Breathe Season 2 Episode 3 Recap/Review: Men and Women

Should I be titling these by the episode titles instead of the themes I see?  Oh well, too late now, and it makes more sense to me this way anyway. (full index of reviews here)

Story: Abhishek and Nithya hope for Siya to be returned to them, now that Abhishek successfully carried out the murder.  Meanwhile, Amit settles in at the Delhi police along with his constable (who is sharing quarters with him as well).  Shradha Kaul is introduced as an interesting foil in the police.  She is a female hero cop who was originally given command of the murder case (big news thanks to the video going to the media).  But Amit makes in impression at his first briefing by identifying a crucial clue, a pen that must have fallen out of the victim’s pocket.  He is given command instead and Shradha is resentful.  The audience also sees that she was faking a recent injury, perhaps to gain more fame and publicity and sympathy.  A very calculating and ambitious person.  On the other hand, we also meet Plabita Borthakur, a young advertising executive with outspoken ideas struggling with a male boss who doesn’t appreciate her.  And also struggling with a wheelchair, apparently she was the victim of that shooting which put Amit in prison temporarily.  At the end of the episode, Abhishek suddenly remembers the pen as well, realizes it might have his fingerprints, and rushes to the trash dump to find it, only to discover the police already there and Amit guiding the search.  And Abhishek and Nithya get a new murder order, this time to be killed for “Lust”, a beautiful young woman who they learn is a Lesbian and a minor celebrity artist.

Breathe: Into the Shadows (2020-)

Theme this episode, men and women!  Plabita has a lovely intro as a woman dealing with an unfair system who has learned to be cheerful and just find a way through.  She designed an ad campaign around a female superhero, her boss tells her it has to be male, she goes around him and sends the campaign to his wife?  A female partner in the agency?  Something like that.  So she is going a bit crooked, to a good end.  And she is smart about it, she doesn’t confront the boss head on or try to humiliate him, just finds a way within the system to make things work.  Back in the kidnap world, the same kind of thing is happening, the medical student is sneakily trying to dig through the wall in the washroom (men and women, she can go to the bathroom without observation).  And she is politely and pleadingly asking the kidnapper for time outside, not confronting him, being passive and female about it.  Nithya and Abhishek, they are almost equal, but there are two small moments of difference.  First, Nithya starts cooking and planning for when Siya will come home, and Abhishek does not reveal his own doubts or challenge her delusions, just reassures her.  He is the man, he is not allowed to show weakness.  Second, Abhishek’s PA is there when they get a new courier package.  Abhishek snaps at her and orders her away, revealing that ultimately he has no problem ordering women around.  On the other hand, Nithya reassures her and tells her to finish her tea, revealing that even in extreme circumstances her training to put others first comes out.

Of course there is the new target as well.  Is she to be killed for “lust” simply because she is a Lesbian woman?  Is that too lustful for the villain to accept?  And does this mean that Nithya will have to take a more active role?  Or will they hire the call girl Saiyami Kher who we briefly see in each episode?  Is that to be her place in the story, or is Saiyami going to mean something different later?

Biggest most interesting question is with Shradha Kaul.  So far, it is possible that she really is a brilliant cop, and has learned to be focused on media and publicity and little white lies like pretending a “heroic” injury she didn’t really have in order to get what she deserves.  And that she justifiably resents damaged rough looking Amit who is immediately offered the best case.  However, it is also possible that we will learn she is completely amoral and has no problem using her position as a woman as a tool just as she used her fake injury, that perhaps all her “hero” cop pretense is just pretense.

Oh, and the other thing that I find myself thinking increasingly this episode: aren’t there a whole lot of clues to the kidnapper that Nithya and Abhishek are keeping from the police?  Stuff like, they get packages through a courier service.  The police could call the service and find out how this delivery was coordinated and who paid for it.  They are getting video directions on a tablet, surely the tablet has some kind of serial number that would let it be tracked to a particular retailer.  Forget trying to figure out why the targets are targets or how the kidnapper decided on Siya, just basic tracking down clues seems like it could go a long way at this point.  But then the show would be a different show, so I am going to try to forget that.

7 thoughts on “Breathe Season 2 Episode 3 Recap/Review: Men and Women

  1. This same issue regd tablet put me off.and what happend to that 2nd family of medical student ?
    And Amit sadhs wife ?
    Whole last season was abt him saving her life.Why weren’t they asked to kill and plan and plot.
    I will come when you post the particular episode where I lost interest so that we can have a spoiler chat regd the same.


    • Amit Sadh’s wife I am okay with, they mention in dialogue that she is in Paris now and happy, and Amit’s new trauma and jail time neatly closes that chapter and opens a new one.

      But yes to all your other issues! The other victim doesn’t get any background exploration, you would think Abhishek and Nithya would at least reach out to that family. And the tablet! It’s not a small untraceable thing.


  2. I find this bumping of characters too troublesome in web series across multiple seasons.
    Date issues, not satisfied with story , becoming bigger actors between the seasons (sidharth chaturvedi between filming of inside edge s1 and s2) etc , there could be many reasons for not continuing especially for non lead actors.
    Either they are removed y throwing a throwaway line like she is out of town or divorced and never bought back .
    Or they are changed and I always compare the new ones with the d ones regd body language ,mannerism etc.spoiling the flow.


    • I think with American broadcast shows it’s pretty normal to have a contract that is something like “if renewed, you commit to staying”. But these limited series clearly have a policy of one season only contracts. I suppose it seemed like a good idea at first, you could get these amazing casts and didn’t have to commit to paying them year after year, the big names tidily written out (obviously we aren’t expecting to see Madhavan or his family again this season, that was planned), but now we run into what you are noticing, even the non-big-name actors can have career changes between seasons and suddenly the show is messed up.


  3. “And also struggling with a wheelchair, apparently she was the victim of that shooting which put Abhishek in prison temporarily.”

    Did you mean Amit?


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