Shahrukh Khan “I For India” Song: Is That a Wig?

Very clever good performance in a clever good video, but as a loyal SRKian, I got totally distracted by analysis of, like, the art on the wall. Also (always and forever), his hair.

Let me be clear: I don’t think he is going bald. But I do think he must be having the same hair distress as most people are suffering (not me, but I’m special). His hair looks soooooooooooooooooooooo good here! So either it is a perfectly styled wig that he just dumped on top of regular head hair, or his regular head hair is looking fan-freaking-tastic and he should never go to a professional cutter again.

I’m gonna post the whole video link I watched, but I am nervous about it being pulled, so I will also summarize for you all just in case. He gave a little speech, then sang a song, then there was an instrumental break and AbRam joined in and danced and sang with him, then AbRam said “stop” and he stopped and gave a sincere request to donate money. It was cute!

Text of speech:


I am Shahrukh Khan. First of all I want to thank everyone involved for getting me on board with “I for India”. Especially because it’s going to showcase so many wonderful singing talents and everybody who knows me knows I can’t sing to save my life.

And so I am doubly thankful for taking this chance on me everybody. But that’s what life is about, it’s about chances, good chances, about hope, about compassion and love. And that’s what we’re here to do on this platform, share love and compassion, in whatever we can.

And so I’m going to try and singing. You know seeing so many people on social media doing so many awkward things, how bad can this be?

And then he sings a pleasant catchy little song by Badshah with lyrics by Sainee Raj about all the strange things happening now, like Shahrukh Khan turning singer. But things will return to normal someday.

In the middle, AbRam shows up dancing in the bottom of the screen, then Shahrukh picks him up to dance with him, and play with the microphone, then finishes the song himself and says “Well, that was it. But I think we can do one more song?” And AbRam interrupts him to say “Papa! Papa, enough song, let’s go”.

Then he says “Now it is time to say I Can, I Must, I Will. Please do your bit for India, press the donate button, and say ‘I…For India’. Namaskar”

Okay, let’s move on to deep analysis! We will take it as a given that the song was clever and managed to stay within his very very tiny vocal range, and that Shahrukh sold it perfectly in terms of emphasizing certain lyrics and all of that.

We will also take it as a given that his opening remarks were perfectly comforting and inspiration at the same time and left us with a beautiful warm glow, and that he OBVIOUSLY wrote them himself, because they have that smart SRK touch.

Moving on, SRK fan analysis! The Hair! The Teeth! The Room! The AbRam!

Room first, this is not a space we normally see, right? I assume it was chosen because it is the most soundproof. It’s not his usually familiar wood lined office. But they did a good job with putting personal touches in it and making it a nice video background. Maybe it is his usual Skype business call office? Versus his personal office he uses for videos to fans?

In the world of Video calls we are all living in, everyone reading this is newly hyper aware of background, right? This has great lighting, no shadows, that picture is perfect for giving something interesting in the frame without dominating, and the stuff on the shelves behind is nicely balanced as well.

Balanced in multiple ways, Hindu on the right and Muslim on the left, along with that really cool K/H sculpture. The K/H also being non representational art, so in keeping with the Koran beneath. And that nice family photo from a few years back on the shelf along with SRK action figures. I wish my Zoom call space was as nice! It’s kind of an old family photo, but Dad’s do that don’t they? My Dad’s office family photo was taken when I was 8, and he kept the same one on his desk until he retired when I was 24.

Now, HAIR! Can we all agree this is a very very good look? I know I have some serious shag fans out there, but even for us shag-neutral folks, this is quite good. It’s not trying too hard or too youthful, but it is still appropriately “cool Dad” feeling. It’s got a nice lift to it too, and just enough highlights to look textured. It’s not falling too much into his eyes, it nicely frames his face and jaw line, just perfect. Only downside is that I can’t see his eyebrows, but that’s really as much on the sunglasses as the hair.

But my primarily question is, is this a wig???? See, it’s kind of so good, I don’t trust it. And that bang line, does something seem a little off to you? It seems a little off to me.

