Mystery Movies to Watch With Your Spouse

Based on my highly sophisticated analysis, I am pretty sure the vast majority of my readers are female. So of the lists I have put out of suggestions to watch, the first (rom-coms) is to watch alone, the second (kid’s movies) to watch with your family. And now, movies to watch with your spouse! Or roommate or whatever, a fellow adult is the point.

These are all movies with extremely well-crafted scripts, perfectly directed to help you get sucked in by the mystery. No emotions, no romance, no songs (at least not the “Bollywood” style people picture). Nothing to turn off a judgmental fellow adult, and everything to appeal to them. Only problem is resisting the urge to say “actually what you think of as “Bollywood” is a very small part of the Hindi film industry, films like these are very common, let me give you a lecture on your prejudice”.

(if there is a review, I link to it. But watch out, all of these movies are better if you don’t spoil yourself first!)

Ittefaq (2017) (Netflix)

Super fun twisted mystery that keeps you guessing, and has lots of little funny touches like a light in the interrogation room that everyone keeps trying to fix, and a sassy wife of the chief detective. Very good directing, very good script, decent acting. And for the more shallow folks, smart-hot Akshaye Khanna, and tall-hot Sid M.

Ittefaq 2017 movie review: Bengaluru audience is all gaga over the ...

Ittefaq (1969) (Prime)

The original! Just as good as the remake, maybe slightly better. Similar set-up but the twists that follow are completely different. You can watch both films in any order you want and will enjoy them equally. And enjoy them more when you compare and contrast. Oh, and you can watch boyish young Rajesh Khanna in a very out of character kind of role.

Ittefaq (1969 film) - Wikipedia

Kahaani (Netflix)

You know the saying “the city was like another character”? That has never been more true than in this movie. Our heroine is Calcutta and Calcutta is our heroine, and she is an amazing heroine. Charming, smart, kind, with a heartbreak she is hiding inside. And for once, it is the heroine who is the center of the film. The movie starts with a classic film noir set-up, the hero arrives in a new city looking for someone, but then it goes in so many unexpected directions in such a beautiful brilliant way. No one doesn’t like this film.

kahaani-poster - Cafeमराठी.com

Badla (Netflix)

An interrogation structure, two actors at the top of their game trading dialogue and playing mental chess as the film flashes back to show what they are describing. Cold clear Scottish landscapes, a locked room mystery that turns into a tense countryside thriller, and finally the interrogation scene we start with. You won’t see the twists coming, and you will enjoy rewatching the film again and again once you know how it ends.

Badla-WC-Dist-Poster-Adapt-v1 - SVF Entertainment

Andhadhun (Netflix)

A blind piano player walks into a client’s home where a murder has just occurred and the dead body is on the floor. What happens next??? You won’t believe it if I told you, this movie has one of the best performances by a leading actor, but he is easily over-shadowed by Tabu as the Femme Fatale to end all Femme Fatales. Easily the best mystery thriller since Kahaani.

ANDHADHUN is a classic example on how to turn a source material ...

Detective Byomkesh Bakshy! (Prime)

A period drama set during WWII in Calcutta. The British police are still there, so are Japanese collaborators, and the Quit India protestors, and of course the regular folks trying to live their lives and duck the bombs like our chemistry student becoming professional detective hero and his hapless former classmate/side-kick who hires him to find his missing father. The costumes and period sets are delightful, the plot is exciting and impossibly twisted, and our central detective and sidekick pair have the perfect loving Holmes-Watson chemistry. Bonus, if you like the movie you can check out the book series it is based on!

A Bandwidth Review: Detective Byomkesh Bakshy

Mumbai Police (Einthusan)

It’s a bit slow moving, you have to be patient with it like with all Malayalam films, but the pay off is worth it. And it is very different, if you have watched a whole string of Hindi mystery thrillers, this could be a nice change of pace for you.

Mumbai Police (2013)

Vikram Vedha (einthusan and Tentkotta)

Cat and mouse game, between hero cop Madhavan and beloved of the city gangster Vijay Sethupathi. Two great actors going toe to toe over and over again, a plot that takes turns which will surprise you, some great shoot outs and (for the ladies in the audience) some smoking hot sex scenes.

Vikram Vedha (2017) - IMDb

Talaash (Netflix)

Aamir Khan’s best film in years, a complicated police story crossed with a psychological thriller, an amazing cast starting with Aamir Khan and Rani Mukherjee and Kareena Kapoor as the leads, and going all the way down to Rajkummar Rao as Aamir’s faithful lieutenant with only a few lines and great reaction shots.

Talaash: The Answer Lies Within on iTunes

Talvar (Netflix)

A true crime drama! The case that obsessed the nation, the death of a 14 year old girl and the middle-aged servant of her household, found in the same room by her parents when they woke up in the morning. This movie suggests two possible solutions, presented by the two police officers who headed the two investigations. It’s up to the audience to decide which they believe. Great conversation starter!

Pin on Movie Reviews

Anyway, that’s my list! Please add on in the comments with your suggestions

15 thoughts on “Mystery Movies to Watch With Your Spouse

  1. I find Evaru (Telugu) to be the better remade version of The Invisible Guest. I mean the stories are kind of similar but in Evaru the mystery element is heightened.

    D16/Dhruvangal Pathinaru in Tamil is also a well-made thriller. Some might feel style over substance but I was liked the movie. Evaru and D16 are on Prime.


  2. Ha! It’s like you read my mind. We happened to watch Talaash today. My husband is convinced there are only five actors in Hindi movies, and he still calls Aamir Ranchordas, even though we watched Three Idiots at least two years ago, because the name stuck with him and he thinks it’s funny. So far on this list, he really liked Kahaani and Andhadun, liked Ittefaq okay, and I think Talaash only so so. (It was slower and more sentimental than I was expecting, though I was getting a kick out of seeing Aamir, Rani, Kareena, and Nawaz all together. I really liked Aamir and Rani as a couple, they should reunite as age-appropriate parent characters.) I think he would have also really liked Ishqiya, but either he wasn’t there the night I watched or he fell asleep.


    • Ooo, do Badla and Talvar next! Except, has he already seen the Spainish original of Badla? In that case, do Talvar!

      On Sat, Apr 11, 2020 at 10:58 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • I think that means Byomkesh is the only one left for you besides Talwar? I love it, but it got bad reviews, which makes me nervous about recommending it as highly as the others!

          On Sun, Apr 12, 2020 at 11:03 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • I can always go sports or historical with him too. I was tempted by Jodha Akbar but it’s so long.


          • Dhoni and Gold are my top recs for sports (not counting Dangal, since it’s kind of a family story more than a sports story). Dhoni and Gold are just good solid based-on-a-true-story sports movies.

            On Sun, Apr 12, 2020 at 11:16 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. One of my guilty pleasures is the movie Vaada. (It’s on Amazon Prime) Arjun Rampal has never been handsomer nor as satanic looking. Amisha Patel has never been more lovely or less annoying. And Zayed Khan still reminds me of an overactive dog trying to hump your leg. Worth it just for Arjun Rampal. And can any other man rock a baby blue suit like he does?


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