Bad Girls Month Movie Schedule!

Okay, let’s do this! I’ll probably still throw in some bonus films along the way, and it is possible that if someone suggests something awesome, I may swap out a later one for something else. But for now, this is the list!

Wednesday 3/4: 22 Female Kottayam (available NOWHERE! Good luck to you in finding it, but it is also so important for this theme that I have to talk about it)

Awesome complex rape revenge/woman in prison picture. One of the best explorations of why a woman becomes “bad” I’ve ever seen. Worth trying as hard as you can to see it.

Thursday 3/5: Puli (Youtube! link here)

Sridevi is an evil queen/sorcerer in Fairy Tale Times. Tell me you don’t want to watch that. Oh, also it was one of her last movies.

Friday: Miss Frontier Mail (

Hunterwali was the movie that made Fearless Nadia a star, and then this is the follow-up now that they knew what people liked and what worked for her, and they could go all in on the stunts and fight scenes and stuff.

Image result for miss frontier mail

Sunday 3/8: Bareilly Ki Barfi (Netflix)

First film that came to mind when I had this idea! A heroine who isn’t evil, but is “bad” according to Indian society and can’t seem to make herself into someone who is “good”.

Wednesday 3/11: The Great Gambler (Netflix)

I haven’t seen this, but I have been promised that Zeenat Aman is an amoral club dancer, and that’s all I want.

Thursday 3/12: Missamma (2003) (Prime)

Bhoomika Chawla as an evil boss lady! I’m excited!

Friday 3/13: CID (

Waheeda Rahman’s break out role as the troubled gangster moll that honest cop Dev Anand just can’t stop thinking about.

Sunday 3/15: Gupt (einthusan)

One of the most spoiled endings ever, but I’m still not gonna spoil it for you. Just watch the movie, and trust me. Also, it is the most insanely 90s thing EVER, so if you like the 90s, you will like it.

Wednesday 3/18: Nagina (youtube link here)

Sridevi as a snake lady and Amrish Puri as an evil Priest! If that doesn’t make you want to watch this movie, nothing will.

Thursday 3/19: Padayappa (einthusan)

Ramya Krishnan is the most nightmarish evil possible version of a “woman scorned”, and it is delightful.

Friday 3/20: Dirty Picture (nowhere! Very weird. But check your local library for the DVD, it’s what I’ll be doing. And again, it is so on topic I can’t ignore it)

Most famous “bad girl” movie of recent times, Vidya plays a character loosely based on Silk Smitha, a woman with sexuality who isn’t ashamed of it.

Sunday 3/22: Chaalbaaz (1989) (einthusan)

Sridevi double-role! As a prostitute (?) and a good woman who can’t resist dancing when she hears music. Anyway, she whips people and seduces Sunny Deol, it’s great.

Wednesday 3/25: Kannezhuthi Pottum Thottu (hotstar or einthusan)

A great watch! A revenge movie with a heroine willing to do whatever it takes for justice, and not only that, it is just “revenge”, not “rape revenge”.

Thursday 3/26: VIP 2 (Prime)

Kajol again! Playing the Big Bad Businesswoman.

Friday 3/27: Dedh Ishqiya (Prime)

Madhuri and Huma Qureshi playing maybe Lesbians who trick and lie and play with the men around them.

Sunday 3/29: Manoranjan (Netflix)

Grand finale! Zeenat Aman as a cheerfully unapologetic prostitute, existing in a whole universe of happy prostitutes.


2 thoughts on “Bad Girls Month Movie Schedule!

  1. I skipped through Puli recently and at first I thought: oh this is so odd, I must watch. But later it became weirder and weirder and I don’t think I want to watch it. But I can’t wait to read your review.


    • I have been meaning to watch it for years, mostly just because it is a late Sridevi performance in Tamil cinema, but it hasn’t been available. Super excited to see it on youtube now!

      On Sun, Mar 1, 2020 at 2:43 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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