On the other hand, it is a very shaggy look, it could legitimately be what his last regular haircut grew out into being, and this is all just lucky chance and good hair gel.

See???? He even shakes it with AbRam. I just don’t know! I’m so TORN!!!!

But AbRam looks really cute. And his bangs are definitely being cut, but perhaps more in a “Mommy with scissors” way than salon quality.

Oh, and for those of you who are more teeth-analysts than hair-analysts, enjoy a scarily close close-up!

Okay, now talk amongst yourselves! And if some generous person wants to translate the Hindi lyrics, that would be okay too.

UPDATE: Because I am a MILLION YEARS OLD, it did not occur to me to look on instagram for a possibly more stable link. Smart Rachel suggested it in the comments, here is SRK’s instagram post.

38 thoughts on “Shahrukh Khan “I For India” Song: Is That a Wig?

  1. Ok so I’m not yet ready to translate (working on that skill while home) but how did he shake his head so so hard if it was a wig? To be fair I wore extensions for my big party last year and I could have shaken my head pretty hard. But not without you seeing some hardware for lack of a better word. I’m gonna say 60/40 no wig? Just grown out like crazy. OMG I wish I had fuller hair!

    I like the shag, it really is such a good DILF look for him.

    Also the lyricist according to his own post on Instagram is Sainee Raj.

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    • Thank you! Shahrukh said “Sah-nee” and I had no idea what name that would be. And instagram! Did not occur to me to look there for a more reliable video link! How are you an unknown-number-of-years older than me, and so much more with it?

      And Sainee Raj looks like a young clever female writer, continuing the SRK tradition of mentoring clever young women. Such a DILF indeed.

      On Sun, May 3, 2020 at 7:50 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. It’s been 20 minutes and only one comment and 4 views! What is WRONG with you people? Do you no longer love SRK? Should we just tell him to stop being charming and clever and playing with his adorable son because no one cares?

    Or is this one of those time zone things and most people are asleep right now?


    • Oh how irritating, if you were one year younger your age would be so much easier to calculate. My Mom was born in 1950 and I am endlessly jealous. 2020 babies will just have the best lives. And can you imagine being born in January 2000? You would never have to think while filling out a form!

      On Sun, May 3, 2020 at 7:58 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • That is an excellent point. Born in the 70s is just sort of “oh, that’s….okay”. And you were born in 1969! A year of Momentous World Changes! And sex jokes!

      On Sun, May 3, 2020 at 8:01 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Hair – I kinda lean towards wig, but I don’t really know. He would have had to have someone come in to help him color it if it isn’t a wig – but maybe Gauri is really good with hair color? And I am the one SRK fan who doesn’t like shag. Especially with sunglasses! WHY WEAR SUNGLASSES INSIDE? So weird. It looks like he is trying really hard.

    I loved hearing him sing, in the three notes he can sing in.

    Room – I’m a fan of that desk. It’s a good room. I just had a family zoom call with a pile of clean dishes and a spice rack as my background so yeah, he had a good background.

    AbRam is super cute. I guess no one else in the family wanted to sing with him?


    • I had a theory that the sunglasses were because he couldn’t get his eye make-up right without professional help. Not like his eyes are bruised or anything, but it is a tricky area to put make-up and have it not look like make-up, and a really tricky area if you are 54 with natural aging and don’t want to look all sad and squinty. anyway, they I let that theory go because the rest of his face looked really good, so either he is a vampire and doesn’t need make-up, or he had a make-up person to help him so why not do the eyes? I don’t know, maybe they just had to have really bright lights? But then, AbRam wasn’t squinty so he didn’t need sunglasses! It is a mystery.

      SRK’s kids have an age range close to what you have but more so, so yeah, the baby of the family is always “oh boy! Doing things my parents planned is super cool!” and then the older kids I picture more of a “no thanks Dad, we actually have our own plans to skype with friends” kind of reaction.

