Discussion Post: What Actor Do You Find NOT Physically Attractive But SUPER Personality Attractive?

The reverse of the morning’s discussion post! Who are the people you have a crush on purely because their personality is so awesome even if you don’t like their looks?

Okay, you know how you see some actor onscreen and go “ew”? Because he’s kind of chubby and low on charisma and old and whatever? And then you start reading about how much he loves his wife, and his super smart interviews, and the risky roles he takes, and you kind of fall in love with him anyway?

I’ll start!

Naseeruddin Shah

I will admit to being attracted to him in Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro, but he had a swag there that he has nowhere else. The rest of the time, I’m attracted to him because his wife is awesome, and he’s all progressive and stuff about things, and he takes risky roles in risky films, and he is just so very good at what he does.

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Irrfan Khan

He’s got a funny FUNNY face! The height is good, but his face is odd. Irregular features and strange eyes and stuff. And yet, he seems like such a generally modest hard working guy, everyone respects him from America to India, how can I not be a little bit in love with him?

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Anil Kapoor

Okay, I have admitted to my shameful illogical attraction to Anil already, and yes grey haired suited older Anil is a STUD. But even younger dopey Anil was a great husband and father with great feminist progressive views. So, hot in that way.

Image result for anil kapoor

Okay, who are your “they are such great husbands and fathers and social advocates that I love them” people?


27 thoughts on “Discussion Post: What Actor Do You Find NOT Physically Attractive But SUPER Personality Attractive?

  1. I’m throwing an American in the mix because I can’t think of an Indian. Lin-Manuel Miranda. Dorky face, but it matches his dorky personality.


  2. I saw Irrfan for the first time in A Mighty Heart and found him breathtakingly attractive as a calm, competent, compassionate police officer, or maybe army officer I can’t remember. It’s definitely got a lot to do with his personality/talent/intelligence but maybe it’s not physical? But at this point I don’t know.

    I also would have said Rajkummar a couple of years ago, but either he’s grown into his looks or I’ve changed my taste.


  3. Once again, I agree with both of your choices.
    Another actor that I don’t find physically attractive but do find super personality attractive is, (this is gonna hurt), Madhavan. Let me clear that up a bit. I mean when he was younger and looked like a cute, chubby, hamster. With age has come real sex appeal. I find the older, grayer Madhavan super attractive.

    Funny, a lot of actors do improve with age.


    • Not loving Maddy???? That’s terrible! Glad you clarified that it is only YOUNG Maddy who doesn’t do it for you.

      On Mon, Mar 16, 2020 at 10:15 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. Co-sign on Irrfan’s attractiveness with Alisa and Miss Braganza, and also seems humble and intelligent with a dry, self-deprecating sense of humor. Killer. Also agree with Naseeruddin, I have a deep fondness for him. And maybe Jim Sarbh? I don’t know that much about him in real life but he seems smart and outspoken about the right things. And I know he can smolder onscreen, but if Irrfan can be on this list for unconventional face then so can Jim.


  5. Pankaj Tripathi – While he’s traditionally good-looking enough, I don’t think I’d be attracted to him if he weren’t as sweet as he’s rumored to be in real life and every single character of his wasn’t so damned watchable as he makes them.

    Andrew “Hot Priest” Scott – Same reason as Tripathi. He’s generally supposed to be a sweet person. His characters are so damned sexy, even when they’re evil.


    • Good choices, all around! I considered adding Pankaj, but I wasn’t sure he actually was that nice in real life. Good to get confirmation.

      On Tue, Mar 17, 2020 at 5:37 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • No, no, he’s very nice and a thorough gentleman. Not just the cast of his movies but the crew have spoken about how nice he is. No starry airs with him, even after he gained his current success. In his interviews, he always comes across as thoughtful and well-informed.


  6. Arjun Kapoor – ok, now I find him super sexy but earlier I hardly knew him and wasn’t attracted at all. Till I read, here on your blog, how had behaved after Sridevi’s death. In that moment I thought: “hey he is such a good guy, I like him”. Later I noticed he is also hot.
    It’s funny because it was all the other way round with his cousin Harsh. First I was: he is so handsome, I’m a fan. And later I bacame a little bored with his tweets and ridiculous tattoos.

    Ali Fazal – he is handsome but not my type, but I love his courage. He is risking his quite short career to tell what he thinks and I admire it.


  7. OK this will hurt alot of you and I might get killed for this but Shahrukh Khan sorry I just physically don’t find him attractive but personality wise he’s so charming, witty intelligent and the list goes on…


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