Discussion Post: Which Movie Mothers Do You Most LIKE???

I feel we need to be fair to motherhood, after yesterday’s post asking which one you least like, we need to include ones you DO like and why.

Just off the top of my head, first ones that come to mind:

Farida Jalal in DDLJ: She raises her daughter to be confident and free-thinking, she is smart enough to see when her daughter is sad or scared or otherwise unhappy, and when she has to break her daughter’s heart she does it with honesty and depth, not just a call for blind obedience but an explanation of the power of the patriarchy. Finally, she reverses herself and supports her daughter’s dreams above her husband’s wishes.

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Kirron Kher in Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna: She loves her son but isn’t blind to his faults, manages to balance honest criticism with love and support. And she loves her working non-traditional daughter-in-law, and her sensitive artistic grandson too!

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Zarina Wahab in My Name is Khan: She has a son with special needs and, despite poverty and a lack of education and a lack of social support, she advocates for him and figures out how to raise him so that he becomes a wise loving adult. She tries hard to balance the needs of both her sons but is also wise enough to let her other son go when he needs his space.

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Okay, those are my favorite Moms at the moment! Who are yours?

23 thoughts on “Discussion Post: Which Movie Mothers Do You Most LIKE???

  1. I really like the Mother in Mughal-e-Azam…super dramatic in her love…even though she was torn between husband and son she was doing the best to maintain peace…just a really interesting character!

    And Supriya Pathak in Wake Up Sid was an awesome Mom…gave her son too much love and then realized how she spoilt him…found other ways to be supportive…


    • Oooh also the ultimate MOM – Nirupa Roy in Deewar…she raised her two sons alone after the husband abandoned them…worked hard lifting heavy bricks to feed them…brought them up and educated at least one son…and when she realized that one son had become a criminal she stood up her morals and refused to let her love overlook his crimes…plus she had the best dialogue in the movie – “You have become very rich but you will never be rich enough to buy your mother”


      • Oh oh! I read a great article on Deewar a while back spinning it as an Oedipal thing. Nirupa treated Amitabh like a substitute husband, putting too much responsibility on him as a young child, and it led to a whole unbalanced relationship the rest of his life, he resented her for what she did to him.


        • Aah I see the Oedipal thing…but that’s also like any Indian Man’s relationship with his mother….though I don’t see the resentment…didnt he worship her till the end? Even putting his life in danger to pray for her??


          • The argument would be that he was so filled with shame about being angry with her that he only let it out in tormented passive aggressive ways, like refusing to go into the temple with her.

            Not saying I agree, but it’s a really interesting way to think about the movie!

            On Sun, Apr 5, 2020 at 7:32 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Interesting, both of those mothers were flawed, but then corrected, which is what makes them really remarkable. They saw that their spoiling was ruining their son, and changed their behavior and their son grew up.


  2. Farida Jalal in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai… a lot of smiling love for her son and a truly supportive grandmom for her granddaughter; also not shy to impose her ideas (summer camp, Johnny Lever).
    Rakhee Gulzar in Karan Arjun…her strength and love for her sons touches even Universe.
    Sushma Seth in Deewana…she is a dedicated and sensible mother-in-law and understands and accepts that his son’s wife stays with ShahRukh…
    Kirron Kher again in Main Hoon Na…she accepts her sons step-brother as her son
    Kirron Kher again in Om Shanti Om…such a nice mother, supporting later the reborn son with courage and dedication.
    Sheeba Chaddha in Raees…a fiercy and dedicated mother, very independent

    Btw. going through ShahRukh’s movies, I find it interesting that in almost all his movies his character is either an orphan or a half-orphan…only in Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na and K3G he has both parents.

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    • Only one I disagree with is Kirron in MHN! She takes too long to accept her stepson, and takes her son away from his father. Not saying she has to accept the stepson, but she could have stayed and tried to work things out instead of cutting all ties. Or at least understood that her husband really couldn’t turn his back on his son.


      • I can relate to both her reactions:
        Her husband had a long lasting affair with even a child she was not aware of…that is very hurting, so he left him with her son when she got to know about (fine for me).

        She changed her reaction when she got to know about all the reasons and emotions of her step-son…it shows that it is important to know than only to suppose because that can change the own emotional approach.


  3. Can I nominate Kiron Khmer again? In Khoobsurat as Sonam’s hilarious mother giving advice over FaceTime and defending her daughter when the royal family kept implying she wasn’t good enough.

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  4. I just saw the film October recently, quite a depressing film but felt so real. And the mother in that really touches you, she’s seems to always have been understanding of her daughter and let her study hotel management because she liked it (even though Shiuli’s uncle was saying she should have studied engineering) and she always believed strongly in her daughter’s recovery, tried to have as much hope as she could, kept on teaching at a university to support the hospital bills while bringing her other two high school aged kids to the hospital everyday to study while seeing their sister. This is such a realistic mother that I feel you would find on every street and that’s what was nice to see. She was depressed and unsure of if Shiuli was going to come out of her coma but she never lost hope. And I liked the relationship between her and Varun’s character, very touching.


    • Yes, she was great! And not unbreakable. That is, we actually saw her struggle with things, she wasn’t the usual “mother’s can carry all burdens” kind of mother.

      On Mon, Apr 6, 2020 at 2:27 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. The ones who come to mind are Reema in Yes Boss, Juhi’s mom in PBDHH, even though we only see her a couple of times, Jaya in KHNH and K3G, Dimple in Luck by Chance, Neena in Badhaai Ho. I pretty much love Kirron Kher every time she plays a mom, good, bad, and indifferent. My favorite is as Aish’s mom in Devdas. So much life, happy and loving in challenging circumstances, all heart, no guile.


  6. I really liked the mother in Chi La Sow played by Rohini. She plays a mother in almost every telugu movie now, some roles are good and some bad, but this one in Chi La Sow was beautiful. I’m not sure if it’s the mother or how the movie treated her, maybe both. I can’t say much without spoilers but she plays a woman with some issue and that thing costs her daughter few arranged matches. She knows it and suffers a lot. Really please watch the movie, it’s great.


    • I love Rohini! She is also an amazing mother in Guppy, but that movie is so upsetting in general I’m not sure if I should recommend it.

      On Mon, Apr 6, 2020 at 12:00 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Guppy is a perfect example of this rare kind of movies only Malayalees can do – very sad when you think about the plot, but not depressing, quite the opposite – uplifting.


        • Yes! This is my problem when trying to sell these movies to my parents. I just showed them Godha, which I remembered as “happy”, but it’s still MAlayalam, so there is still a lot of sadness to get through before the ending.


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