      On Sun, May 3, 2020 at 8:41 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. I am a little pressed for time right now but I just want to say: that is NOT a wig. I have a screen shot of the part where he’s shaking his head with AbRam but I can’t get it on here. If you instruct me I’ll add it. In any event, you can clearly see a distinct patch of gray on top. It is so weird looking because if his roots were going gray wouldn’t you see it elsewhere.

    Also, he’s clearly had his hair done–I’m guessing his hair guy, Raaj, got snuck in to do a cut and color. Because his hair is much shorter than it was under those awful beanies.

    There are translations available of the song. Check out my pal @BrijwaSrk, who translated it on my request. What a doll!

    Anyway, if you can help me figure out how to get my screen shot here, I will happily share!

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    • Now that you pointed it out I can totally see those gray patches. But doesn’t that also mean his hair wasn’t done too recently? And if there are gray patches, it can’t be a wig.


      • So now we are on no wig, but also no professional work?

        Is it possible that his hair guy video called in and walked someone else through doing it? Which was maybe enough to clean up the cut, but doing the color is just too hard to do perfectly without being there?

        On Sun, May 3, 2020 at 10:56 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Looks like you solved the screenshot problem, yaaaaay!

      However, if you have a direct link for the lyrics, that I would super super appreciate!

      On Sun, May 3, 2020 at 8:54 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. It’s not a wig for sure. You can see the gray roots occasionally when he’s shaking his head with AbRam if you watch closely. I don’t think he’s as gray as people think but there is a patch in the back that always goes gray whereas the rest is not so bad.

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  6. He’s had this office for a long time. There were interviews done here from way back during Om Shanti Om time – the same black shelves, the same colorful painting in the back. It’s by some famous Indian painter but I can’t recall his name right now. The desk might be new but I’m not sure.
    The glass doors that you can see on the side are special privacy glass that can automatically be changed from clear to opaque depending on your mood/needs with just a switch. He had mentioned it somewhere.
    I think he stopped using this office publicly once his wood-paneled library was built.


    • If the privacy glass can change to opaque from clear, it probably also has a good soundproof component? Which would explain why he wanted to record here. The sound quality really was great. I am guess he recorded the song earlier and, then the speech in the office, then several takes lipsyncing the song, then the editors brought it all together.


  7. This is sweet. His hair looks really good, definitely pro cut. And his beard matches, so I’m going with recent touch up. The daddy/son shag shake moment was cute, takes the perfect out of it. He looks thin, though, right? And I’m with Genevieve on the glasses. Why is he wearing glasses in every video lately? We want to see your eyes. It’s like he’s hiding.

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    • I was thinking he looks less thin! Which could just be because he is in motion, the still shots we have been getting on red carpets and stuff, we aren’t used to seeing him that way (compared to on film). Anyway, in this video he felt more like Dear Zindagi Shahrukh Body to me, or Jab Harry. Less muscle, and very low body fat, but still meat on the bones.

      Did he have sunglasses on in the other two PSA videos? I thought he didn’t, but maybe I’m not remembering right and I’m too tired to check right now. Let someone else figure that out!

      On Sun, May 3, 2020 at 11:26 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  8. There’s a lot of grey in there, and not just at the roots; you can see a lot of grey hairs mixed in at the front. It looks like he used one of those temporary rinses to try to cover the grey in the hair and beard; they can give this kind of spotty coverage, as they don’t work that well on grey. Compare the recent photos from Kaean Johar who is not using anything to cover the grey.

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  9. Some additional comments: his ‘old’ office has just more natural light and is more youthful than his study… the glasses are multi-functional, I’m sure…maybe also about make-up but I think about doing some acting in a private environment and protecting his eyes from extra-shooting lights (just a guess).
    The shelf shows gifts of the Chennai fanclub he received on his 50th birthday…I like this kind of additional consideration.
    His hair: why would you think of a wig??? He has family with him…maybe Suhana advised him or Gauri or Raaj through face-timing how to dye the hair…it clearly isn’t a professional doing and he just did it for this appearance…and it isn’t cut yet (it has exactly the length one can see when he hid it under the beanies.

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    • Okay, if this isn’t a cut, he needs to make it a cut. It looks so much better than the slightly shorter version we last saw in public.

