Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to Nargis-Sunil’s Birthday Week?

Happy Wednesday! I am almost done! Today I work, tomorrow I work and then go back to my apartment that night, Friday I do a half day and watch a dumb movie with y’all, and then REAL WEEKEND!!!! I’m PUMPED!!!

I’ll start!

Reading: I am shamefully obsessed with celebrity divorces right now, both Indian and American. Nawazuddin and his wife! Julianne Hough and her husband! It’s the news I like.

Watching: I saw Wonder Woman! My Dad picked it, he is just driving us towards new experiences, it’s terrifying. It’s loooooooooooooong, isn’t it?

Thinking: I’m happy again! No reason, just got over whatever was making me sad last week. That’s nice, isn’t it? When your emotions just fix themselves? On the other hand, Albie Dog is NOT happy. Some lovely person in my neighborhood has decided to set off fireworks all night. He spent 2 hours shivering on my Dad’s lap last morning, and then the rest of the day hiding under my skirt.

Listening: Sonakshi celebration! So many great songs!

Now, you go!

19 thoughts on “Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to Nargis-Sunil’s Birthday Week?

  1. Did you see that Nawazuddin’s niece filed sexual harassment charges against his brother? She was nine when it was happening!!!


    • His brother’s daughter? Or someone else? Relative on his wife’s side?

      This matches with what his wife was saying, his brother was an issue in their marriage and she didn’t want him around. And I guess Nawazuddin sided with his family over his wife, thus living separately for the past several years. All of this matches with a vague feeling I have had of Nawazuddin not quite belonging in the Hindi film society. They cast him in loads of stuff, but he doesn’t seem to be really close friends with anyone. Everyone else being love marriage-striking out on our own-don’t care what our family thinks or about old-fashioned rules kind of people.


  2. I mean, good question, what AM I watching? Local trash TV, whenever I have time, which is never. Measures were relaxed here so life has returned with a bang.

    I’m having a deep desire to read Sabatini adventure novels, so I will probably do that.


    • “He was born with the gift of laughter and the sense that the world was mad”. Scaramouche was my Mom’s Dad’s favorite book and we all memorized the first line. It is very rarely useful.

      On Wed, Jun 3, 2020 at 9:16 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Watched Shiraz: A romance of India on YouTube (it’s there 24 hours, if you want to watch it then do it quickly, it’s less than 2 hours long) a silent film made with India, Britain and German collaboration. It’s a good fairy tale with history as the background and I think you might like it a lot! THERE IS STILL 2 HOURS LEFT YOU COULD SEE IT!


  4. I checked what Ankush Chaudhari’s (my new crush) movies are on Prime, and chose the oddest one to watch : Gaiir (2009). It has all the best/ worst 2000 ingredients: crazy twists, multiple plastic surgeries, logic holes, very 2000 costumes and make up. I enjoyed it so much! Ankush doesn’t look good in this film because of terrible hairstyle and costumes. I must watch something newer when he looks better.
    Because it’s a little known film, I wasn’t spoiled and could enjoy all the twists, not like in Mumbai Police or Gupt. It was fun.

    I also have seen Mouna Ragam. It’s the first Mani Ratnam movie I love from the beggining to the end. I will try to watch his other old movies now.


    • I also saw Mouna Ragam! I thought Revathi was amazing. But what I loved best about the movie was the architecture. That house! The funny swinging front door! It is almost like the house was it’s own character.


      • Yaaaaay, Mouna Ragam! So glad more people are watching that, it is a delight.

        On Wed, Jun 3, 2020 at 6:50 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. I might have mentioned a while ago that I started reading a romance novel about white people using an arranged marriage service. I ended up abandoning it a few days ago because it was a huge mess, the hero was a complete creep, and the heroine’s best friend is Indian, which was probably on purpose to make the whole thing okay. It wasn’t. So I started a Captain Hook origin story instead, and it’s way better so far!

    Wonder Woman is an amazing movie! I watched On the Basis of Sex with my family, which is about one of the first court cases RBG argued for, and it was interesting, but too much legal jargon that went over my head.

    And I finally finished Thappad! So good! So interesting! So subtly sexist! Taapsee was amazing, especially in that final scene with Vikram’s mom. What a wonderfully crafted movie.


    • Yaaaay, Thappad! It is so SO good, isn’t it? Check out a comment on my review which proves how good it is, from a misogynist defending the husband. That’s the point! To make the situation so subtle that someone can be trapped into arguing the opposite side. Kind of a canary in a coal mine situation for hidden prejudices, if a guy watches this movie and comes out of it angry at Taapsee, he may seem nice but there is something wrong there.

      And yes, Wonder Woman was good. But a bit long, and a bit dark (literally) for my taste.

      On Wed, Jun 3, 2020 at 12:37 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  6. I saw Saaho in the theater! A theater with only one other person sitting about 15 rows away, so I was able to social distance while doing it. So, you know how the plot is super twisty and confusing? Imagine following it with Japanese subtitles! I eventually gave up on figuring out whose body was flying through the air and why, and decided to just let Prabhas’s lovely voice wash over me while I peacefully watch Jacqueline twerk, and the ocean full of pelicans, and the savage people who wandered in from the Mad Max set. Although, correct me if I’m wrong: Shraddha is a crackerjack brilliant cop who goes out and does a ton of shots when she’s undercover? I read your review but didn’t see this. Or did I miss something? I did get the two twists, which I guess is all you need. And didn’t it sort of seem like everyone styled themselves? Like Prabhas is wearing his fave cargo pants and distressed denim, but Mandira Bedi looks fantastic and stylish in clothes that perfectly suit her? If it weren’t for the unifying element of everyone’s unsocked ankles hanging out from the bottom of their pants, that’s what I’d think.

    Also watched Vidya’s movie in the We Are One Film Festival, Natkhat. This gets pretty dark about patriarchy, and rape and domestic violence are not shown but heavily implied. It’s so short it’s hard to say anything without spoiling it. It does end on a note of hope, but Vidya’s way of dealing with her son’s treatment of women is not that realistic. Very beautiful cinematography, though.


    • Yaaaay, Saaho! I think it’s probably more enjoyable if you don’t understand what’s happening. Because they are all SO DUMB. And the plot really really doesn’t hold together. I get that Prabhas is out for revenge, but there are a lot of things he does which just don’t make sense. I like your costume theory though, would explain why Prabhas looks terrible all the time and no one else does. And yes, Shraddha gets drunk while undercover. But that is because Prabhas told her she couldn’t be sexy. So she had to, you see. Her little female brain had a vanity overload.

      On Wed, Jun 3, 2020 at 10:15 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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