4 People Songs! Happy Songs In Which We Jump Between Two Couples!

Just felt like putting up a happy songs post! And the first two I thought of had two couples in them, so I am running with that.

Technically 1 actor, but playing two characters, so 2 couples! And it is such a happy song. And kind of funny, because the two heroes for weird reasons had to swap girlfriends, meaning they have to pretend to be into the girl without really being “into” her. “Duniya Mein Aaye”

Another Judwaa! They are just all so happy. This time the two guys are with the right girls, and one of them is shy while the girl takes the lead, and the other is the reverse. “Oonchi Hai Building”

And of course Duplicate! Shahrukh and Juhi and Sonali, once again the wrong guys with the wrong girls, “Ladna Jhagadna”

K3G deleted scene! Both brothers getting it on with both sisters!

Speaking of brother-brother and sister-sister, gotta do the big wedding song “Kachchi Kaliyaan”

Really cool song from a really bad movie! “Aadhi Raat” from Parampara!

“Jaanu Mere Jaan” Shashitabh! And their respective lady loves!

Or is Vinod-Amitabh better? “Jaate Ho Jaane Jaana”

And finally, my favorite terrible two hero movie/songs! Ishq! With Aamir and Ajay! And Kajol and Juhi! Starting with “Mr. Lova Lova”

And then my total absolute favorite, not despite the stupid but because it, “Neend Churiye”

10 thoughts on “4 People Songs! Happy Songs In Which We Jump Between Two Couples!

  1. Those were great! And so happy to see the Ishq songs get some love.

    Here a few more, all oldies of course:

    Shashi-Zeenat & Randhir-Neetu in Heeralal Pannalal – such a fun song!

    Then we have Dharamendra – Hema & Vinod-Parveen Babi in The Burning Train.

    And finally Sridevi – Anil K. & Sridevi – Rishi K. in Gurudev…interesting, all 3 songs are by RD. Burman.


    • The Burning Train! I just recommended it on my Prime streaming post! So incredibly fun.

      On Sun, Mar 22, 2020 at 8:51 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I immediately thought of the K3G deleted scene but how about this: shows the 2 couples and their differences so well even tho that’s not the main idea of the song.


    • Yes! I considered and rejected because of the loophole that their are actually THREE couples in that one. Although maybe that makes it even more perfect?

      On Sun, Mar 22, 2020 at 10:11 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. First one to come to my mind, though they are not the ‘right’ couples!

    3 couples!

    I think this counts

    Multiple couples

    I feel there are many more such songs though!


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