1991. But yeah, there was this persistent sadness in him that everybody around him was aware of and he couldn’t shake off. But he was still there for his kids. Their enduring love for him speak to that. And he was there for his grandchildren too. Karan had mentioned in an interview how towards the end, he would only be himself with his grandchildren.

    Sunil is awesome too. He was a wonderful husband to Nargis. Given how conservative our society, including Bollywood is(despite pretending to be the opposite), he still married a very famous woman who was the mistress of another very famous, powerful man. That proves how brave he was and how strong his love for her was. He was everything she deserved. He was an wonderful father too. He was always there for his son, even when he ended up in very hot water for being a thoughtless moron.


  3. I’m gonna make an argument for Shashi based purely on how his kids turned out. Yes, it’s probably not fair to blame the parents for the behavior of their adult children, but there’s no denying that Shashi raised kids who are quietly doing good things while Sunil…did not.

    I’m in Alleppey getting ready to fly to Chennai to see Rekhs! This trip has been freaking amazing so far. I went to a Hindu temple for the first time yesterday (three, actually) and one of them had the entire Ramayana portrayed in a plaster frieze painted in bright colors. I also got to visit a school and it was so charming, the kids were super excited to meet an American and two teenage girls deputized themselves to be my guides and asked me if I knew Justin Bieber, lol. Before that I got to see elephants in the Periyar Tiger Reserve. And I toured the backwaters! And I’m not even touching on everything I’ve done so far on this trip.

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    • Just to be clear….you don’t know Justin Bieber, right?

      To be fair to Sunil, all but one of his kids are doing great! One daughter married young-ish to a great guy and happily disappeared into anonymity, and the other daughter stayed home and married late and has a career in politics and charity and fundraising. Not as great as Shashi’s 100% success rate, but not terrible.

      And I am so glad your trip is amazing! This is so exciting!


    • Happy for you Alisa!
      Arguing along the same lines, maybe Sunil’s blind support of his son resulted in Sanjay being such a problematic person. I’m not that familiar with the events of 1993, but that’s the generaI sense I get. It’s the same with Salim Khan and Salman I feel. Saw an interview of him where he was honest and philosophical about other topics, but was all ‘my son is so respectful and loving, can do no wrong’ when it came to Salman!

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