      On Mon, May 4, 2020 at 2:47 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  10. Thanks for including the teeth shot. He has definitely done something to his teeth. Not sure if for a role or to even out both sides, or correct tooth movement due to age/smoking, or to make his face look fuller. His mouthal (can’t think of a better term) expressions seem stilted and uncomfortable to me.

    I’m with the no wig/quick color touch up leaving grays crew. Agree his hair is super cute. Re: thinness, I just think he’s a naturally pocket-sized kinda guy, who has lost any remnant of youthful fat to pad things out. He looks healthy and good to me overall.

    I miss his eyes and eyebrows too, but I agree with Margaret, both are tricky areas to get right without professional help to shape and do makeup.

    The song is clever and sweet, very on-brand, and it is autotuned to death. Endearing that he needs that much autotune for such a simple tune. It means he’s actually human. And of course, AbRam is the cutest–so natural, in that he’s a bit self-conscious on camera, but also having fun with his papa. And when he kisses Shah Rukh. Oy, I died.


    • Maybe he lost teeth? My Grandma lost teeth a few years older than him, and then there was this whole thing about screwing in new fake teeth with little metal fake roots and a multi-month process and on and on. It was all we talked about for multiple holiday meals. Shahrukh’s childhood malnourishment could easily lead to terrible teeth, maybe they’ve started rotting and need to be taken out and replaced?

      Speaking of his natural tininess, we have AbRam for reference. He is a perfect little boy of course, but also on the skinnier side for a little boy. Not unhealthy, just tends towards lean. His Dad could be the same.

      I love Shahrukh’s eyebrows, but I have noticed a distinctive skinnying a time has gone on. I am sure he needs mascara on them and maybe also some careful work with an eyebrow pencil before they really Pop.

      On Mon, May 4, 2020 at 7:23 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Yep, all of this is possible. I broke a tooth on a stone in some pizza crust a couple of years back, and got an implant. But my smile stayed the same. Maybe he’s managing a temporary solution until things open up again. Whatever, I just hope he’s taking care, teeth and gums are so important to overall health!

        Agreed on the eyebrows. I noticed one of the ways they “youngified” him for Fan was plumping up the eyebrows. 🙂


        • When I watch fanvids, I have started noticing the eyebrow changes more than anything else when you put young SRK next to old SRK. They are like a quarter their original size!

          On Mon, May 4, 2020 at 7:44 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  11. Okay, fans and friends, we MUST END this wig convo. IT IS NOT A WIG. 1) He LOVES his hair and mentions it a lot and jibes about how HE still has his hair. 2) I have very similar hair in terms of colour and the way my dye works and fades. That’s how I look now, though his was done more recently. Mine would look like that if I’d rushed over that first uncertain week of sort of quarantine. 3) I’m unfamiliar with the teeth discussions. Do tell. 4) did he get it cut. Carol and I disagree on that one. I think no, she says yes.
    After 5 hours watching that IforIndia I never went back to read more which is why I didn’t rush to answer. Though Carol and I did our own FaceTime analysis of all of it.
    The only Khan kid who is really a natural in front of the camera is AbRam. Mpollak711

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    • The teeth debate is because he has been keeping his lips closed in videos, and in the few times they opened, some eagle-eyed fan spotted metal.

      In the DCIB world, Procrastinatrix is a big big fan of his natural teeth and how they affect his mouth, and she claims that his mouth-movement has shifted in recent videos. The concern being that he is using braces or something to fix his funky teeth, and we LOVE his funky teeth.

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        • I hadn’t been paying attention to the changes in his teeth but I agree with procrastinatrix here–I love that he has an imperfect mouth. It makes him so relatable, that he doesn’t have perfect teeth. I’d be disappointed if he’s “perfecting” them but, then again, if they need repair that’s another matter and I can’t fault him for that.

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          • Have I to say (eeeh…write) that I have no qualms with a l l his imperfections…neither with whatever he decides to do about them…and I’m really bad in noticing changes 😉


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