Watch Student of the Year With Me Here in 30 Minutes!

Woo-hoo! In 30 minutes, 3pm Chicago time, I will start commenting on this post as I watch the film and you can comment along with me.

Reminder! SOTY is only available on the ErosNow Prime channel, which is HORRIBLE. Instead of subscribing to it (faulty subtitles, movies that don’t play, really not worth it), you can just rent the movie on youtube from the link below for $2.99. Or on googleplay, same price.

See you all right here in half an hour!

500 thoughts on “Watch Student of the Year With Me Here in 30 Minutes!

  1. Can’t decide if I want them to make love on the field at the end, or just fool around a big and then go back to one of their big houses and find a real bed and make love properly.

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  2. Man, that was so much fun! Glad we’re all on the Sid/Varun train now, haha! Still gonna try to find some fanvids, I know they exist. I don’t know if I’ll drop them here, or on some other post.

    Hope it was a good choice! I know in the original post it was my first choice, and I really appreciate it Margaret!


  3. Popping back in to say I found a criminally small amount in terms of fanvids (one, and it’s not even a re-edit like I was thinking), but I found deleted scenes! Albeit without subtitles. Not sure if I should drop them here or on tomorrow’s inevitable Saturday chat post.


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