Happy Mohit Suri Day!!!!! Everyone’s Favorite Romantic Angst B-Movie Director!!!!

Wooo, Mohit Suri! Nice hardworking guy with no hang ups about only making fancy respectable movies, just wants to make movies people like. And someday he and Angie can have a combined birthday party and talk about how he is her favorite director. (also, I lost my mind in the middle of this post and wrote an Angie-Mohit Suri fanfic)

Ready for an orgy of swoony ridiculous romantic montage songs? Because that’s what Mohit Suri is ALLLLLLLL about!

His first movie! Remake of a minor Denzel Washington movie with Emraan and Shilpa Shetty’s little sister! “Woh Lamhe”

Want to see a sweet orphan city boy and an innocent girl from the country who is staying in his house, slowly fall in love? “Jiya Dhadak Dhadak Jaaye”

Ready to see rapist Shiney Ahuja and generally unpleasant person Kangana Ranaut in a song that is really pretty music? Or, alternatively, hit play on the youtube video and then click away so you don’t have to see them and can just listen to the music, “Bin Tere”

I love this song! I saw it years ago on a TV show and I couldn’t find it until literally minutes ago! I am so HAPPY! Look at this confident woman being all “I’m sexy and waiting for my guy” and Emraan being all “hey, look at that confident sexy woman, I like that” “Mahiya”

Warning, More Kangana!!!! But this song is so weird, I can’t resist. Why does Emraan have an enormous Che poster in his studio? “Kaisa Ye Raaz”

Boy, Mohit’s films are really a mixed bag! Crook: It’s Good to Be Bad is not the greatest title. And this is not the greatest song, “Challa India”

Finally, back to higher quality stuff! Good song, Jacqueline instead of Kangana, only downside is Emraan’s hair. “Hale Dil Tujhko Sunata”

And then the movie that finally made Mohit into a director people knew and respected instead of just a random Bhatt kid cranking out terrible Bhatt remakes, Aashiqui 2! And yes, I will be posting both of the big songs, “Tum Hi Ho”

“Sun Raha Hai Na Tu”

And then Ek Villain! Who doesn’t love a love story about a dying girl and a troubled gangster bad boy? “Galliyan”

And then the movie that NO ONE LIKES, except Angie. At their combined birthday party, she and Mohit can watch it over and over and talk about why it is awesome and no one else understands, “Hamari Adhuri Kahani”

Also, Half-Girlfriend! No one likes this movie! What is the strange magical connection Mohit and Angie have?

If this were one of Mohit’s own movies, she would be a troubled young woman in a bad situation (dying, alcoholic father, abusive husband, etc.) and he would be a tormented artist who is allergic to shirts, his films would fail leading him to have dramatic emotional out bursts, but she would go to see them and gain strength to survive her terrible circumstances, then write him a fan letter which he at first ignores, then stumbles on and reads late at night and decides he must track down this woman who understands his Art and get her help on his next film. He finds her, her family objects, but she holds firm and takes his job offer. They travel the world working on his film, she is shy and quiet in the background but he draws her out, they become friends, he brings her to beautiful places and opens her eyes to a whole new world, and finally she kisses him and they make sweet tender love. But he has to finish the movie, and her family has some disaster which forces her to return home. Her family emotionally blackmails her into an arranged marriage, and meanwhile he has a terrible diving accident which puts him into a coma. For the sake of the movie, his agent and everyone covers up the accident so she thinks he is just ignoring her calls and is heartbroken. Until, finally, on the day of the day of the wedding she sees the coverage of the release party and notices he is not there. She knows that nothing would stop him from going to his movie opening day (he had talked with her about how important that was to him) and senses something is wrong. She starts calling everyone and finally gets through to the lowly chai boy who is the one to tell her that Mohit was in a terrible accident. She rushes from her wedding, in full wedding clothes, to the hospital, pushes past the doctors and nurses to his side, grabs his hand and tells him she is here, and he wakes up! His eyes open and he looks at her and smiles and says “I was dreaming of you!” And then they cry and kiss.

Oh right, and here is a song from Half Girlfriend, “Phir Bhi Tumko Chaahunga”

I hate all the people in this song (Goa ravvers? Blech!), but boy is it catchy! “Malang”

So that’s Mohit Suri! Young kid who started working for his uncle cranking out really bad movies, finally hit it big with Aashiqui 2, and then stayed in his lane as the guy who makes ridiculous sexy melodramatic addictive trash films with great music. And also has a really cute family.


Mohit Suri welcomes son Karrma; Purab Kohli too shares a picture ...

2 thoughts on “Happy Mohit Suri Day!!!!! Everyone’s Favorite Romantic Angst B-Movie Director!!!!

  1. Happy Birthday Mohit! I love you!

    I also love everything in youy fanfic except that the heroine is dying. We don’t need it in our fantasy world.


    • Okay, she can have an alcoholic father instead. He pressures her into the arranged marriage to a nice guy who loves her and offered to clear her father’s debts if they marry.


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