Breathe Season 2 Episode 2 Recap/Review: Partnerships

Episode 2! This is a good series to do episode by episode reviews, each seems to have a kind of individual overriding theme that I can use for discussion. (full index here)

Story: Abhishek and Nithya start researching the man they have been ordered to kill.  They learn he is married, average middle-class man with average concerns, only thing slightly unusual is that he is a germaphobe.  They have been told to make him angry, so they start filling his life with filth, put garbage outside his door, knock over a bathroom trash can while he is in the toilet, and so on.  They plan for it to culminate in Abhishek coming to his house to deliver a present that is actually a wrapped box of garbage and stabbing him when he opens it.  But Abhishek is interrupted when a police officer comes with paperwork for a visa.  Abhishek escapes but leaves the box behind, and the target complains later to his friends that the person who has been persecuting him came to his house.  The new plan has them tricking him into following into a garbage dump, then killing him while recording it, and sending the record to a TV channel as proof.  Afterwards, Abhishek shakes sitting on the floor and won’t let Nithya comfort him.  Meanwhile, Amit Sadh is released from jail and we learn he was put in prison for being part of a police shooting that injured an innocent girl.  He was made an example, but now he is out and given his old job back and his loyal constable.  He asks for a transfer to Delhi and his loyal constable enthusiastically goes with him.

Breathe 2' cast: From Abhishek Bachchan to Nithya Menen, check ...

The partnerships are what I find interesting in this episode, the way two people can be tied together even when one or the other is looking for an escape.  There’s Siya and her caregiver, we can feel the pull there, this trained caregiver who is tied by her responsibility for the little girl at the same time she can’t help but love her.  There’s Abhishek and Nithya, we saw them as a loving partnership as parents in the last episode, then pulled away from each other as the months went by, Nithya trapped in time and Abhishek trying to find a way to move forward.  But this episode, they are goal focused, working together without question until it is achieved.  But then it is achieved and suddenly they are separated again, Abhishek lost in his guilt and pulling back from contact.  Finally, Amit and his constable.  Which, tragically, I can’t fully remember from the last season.  I think it was a reluctant partnership that slowly worked out, and a purposeful duality with the constable being an uncomplicated very happy family man and Amit being lonely and drunk and isolated.  Anyway, this season it’s a little more complex, the constable sees himself as responsible for Amit and is proud of that.  He is delighted to get a temporary transfer to Delhi to stay with Amit, although it means leaving his beloved wife behind.  Amit is silent and withdrawn, it is possible he would find things easier if he were alone.  But would it be better for him?  Will he come to see that this partnership is what saves his humanity?

I’ll be curious to see how this plays out as time passes.  Which of our partners will come closer, which will be torn apart, which will end up being damaged by their connection?

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